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Found 28 results

  1. I was re watching the first movie and I noticed something that made me see the first movie and the evil Sunset differently, the scene I would like to discuss if the one where Sunset kidnaps Spike to lure Twilight outside and is about to destroy the portal if she doesn’t forfeit the crown. The first thing I want to highlight is when she says she would never hurt Spike, because "she is not a monster", only to later on transform into a monster and downright try to murder Twilight. Second, she looks worried when Twilight states that "this world might not survive if you get the crown" And this the thing that made me wonder if she was half-minded, this is not the stance of someone who is determined to go all the way, I don't know what you ponies think but for me hugging yourself is a sine sign of hesitation and doubt. She does give him however and proceed to assault Twilight. She could have used the hammer and smashed her face but this girl goal was not physically hurting anyone. Until the dark magic takes over that is... She regrets it instantly, that is the kind of face you make when you are at the peak of the roller coaster regretting your poor choice at rides. From not harming a dog, not even punching someone to get her ultimate goal she goes full killer and try to cold blood murder Twilight, she had no defence and she knew it! The magic really messed her head up much like it did with Sci Twilight, only in Sunset case it was way more dangerous. Then, first thing she says is "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry". I never gave her apology much credit before because it felt rushed, but now I think her good self was asking for forgiveness the whole time she was transformed That is the scene I wanted to discuss everypony, I know I'm basing it on facial expressions but they are not there by accident, specially in a animated movie! What do you think?
  2. Hopefully this is okay to post. In addition to "Made in Manehatten" for FiM next week, I'm also really looking forward to Friendship Games. Soundtrack released Friday, and Shout Factory's released some clips from the actual movie. Including part of the video for "What More is Out There." That song is just so sad. I already felt bad for alt!Twilight from the little scraps we had from the trailers, but the stuff that's released in the last couple of days has upgraded to wanting to give her a hug. It's also another interesting what might have been for the Twilight we know. No real friends, no mentor that cares, and her Spike is just a dog. Though, I suspect puppy!Spike will end up getting the ability to speak. Shout Factory also released the intro and Spike had his voice actor credited. If it was just barks and whines, that would not have made the opening credits. I've kind of suspected some kind of magical shenanigans doing that to puppy!Spike practically since we saw him and alt!Twilight in the Rainbow Rocks stinger. (After all, a cute talking animal mascot is almost mandatory for a group of magical girls.)
  3. How's it goin', everyone? My name's Jacob S. Lee, and I'm a screenwriter, video editor, cameraman, and artist As you might've guessed from the title, I'm doing an Equestria Girls fan film. But it's not gonna be just another basic EG movie. You know, with Equestrian magic, musical numbers, superpowers, all that stuff. I mean, yes, it will have many of the characters that you know and love and it'll pretty much follow up after the events of Legend of Everfree, but this is something that is very different than the previous four films before this. Why do I say this? Well, here's why. For this project, I wanted to step away from the basic formula of Friendship of Magic, like the aforementioned musical numbers and lighthearted tone (although the series itself had some pretty dark episodes), and give it a much darker tone than the last four EG films. I also wanted to give it some science fiction elements, unlike other MLP media, which leans more towards fantasy. And that's not all, folks. This will also include characters from two other Hasbro properties: Littlest Pet Shop and Transformers: Rescue Bots. Yeah, let it all sink in, guys. Now, with all that said, in terms of animating, editing, music, and voice acting, I'm gonna need a LOT of help with this one. I'm gonna work on hiring animators, music composers, and editors soon, but for right now, I'm gonna take care of voice acting. So, send in your auditions by April 20th of this year. Like my last project, I'm searching for those who are willing to have fun with their roles, be themselves, and let your voices be heard. I know it sounded redundant, but I'm just trying to make a point. All righty then, I'm looking forward to hearing new auditions. Like I said, this is a big project, so I'm gonna need all the help I can give. OK, hope you guys have an awesome day and, most importantly, hope you're all staying healthy! Here's the link for my project: Spaced Out
  4. The first movie. The one it all started with. Let's talk about it, everypony!
  5. Havocbyte

    EQG Minis Ideas

    You know those vinyl figures of the Equestria Girls characters that are more movie-accurate than the full size dolls? I have a few myself. Including Fall Formal Rainbow Dash, DJ Pon-3 and the elusive Sunset Shimmer. Like what the title says. Which characters should Hasbro make in the Equestria Girls Mini style? I think that they should make: Daydream Shimmer Midnight Sparkle Principal Celestia Vice-Principal Luna The Shadowbolts at Crystal Prep Principal Cinch The Dazzlings Sunset Shimmer as a demon
  6. Would equestria girls Twilight (sci twi) be an alicorn if she went through the mirror to Equestria? Would she take on a form that resembles her trans-dimensional Equestrian counterpart, or would she appear as a unicorn seeing as how she was never a pony to begin with. Maybe she could preform some act in the human world that would make her an alicorn if she went to the other side of the mirror? As this is purely theoretical and will likely never happen in the canon, discuss!
