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Found 2 results

  1. Havocbyte

    EQG Minis Ideas

    You know those vinyl figures of the Equestria Girls characters that are more movie-accurate than the full size dolls? I have a few myself. Including Fall Formal Rainbow Dash, DJ Pon-3 and the elusive Sunset Shimmer. Like what the title says. Which characters should Hasbro make in the Equestria Girls Mini style? I think that they should make: Daydream Shimmer Midnight Sparkle Principal Celestia Vice-Principal Luna The Shadowbolts at Crystal Prep Principal Cinch The Dazzlings Sunset Shimmer as a demon
  2. ajnrules

    EQG Minis

    So I guess this thread goes here because it's about official merchandise? What are y'all's opinion on the Equestria Girls Mini figurines? I think they're pretty adorable myself, a massive improvement over the Monster High wannabe regular Equestria Girls dolls. I think that they're even an improvement on the animated styles which has grown on me, because the designs are more chibi-like. Of course being a Rainbow Dash fan, I couldn't help but get all of the Rainbow Dash figures. She's just too cute. I especially like the Fall Formal design. I wasn't a big fan of her outfit in the movie but the toy design is very pretty. <3 And MLP Merch just released some pictures of Rainbow Dash for the upcoming Rainbow Rocks set. I'm so looking forward to it! <3