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Found 1 result

  1. Hello! I am coming here to ask for help to begin/restart an old forgotten project My Little Pony Friendship is Pandering. Over the last few years this project has been left behind due to life / lack of editors (or more so abandonment from said editors). But, now that time has passed I want to bring it back to finally finish what I started all those 4 years ago. Now I won't lie and say this will be easy, this will take some manpower behind it to get going again which is why I myself am rewriting and reworking ideas to better fit a narrative / better use the existing footage as to not overstate or over work anyone who will work with us. Please do keep in mind that we are looking for at least 2 editors one for lip syncs and one for any visual effects in the show. My only requirement is, communication. If something is too difficult, if something can not be delivered on time or if simply there is just too much of something , I want to be told ASAP so that way we dont run into any problems or overworking beyond ones own ability. I want to make this as easy and flow as smoothly as possible. Below are some links to our older episodes that we wish to keep the editing style or at least some of it. If this is something that does interest you please contact me via Discord at : HalfBoiledRamen#7878 and I will reply to you at my earliest time! I do wanna thank you in advance if you have read this far and are considering it at all, something like this I know is a daunting task but hopefully we can get everyone we need to be able to make this the best we can and finally give this series the proper send off it deserves!