  7. Working Brony

    Working on a Blog For You All.

    Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know about things that are going on at the moment. I've decided to get my new Twitter handle (@WorkingBrony76). So if you have a Twitter account, click the link and then the FOLLOW button to follow me. Now for the meat and potatoes of why I'm writing this post. I'm currently working on a Brony blog called... well... The Brony Blog. I'll have everything a Brony may need to feel right at home. Online MP3 player, video games and all the pony goodness that the blog has to offer. Of course, I'll add the Equestria Daily to the menu bar at top. That to show my loyalty to the site/blog that shows me love all day every day. So look forward to the announcement later this week.
  8. Don't know if anyone pointed this out, but after you watch this character intro videos on DC Superhero Girls YouTube Channel, it just seems to obvious, especially when compare the character's personality's between the two shows. And here I discuss why these shows are the basically (almost) the same. Comments are Welcomed #DCSuperheroGirls #MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic #LaurenFaust #DCComics #Hasbro #MyLittlePony #EquestriaGirls #SunsetShimmer #WonderWoman #TwilightSparkle
  9. ajnrules

    EQG Minis

    So I guess this thread goes here because it's about official merchandise? What are y'all's opinion on the Equestria Girls Mini figurines? I think they're pretty adorable myself, a massive improvement over the Monster High wannabe regular Equestria Girls dolls. I think that they're even an improvement on the animated styles which has grown on me, because the designs are more chibi-like. Of course being a Rainbow Dash fan, I couldn't help but get all of the Rainbow Dash figures. She's just too cute. I especially like the Fall Formal design. I wasn't a big fan of her outfit in the movie but the toy design is very pretty. <3 And MLP Merch just released some pictures of Rainbow Dash for the upcoming Rainbow Rocks set. I'm so looking forward to it! <3
  10. Lonely Fanboy48

    Forgiveness Is Friendship

    It was a great day to spend time at the beach. The breeze was cool, the water was warm, and the sun shine brightly in the sky. However, things had not been completely warm and sunny for one Sunset Shimmer. Somehow, someway, she had been magically erased from the memories of her friends, and subsequently kicked out of the Rainbooms. After conducting an investigation to get to the bottom of the issue, Sunset’s search led her back to Equestria, and an artifact known as the memory stone. It was this stone, she found, that was sucking up all of her friends’ memories, and eliminating her from their lives. Now, she had a way of convincing her friends that they were once close. With the stone in hand, and a number of photographs of happier times, Sunset rushed back to the beach to try and talk with her friends once more. It was later in the day, but her friends were just where they had been when she left earlier. Looking to the photographs in her hand, she knew that this was the all or nothing shot. If this didn’t work, then nothing would. With the desire to keep her friends firmly in her mind, Sunset quickly approached them. “Guys! Guys, over here!” Sunset called. “Oh, great. It’s her again,” Dash groaned, holding the beach ball she had just caught. The others all gathered around, when Sunset was near enough. “Great news, guys! I figured it out,” Sunset said, “Someone’s erased your memory with Equestrian magic! You don’t remember, but we’re still friends!” She presented them with the magic in question. “This is the Memory Stone. Do you recognize it?” The others all looked at the drawing of the stone, each one of them eying it carefully. They could tell that this girl was trying her hardest to convince them of something, but they couldn’t see anything at all familiar about the drawing. “Ugh. Right. Guess not,” Sunset said, “But look. See? This is proof! We are friends!” She then took out her phone and showed them the photos of her and all the others. “Oh Please. You’re the same girl who made all of those fake photos of Twilight destroying the gym,” Rarity said. “And is this supposed to be me making that ridiculous face?” PInkie said, grabbing Sunset’s phone to look at the picture. “Well yes, sometimes you do to make people laugh. That’s what you do,” Sunset said, hoping that Pinkie would see reason and remember who she once was. Her heart sank when she saw Pinkie grimace at her. “You know what? I’m not talking to you anymore!” Pinkie said. “Pinkie!” Sunset tried to stop her, but was intercepted by Applejack. “You leave us alone you bully!” She shouted. “But-- Wait! Give me another chance!” Sunset begged, but to no avail. The others all walked away. All but Fluttershy, who stood glaring. “Fluttershy?” Sunset asked. Surely, of all the people she knew, kindhearted Fluttershy would hear her out. “You don’t deserve another chance,” Fluttershy said. “What…?” “I’m sorry, but you threatened us. You disrespected us. Please, do us all a favor and leave us alone!” “Fluttershy….” Fluttershy turned and walked away. She didn’t even turn to look at Sunset as she walked off. Her final plan had failed. For Sunset, there was nothing left for her to do but give up. With her head hung, she turned to walk away from the girls who were once her friends. Taking refuge underneath the pier, Sunset sulked in the shadows. Tears