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Found 7 results

  1. Brony250

    Where to Post?

    I'd like to post a topic about an episodic fan script I'm working on but I'm not sure where to post.
  2. We all love MLP: FiM. We all love ponies. But some of us cannot deny that some of the episodes might not be as good as the others for one reason or another. If you have a soul to pour about this, then go ahead. Just be sure to not turn it into a pile of nonsensical primal hatred. Also, don't forget the explanation of your point
  3. I made this point in the EqD comments but it's probably been buried in the sands of time, at least here it should get read. Anyway, i think it was a cool thing that the staff over at EqD warned us about spoilers after the leak, i have no problem with that, however do they have to keep reporting on it any more? What i mean is that it's already going to be hard enough to avoid spoilers without EqD reporting on them like they're doing. For example, there's absolutely no need to have posted those screenshots especially on the post detailing what happened for the episode to be released so early, i don't think anyone would've activated their spoiler shields that early and it was the most spoilery thing they've released so far! As for the fan art thing, i hope they hold them back until after the episode airs on Saturday and not post them with the ordinary Drawfriends. The reason being, aside from the spoilers for people who haven't blocked S6 content, is that people who have spoilered the tag will miss out on the Drawfriends and that's just unfair for the people who's art was submitted alongside the spoiler art. I know a lot of you are going to be saying "why don't you just block the S6 tag then?" and comments of the like, i even mentioned it in the last paragraph, but the problem is that some of us don't like to spoiler the tag because we like to see minor spoilers like episode clips and announcements to hype ourselves up for the upcoming episode! I have no problem with them posting the clip when or if it releases later and i look forward to seeing it, something i probably couldn't do if i spoilered S6 posts. So, what do you guys think of the situation? Do you think they should cut down on posting leaked info regarding the latest episode or don't you mind it at all? If anyone from the staff is reading this i'd like to know your opinion too. Thanks!
  4. I've decided to my hand on trying my own episodic script for My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. I already started a teaser that you get at the beginning of every episode and I'd like to get feedback on it and see how it looks. If it's good I might continue on it. If not however then I'll scrap the idea and try again sometime in the future. Here is the link to the GDoc if anyone wants to view it: Sparkle Bloom
  5. Well, we all have at least one episode that seem off to us. Whether we didn't understand the moral of an episode, plain awkward or the cringy, or anything that just get you riled up. What episodes can you just not stand anymore? Explain if you want to. Well to start, I truly didn't like 28 Pranks Later. Even though some pranks were harmless, It was kinda wrong to gather the town to scar Rainbow Dash with the zombie prank, Instead of just talking to her personally, face to face, despite the play in the episode title. This is pretty much one of the episodes i don't like, but as soon as i keep thinking, more should come. This is all i could remember at the time. Now what about you?
  6. InklingBear

    Favorite Episode By Far?

    From the very start of FiM to the most recent episode, which episodes of the series was the best for you? Was it good that you just had to see it again? Was it good that it inspired you to do art, music, games, etc.? You can explain why as well if you want to. I only have 2 favorites, Stare Master and admittedly The Gift of Maud Pie. Not only cause I really like Maud ever since her first appearance in season 4, it was a cute episode for me. Some parts were very fun to observe and everything. What about you?
  7. For me: 4/10Had its moments, was pretty funny.Ending was cringy though, plot overplayed and predictable.