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Found 4 results

  1. I don't know if there has been any announcements about this, and I haven't seen any posts on the main site about it, but here in the US Legend of Everfree is now available for streaming on Netflix! I just watched it last night, and it's awesome! All the songs are great, the humor is on point, and the story is really great too!
  2. WildRoseArts

    WildRose Arts

    Hi there, thank you for checking out my thread, I'll be posting art pieces here ranging from practice doodles to finished work, if you like to, feel free t head to my DA page, for a one stop place for your viewing pleasures. I might also take requests time from time, anything in order to improve. I have big dreams, but I still have a long way to go.
  3. ABronyAccount

    Reveal Your Ships

    Expose us to your guilty little pleasure: imaginary romantic pairings of Equestria Girls characters! Throw in your fan character favorites and non-canon EQG-ized versions of MLP characters too, if they haven't had an on-screen role (yet?). Yes, it's okay to proclaim your undying love for the undying love of ChrissyPuff! But don't just drop a shipname and be done with it! Give us a little detail about the pairing. Why does it hook you? Did you run across it in another fan's works? Is there some teensy iota of their third-level characterizations that you're sure makes them absolutely perfect for each other? Do you just like the color scheme? Do you prefer Alternate Universe (AU) or Fanon versions of the actual EQG characters, and if so why? Also, play nice! Please don't trash another fan's ships. Now, feed me your blackmailable secrets share your most squeeable couples with the community!
  4. Komaeda Nagito

    A EqG Spin Off Movie

    Canterlot High Ponies. There should be like a spin off movie where the ponies get human features like the humans get pony parts. So like the ponies get human arms and legs, but pony bodies and faces.