streamed down her face, as she lamented the loss of everyone she cared about. Without them, her life would be as empty as it had been before. Then, an idea came to her. It was a longshot that she doubted would work, but it was the only thing she had left. With a sigh, she wiped her tears away and walked back toward her friends. “Wait a second,” she called to her friends. Not one of the others turned to look. “What is it now?” Rarity groaned. “I know this is hard to believe but, can I tell you about all the events that happen in the past? The Battle Of The Bands. The Friendship Games. Camp Everfree.” The Rainbooms still had their backs turned, but were listening intently. Until Twilight glanced over her shoulder. A glimmer of hope kindled in Sunset’s mind, and she nearly smiled when Twilight turned around. “Fine.” Twilight replied, “Start talking.” Finally, Sunset had gotten through to them. She chose her words carefully and presented her phone again. “Yes, I admit I was a bully a long time ago. And all of you have every right to go against me. But what about the times we went through?” Sunset showed them another photo of the time when they attended Camp Everfree. “Rarity: do you really think this geode around my neck is a cheap knockoff?” “Yes!” Rarity asserted. “There’s no doubt you had it made so you could try to trick us!” “If this is fake then how did you girls get those? Me and Twilight went to the Crystal Cave together and we found out that Gloriosa was behind all the problems.” “I was by myself when that happened!” Twilight said. “You’re right. But how did you solve it by yourself?” Twilight simply glared at Sunset. “I’m smart enough to invent a selfie-sensing drone,” Twilight said. “Figuring out who was behind the strange things at Camp Everfree wasn’t a challenge for me.” “But even if you did succeed, you still wouldn’t be on that field trip.” The others all slowly turned around, intrigued by what they heard. “Rarity if you really know my photos were fake then how would I do that on my phone? It’s impossible,” Sunset said. Rarity took a closer look at the photo. Everyone was smiling, as if they were having the happiest time of their lives. “Alright. I’ll admit it does look like it’s real. I mean, I see your shadow on there, but you probably edited them on a computer and downloaded them onto your phone.” “But look at the dates they were taken!” Sunset pointed at the screen. “Give me your phone for a second.” Rainbow Dash demanded. Sunset compiled and handed her phone to Rainbow Dash to see all the photos. Dash scrolled through every picture on the phone, her face growing less and less skeptical with every passing second. After looking through all of them, the realization came to her. With her eyes wide, she passed the phone to her friends bringing them to the same understanding. “What about the bands tournament?” Sunset asked. “Even if all of you needed to get along as a band, you still couldn’t beat the Sirens without me.” “How do you know all of this?” Applejack asked. “Because I’m always there with you, even in the Friendship Games. And during the whole time, where have I been? If you only remember me as a bully then you don’t know what I’ve been doing.” Everyone but Twilight walks up to her with Rainbow giving her phone back. “Tell us what you feel about us.” Twilight said. This was it. Sunset knew she had swayed them. Now, she needed to solidify their trust in her. And she knew exactly the way. “Rainbow Dash,” she began, placing her hand on her friend’s shoulder. “At times you seem kind of self-centered. Dash scoffed indignantly, but she and the others knew that Sunset had her pegged. “But when it comes to your friends, you’re always the one that they can count on to be there.” She then looked at Applejack to tell her about her feelings. “Applejack, I may be the one who said awful things about you, but that was before I learned what a valuable gift honesty is. You’re the only person who’s opinion I trust about anything.” She was about to go talk Fluttershy but Fluttershy backed away from her. “No no. Don’t be scared.” Fluttershy then tripped on her back on the sand. She was too scared to even stand back up, but felt her anxiety ease when Sunset Shimmer took her by the hand and carefully lifted her back up. “First, I want to apologize for threatening you back then, but you shouldn’t bring yourself down. You’re really a sweet, caring girl. Without you, the world’s a much darker place.” She gently hugged Fluttershy to prove how deeply she felt about what she said. Fluttershy smiled as she hugged Sunset back. Once they both broke the hug, Sunset turned her attention to Rarity. “Rarity, you’re the only person I know who would stop every project she’s working on to offer what she has to a friend. And all at a cost to yourself.” “I guess some of those dresses I made wouldn’t have happened without you. Tell me, did I make you a swimsuit you were just wearing an hour ago?” “Yes. I know you couldn’t remember but you always know what my style is. Your mojo is the best thing about you.” Sunset said. Rarity happily clasped her hands together after hearing those generous feelings from Sunset. “And Pinkie Pie.” Sunset walked up to her. “Your not only the funniest, but also the best friend anyone could ever have.” Pinkie Pie gasped with her hands covering her mouth. She immediately hugs her tightly. “Ohhh! That’s the greatest thing that anyone has ever told me!” “Okay can you please let go of me!? You’re crushing me!” Sunset gagged. Pinkie let go of her while Sunset caught her breath. All she had left was Twilight, who still kept her distance. Sunset walk up to her and reached out to take Twilight’s hands in her own. “And you, Twilight. The whole reason why you transferred to Canterlot High was because of me.” She wrapped her arm around her shoulder. Twilight was scared since she still remembered Sunset yelling at her in the games. “I didn’t mean to yell at you at the games because we were in the wrong this whole time. I’m really sorry for being angry at you.” Twilight smiled, silently accepting the apology, but she still had a question. “What do you feel about me?” “I’m always there for you, like any best friend should be. That’s the reason why you’re here. I’m always there for you and you’re not afraid to embrace your magic.” A sunny smile crossed onto Twilight’s face. “I guess without you, I wouldn’t be friends with the Rainbooms.” She said. She and Sunset hugged one another. A friendship had been rekindled, and this time, they wouldn’t let it end. “I forgive you Sunset Shimmer.” “And so do I,” Rarity said. “Me too,” Fluttershy added. “We all do,” Pinkie said, initiating a group hug. Sunset allowed a single happy tear to roll out of her eye. It seemed she had succeeded, but had to make sure. “So does this mean-” “You’re our friend!” They all said together. “You girls are the best. Thanks for forgiving me.” Sunset said, holding everyone closer. They broke the hug and faced one another, never to part again.. “So the Memory Stone has all of our memories of you?” Applejack asked. “Yes, but we will find it later,” Sunset said. At the moment, she took off her shirt and skirt, revealing the swimsuit Rarity had made for her earlier. “But, for right now: let’s enjoy ourselves on the beach.” “Big time!” Rainbow shouted. They all splashed into the water, enjoying their moments together. As for Sunset Shimmer, she had never been so happy that her friends forgave her. She now had a new lesson to report to Princess Twilight on what she learned that day. Forgiveness is Friendship.
  11. Seriously, this needs to be a thing on EQD. All we get in the way of artwork is pones. Not that I'm complaining about that but there is a ton of awesome artwork out there based on Equestria Girls and humanized/anthropomorphic ponies that's getting ignored completely. Is there any possibility to either include this kind of artwork in the nightly Drawfriend section or even create a new section exclusively for human/anthro art?
  12. Hey, everybody!I’ve been in the dark about this for a bit, but I wanted to let you know the status of Do It For Flash.With over 40 contributors and over 100 individual pieces of fanart, fanfiction, etc. I’d say this operation has been a huge success so far. With the year almost over, the time has come for me to get ready to send out the package. If everything goes according to plan, I should be ready to ship it early next week. If there’s still anyone out there who’d like to send something my way to add to the package, send it to . Your deadline will be this Sunday, December 3rd. Finally, I would like to give a HUGE thank you to every single contributor who’s allowed this to be possible. This started out as a personal passion project, and I was a little anxious about people’s reactions to this, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic. Thank you to all the fans out there who’ve given Flash even the smallest of chances to inspire you and make something artistic, something that means something to you and that you were willing to share it with other fans. You’re all simply the best. I’m sure Vincent and the rest will be proud of what you’ve done.I’ll let you know once the packages ship and when they arrive at their destination. Thank you for reading, and again, thank you for your help.
  13. It's true. Because, when you think about it, with a majority of shows (animated or live-action), depending on how they go, most of the time, you will end up getting some kind of Graduation Episode, and wither it's continues the show, or is the show's finale, one always seems to happen. And along with it, comes changes. And should that be the route the creators go in , one major change could be Sunset Shimmer returning to Equestria (Friendship Is Magic). It would make sense , because as I mentioned above, with any High School based show, no matter if it's based around Magic or not, a Graduation Arc occurs. But should be the case, how it affect Sunset? One scernio, Sunset could back to start her life anew, reconcile with Celestria,and help continue her redemption by helping others out. 2nd Scernio : She Could remain, find a job that suits her when it comes to both Science and Magic combined 3. She, like her friends could continue her education and head to college. No matter what happens in the EQG series, this no doubt is an issue that the creative staff will have to address. One way to address it, will be a crossover movie between both MLP brands, where maybe it's discovered that the reason magic is coming into the EQG world is because Sunset is there and now it's causing a negative effect on both worlds and the only way to save both worlds, is for her to return to the FIM world. Heck you could merge it with the Graduation Story. But I guess will have to see in the end, should that cross the road. But what do you think? Do you agree with my thoughts? Let me and others know below.
  14. As far as a possible return for Sunset Shimmer to Equestria , High School Graduation may be the only way Sunset returns to Equestria , and here in this near 30min video (I do apologize for the length of the video), I do give my opinion on why that may be the case for her return to happen. Comments are Welcomed #SunsetShimmer #WillSunSetShimmerReturnToEquestria #Sunset_Shimmer #Will_Sunset_Shimmer_Return_To_Equestria #ILOVEKPALOT #I_LOVE_KP_A_LOT #EQUESTRIAGIRLS #EQUESTRIA_GIRLS #MLP_EQUESTRIA_GIRLS #MLPEQUESTRIAGIRLS #MLPFIM #My_Little_Pony_Friendship_Is_Magic #MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic
  15. Here I take a shot at it and give my opinions on if it will happen or not Comments are Welcomed #SunsetShimmer #Sunset_Shimmer #MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic #MyLittlePonyEquestriaGirls
  16. Well, now that I've finished enough of my Friendship is Magic Review to where I'm taking a break from it till at least Season 7 is finished, I'm going to do an Equestria girl review thread here of my own where I relay my thoughts for the movies, shorts, and other televised media that is related to Equestria Girls. I hope that I will have alot of fun watching these Equestria Girls stuff as many of you guys have done so. Now for the quick rundown of my reviews and how I grade em: 10/10 A+=All Time Great: This in my opinion represents the series at it's absolute finest and is one that should be watched by just about anyone. Don't question if you should, watch it and you won't be disappointed. Reserved for stuff that is at least almost perfect in every way and exhibits no flaws or flaws so minute it can be easily explained away. 9.5/10 A=Great: Another fantastic grade for anything to have. This one is where save for one small flaw that prevents it from achieving that A+, it's an excellent episode that is among the series finest. If you have even an inkling of interest, watch it. 9.0/10 B+=Very Good: This grade is for those that does most of what it wants really well and save for one notable problem or a couple of small ones, this grade represents some of the series's better works it has done. 8.5/10 B=Good: This as the title says, it's a good showcase of the series and is one that is definitely recommended for folks save for select picky ones. With a notable problem that does plague and hurt the episode or a few smaller ones, this is about as bare minimum in my opinion that I consider for top episodes in the series. 8.0/10 C+=Above Average: As it says, this is for movies and shorts that does many things right, but it has a few problems that you can't really ignore and would hurt folk's interest in the episode. Still, if you have interest in watching it, you won't be disappointed you would but you'll definitely see some issues in it. 7.5/10 C= Average: Reserved for stuff that does it's story decently enough to make it work well and does have some good things, but it has plenty of things wrong with it that it would annoy some folks. Again, reserved for those who are willing to accept it's flaws and are able to enjoy what it has provided. 7.0/10 D+= Below Average: This one will start drawing it's circle of haters from the amount of flaws it showed in the episode as it's problematic enough to turn folks off from watching it. However, there's still enough good in the episode and it does execute it well enough to make the story work. Should be watched if you're a fan and you're willing to accept what flaws it has but still enjoy the good it has. Perhaps the bare minimum to allow newcomers to see. 6.5/10 D= Mediocre: The bare minimum for a passing grade in review. The story still works, but it has many things wrong with it that many folks will not like and will be turned off by it. Still it does hold some good things to enjoy. Recommended for dedicated fans who are alright with it's flaws but still find enjoyment in it. 6.0/10 F+= Failure: This grade is for those whose story would ultimately fail to push for what it wanted to show for the audience to like due to the amount of flaws in it that would detract from it's intended story. Still has some good things to enjoy but overall it's not something but dedicated fans should be wanting to watch. 5.5-5.0/10 F = Bad: A set of F grades that is to showcase of how the story is pretty bad here and is one that I would recommend folks not to watch due to the amount of bad stuff that would dilute any person's enjoyment in it. Only watch if you're a dedicated fan but even this would test your limits for it. 4.5-4.0/10 F = Terrible: A second set of F grades that are to highlight of how even worse these episodes are. The bare minimum for an animated atrocity grade from Mr. Enter if I were to make a comparison. Only die hards may stomach to watch these as it would piss too many folks off for it's bad quality. 3.5-0/10 F- = Atrocity: The worst grade I can give to anything in my reviews. This stuff is so bad and atrocious that it would piss off even die hards from watching it. Should be mocked and scorned for how it represents the worst the series can get in my honest opinion. Now today, I will push out my EQG movie review today to stat off this thread, hopefully you guys and gals can like it.
  17. ArthurCrane

    Do It For Flash 2017

    It’s been a different year for Equestria Girls, huh? Instead of the traditional film, we had three mini-movies plus a couple of shorts, and if what went down at Hascon is any indication, there’s more on the way. There’s even a Youtube series in the works! Pretty exciting, huh? I’d say it’s been a good year for the franchise, but of course, there’s something that’s been bothering me for a while now. Something that’s been missing… What’s up with Flash Sentry? I mean, yeah, he was around in the background a few times but he never really “participated” in the stories in any capacity. We didn’t even get a single line for Vincent Tong. This bugs me because I’ve been a supporter of Flash since the first film back in 2013 and it made me want to see more of him, to have the series do him justice. Sadly, the story of Flash is a bumpy and messy one. Whenever the series took an unexpected turn, he was forced to adapt without so much as a fighting chance. Very little in the current direction of the series is geared towards getting the best of him, and he’s left to sustain on whatever he can get, which is not a lot. Because of this, and the less-than-friendly reception he’s had from certain fans regarding his very specific role in the series, I’ve made it a personal mission to do my best to support him any way I can. I’ve bought Flash merch/toys, I’ve written a lot about his role, its possibilities and how there may be more to him than what’s immediately apparent, and I’ve even written letters (actual physical letters) to Vincent himself, all the way to his manager’s office in Vancouver, Canada. I feel pretty powerless when it comes to affecting how much Flash we can get out of Equestria Girls, so the least I can do is let the one person that matters the most know that I still care. Last year, I was determined to take this to the next level… Things lined up for me to attend Nightmare Nights 2016 in Dallas, Texas, where Vincent was a special guest. It was nice to see that there are plenty of fans who genuinely like him and Flash (though the usual jeering was still present and accounted for). I made it a point to show some love to Vincent by giving him a present. The original plan was to get several other Flash fans in on the action by having them mail their own gifts to me so I would pass them on to Vincent. Due to some poor management of the project and a very narrow time window, I couldn’t get a single other present for him. I was disappointed in myself, as I felt that I had partly failed Flash and a few fans who genuinely wanted to be a part of this little stunt… …I want to try this again. But it WILL be better this time. Now, I’m not going to any MLP cons anytime soon, but I have something else in mind that could work: I’m going to send Vincent a Flash Sentry digital care package. What I have in mind is to collect a whole bunch of Flash related fan works, put them in a USB drive (a FLASH drive, if you will) and send it to Vancouver. Of course, this isn’t just on me: I want to include as many Flash fans as I possibly can. That’s where YOU come in… It can be anything you want it to be: fanart, fanfiction, a letter, anything you can think of to express why Flash matters to you, why you’re a fan of his, and what you want for him in the series. It doesn’t matter why or how. As long as you’re showing him some love, anything goes. It doesn’t even have to be brand new. If you’ve done ANYTHING Flash-related in the past that you’re proud of, send it in. It’s all good. As far as deadlines are concerned, the plan is to have this package sent by the end of 2017, so we still have time to work things out. BUT WAIT! We’re not just gonna send this care package to Vincent. I’m planning on sending this as well to both Ishi Rudell and Katrina Hadley, who’ve been directing A LOT of Equestria Girls since at least Rainbow Rocks. While what becomes of Flash may be a little above their authority, it doesn’t hurt to let the other people in charge of bringing Flash to life that there’s plenty of us who believe he matters and want to see him shine. ONE MORE THING! I want more than more than just your fan works. I also want your feedback. What do you think of this idea? Would you like to know more? Do you have any suggestions to make this even better? If you’re interested in participating, or have any questions, contact me at . Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.
  18. i just was thinking about this: the 2 twilights in equestria girls look so different... why has the one glasses? and why she lived on the other school? lets find out in this topic! normal twilight of equestria: the other twilight: look they look different hmm? and the one with glasses does not know so much about friendship and the twilight of equestria is the PRINCESS of friendship. ins't that normal?? in this topic where going to find out why they are so different :/!
  19. Hello World! How are you today?! Fresh member of Equestria Daily, I decided to make a bit of self-promotion 'cause hey, that's what this part of the forum is kinda there for. Let me introduce myself: French guy writing in english on FIMfiction, one story currently in progress. Loves bagels. Now for the interesting part (because honestly, how gives a sh*t about me? Just kidding everybody loves me): Are you looking for a Equestria girls fanfic that has romance, drama, comedy, colorful characters, mute Vinyl, and most importantly, Octascratch?! Allow me to present "Silent Love" !! Six chapters by the time I write these lines, new entry every four or five days, done without any help or proofreading (but that's because I like to hurt myself). This is my very first story, and the very first time I've ever written something seriously (not just in English!) I'm of course interested by any form of constructive criticism! Comment! Share! Make me those sweet sweet views! If you need any more specifications about the story, feel free to ask me! Love & Tolerate, Bisous, Saga.
  20. On September 2014th, Princess Twilight Sparkle traveled to the human world for the second time, in the second Equestria Girls installment: “Rainbow Rocks”. After that amazing movie ended, I could not wait for the third one. I could not wait how things would turn out with another Twilight, from the human world. But alas, my expectations were not met. I wasn’t exactly happy with the way she turned out. And when everybody embraced her after “Legend of Everfree”, I turned off my screen with feelings of a funeral attendee. With tears and just one simple question on my mind: why? That question emerged again after monitoring reaction of the suppressive majority of those who also watched that movie. With that said, I have come here to finally explain what is my major malfunction with Sci-Twi, as well as try to dispel the myth of Sci-Twi being a lot more in common with Princess Twilight than just name, appearance, and voice. I shall begin with “Friendship Games”. After seeing couple of YouTube videos uploaded in the eve of then-upcoming “Rainbow Rocks”, I jumped to a conclusion that those can spoil quite a bit of the movie. Which is why I stayed away from the “Friendship Games” ones. The only things I knew were basic premise about competition, Crystal Prep, and human world’s Twilight. Also, there was a screenshot where Sci-Twi is (as it turned out when I watched it) hiding behind the column, with a face of a person who is about to break a law. Taking that along with what was in “Rainbow Rocks” post-credits scene, I thought she would be the new villain. She would be as mean-spirited as the rest of the Shadowbolts. That she would stop in front of nothing to get to the bottom of the whole “magic stuff” about CHS. Even probably delivering some kind of ultimatum to huMane 6 that if they lose, they would tell her everything about magic (or something like that). However, with those thoughts in mind, after finally watching the movie Sci-Twi’s character ended up being…pretty underwhelming. As it turned out, she is actually an outcast in her educational establishment. She is very estranged from others, straight to the point of treating her not-yet-talking pet, Spike the Dog, as her only friend. It does sound similar to pony Twilight’s story, except the latter’s classmates were never mean to her and she always preferred studying to communicating. But she never had a fear of other ponies. Plus Spike the Dragon could keep a conversation with her. So here are first differences, aside from the origins. Okay, we can go with that. Although, when I gave it a good thought it felt like the writers took Twilight’s character and added some of Fluttershy to the equation. This is where my first problem surfaces: what was the point of giving Sci-Twi a bit of Fluttershy, if we ALREADY HAVE FLUTTERSHY? You see, when I was studying the development interviews with Lauren Faust for my research essay, I stumbled upon an article in which she stated that one of the key ideas was the creation of completely different characters that would have to learn to be friends despite their differences. “Different characters” are the keywords. And now there is a similarity between Sci-Twi and Fluttershy. Next on the list is the device that human Twilight constructed to supposedly track down any unusual activity (Scientific invention: one point to similarities with pony Twilight, I admit). It later proves to be more than just that. Sci-Twi eventually uses it to steal the equestrian magic from huMane 6 and the portal monument. Or rather, the device does that automatically and she just lets it to do so. This is where we can observe how obliviously she does that, escaping almost right away, never even trying to tell huMane 6 what just happened. I mean she could easily try to approach them and ask what is with them and that whole magic thing, since she was that curious. They all were displaying pretty friendly attitude towards her. Well, maybe except for Sunset Shimmer, who saw that Sci-Twi was tinkering with things she didn’t understand. Of course someone from huMane 6 could have tell her that if only Sci-Twi didn’t make her hasty retreat with another portion of magic. Or remember that part where Sunset scolded her for toying with stuff she does not understand. It was pretty harsh indeed, eh? Considering human Twilight’s social life in her school. Although, how exactly Sunset could have known that? The other fact against Sci-Twi is that by the point when they were doing motocross contest, her device has consumed magic for three times already. Three! And on the third one it caused some rifts opening uncontrollably. That should have given her some kind of idea that the thing should be put away for the time being until she apologizes to huMane 6 and tries to figure things out with them, since they had longer story with equestrian magic. But alas, that never happened. Next stop is her transformation into Midnight Sparkle. Which means it is time for another big question: where did that sudden personality change come from? In the first Equestria Girls movie, when Sunset put on Twilight’s crown and became a demon it was clear about her intentions of using that power to take over Equestria, because that is what she stole the crown for in the first place. And why was Sci-Twi behaving all evil? This change of her personality just came out of nowhere with no actual explanation whatsoever. She just wants to open the rifts, not giving a darn about possible consequences. And that’s it. This is as far as I can go just with “Friendship Games”. With all that knowledge I have gathered in my mind, it was quite an alarming thing to know that she transferred to CHS to be with huMane 6. This can mean only one thing: Pony Twilight is no longer needed in Equestria Girls now when she was replaced. I also want to point out that there was even a deleted scene, in which Sci-Twi instead goes back to Crystal Prep and make some friends there. You know, with that ending I would say: “You know what? This movie was all right. Yes, it had its downsides, but it was all right. Definitely could be worse.” And what could possibly be “worse”? Well…something called “Legend of Everfree”. The fourth Equestria Girls installment. Almost everybody who saw it say that it was mostly pretty good. Once I was done watching it, I honest-to-Applejack could not believe any of that was real. Some of its key choices were making little to no sense. And in the center of it all, we once again had Sci-Twi. I could swear that the movie, right from its box art, was forcing her down my throat against my will. But let’s get it all in the line. Apparently Midnight Sparkle was never gone. She remained inside Sci-Twi, just like Mr. Hyde. But why? Yes, she tried to break interdimensional balance, but there was no true purpose for doing that. And why Midnight wants to take over Sci-Twi again? To take control of all of the magic? Um…what for? I have a better question: why Sunset never got a story about conquering the demon inside of her? Because that would make much more sense, rather than Sci-Twi being torn apart about things she didn’t want to do in the first place. The whole movie this time centers an awful lot on Sci-Twi. Even Sunset, one of the most important characters of Equestria Girls, doesn’t have that much weight anymore. Almost all of her importance was taken away from her and given to Sci-Twi so she can…have her incredibly lame romance with Timber (which ultimately goes nowhere, I might add), and displaying her mental inability to deal with her inner problems. And by the end of it, we face the last thing on our list. The one that snapped my neck. SCI-TWI WITH WINGS! How even should I describe how wrong that was? “Well, when she was Midnight Sparkle, she had wi-“ So what? Sunset also had wings when she was a demon. Where are hers? “Well you see, Pony Twilight has them, so it makes se-“ NO. It makes absolutely no sense. Pony Twilight was originally a unicorn. She got her wings from Princess Celestia. Earned them, to be precise. It took 2.5 seasons (3 actually, but I used 2.5 for episode count purposes since S3 only had 13 episodes instead of 26) for her to learn about friendship, as well as accomplish some important tasks. What is Sci-Twi’s excuse to have wings? In 3-episodes time. She barely started to understand friendship and magic, and she has wings already?! And one more time I have to ask: why? Sci-Twi is a very underdeveloped character that has very little in common with Pony Twilight. As somebody, who was watching Pony Twilight since the first episode, the fact that she got this kind of replacement hurts me a lot. Especially realizing that I am almost alone on this. So now, when I have finally let out all of my steam regarding Sci-Twi, I would like to hear from you: What was the point of this replacement? Is there anything redeeming about Sci-Twi? How is she better than pony Twilight (in case you think she is)? And lastly: how can one treat her and Pony Twilight as one and the same thing? Because…I really need to know.
  21. H e l l o, e v e r y p o n y ! Do you like songs from you-know-which show and you-know-which movies? Like some more? Like some less? Well I have just conjured for us this cute little topic to talk about them! Go ahead, don't be shy, and say what do you think of any song that you heard in Friendship is Magic and/or Equestria Girls! But make sure to maintain your politeness, okay?
  22. I mean could not our heroes face off against something crazy from their world? I mean maybe something like an advanced AI trapping Rainbow Dash in a virtual world in an effort to improve her test scores or our heroes needing to use their magic to win a sporting event against a team of superhuman science experiments or an alien princess challenging the students of CHS to prove their love for Flash Sentry with a community service event. The world has potential for wacky stuff, if it just leans more towards science fiction it can have the same plot rather that telling us that magic is great even though it always causes problems. Yes, I'm rehashing topics from MLP forums.
  23. Nearly two years ago, IDW published their first FIM Christmas special, the EQG Holiday Special. Written by Ted Anderson and illustrated by Tony Fleece, the comic centers around Sunset being framed by a cyberbully named "Anon-a Miss" around Christmastime following the events of Rainbow Rocks. If you haven't read it, you can see it on YT: I wrote a whole review for it here, but to sum it up, it's the worst piece of entertainment to come out of FIM. Not Rainbow Falls. Not The Good, The Bad, and The Ponies. Not EQG1 or FG. Not One Bad Apple. This. I HATE almost every single damn thing about it, especially these: Every single one of the ReMane Five is out of character. Sunset helped save Canterlot High and her city. Based on a rumor, the ReMane Five accuse her of spilling their secrets and abandon her. Consider the fact that in the middle of the comic, Sunset communicates with Twilight while in the Library at night. The comic states she's homeless, yet it's written as a gag and suggests that the RM5 are heartless enough to ignore her and let her live in the cold. The CMCs are completely OOC and have their worst portrayal, period. This whole comic is a clear ripoff of Ponyville Confidential, but unlike the former, the pony CMCs have an alibi of being forced to gossip or risk being humiliated. Here, Apple Bloom framed Sunset out of jealousy, SB for feeling ignored, Scootaloo just because. Yet, the ReMane Five not only forgive them on the spot, but NEVER apologized to Sunset! If I were Sunset and they treated me like this, I'd leave for Equestria and never return! This whole conflict trivializes the very-real epidemic of cyberbullying by writing the characters so poorly, giving the CMCs half-baked motivations, rushing the plot through, and simplifying how damaging it it. I finished episodes hating it, but my anger either subsides or goes away. This comic left me feeling bitter, cold, hurt, and offended. It was the angriest I ever felt after finishing reading or watching anything FIM. My anger hasn't gone away, and I honestly feel angrier about the special now than before. It's my most hated piece in this series. May nothing from this series ever reach this level of quality ever again.
  24. Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree announced officially. There's a reveal of some plot details and a look at some of the dolls as well as promo art.
  25. Now I know that there are a lot of you that will stick with Sunset Shimmer or Twilight Sparkle, but let me just list the reasons why I think even though she can be a bit proud, Rainbow Dash is the best Equestria Girl.