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Found 1 result

  1. Masturboy84

    Porn (serious conversation)

    What do you think on the subject? It's a complicated matter to me, sometimes feminazis kind of convince me with their arguments "it's objectifying women" and so... the best I can do is pointing at their hypocrisy because they willingly ignore the fact that there's also gay porn and that some women watch different kinds of porn too. But that doesn't solve the issue, as someone could eventually say that's also wrong in those cases. I mean, I believe that people is free to do whatever they want with their bodies as long as it's consensual and nobody else gets harmed, so it will be fine if they accept to f*ck for money in front of a camera. But on the other hand i have to reckon that most of those people (men and women alike) do it primarily for the money, and there's only a small minority who would choose porn as a career if they had a chance. Sometimes I come to the conclusion that I should only watch hentai or clop, that such erotic genres are more ethically acceptable since no real people is involved in the making and so it lacks the main problem that i see with regular porn. There have been moments when I've decided not to watch por anymore and delete all my porn folders... then a couple of years later I come to the conclusion that there's no reason to prevent yourself from doing something you enjoy so I start again... the main issue for me in those cases is the accumulation of images and videos. Why do I do that? sometimes I download hundreds of images even knowing I probably won't ever see them. It's like an urge to get that material just because of... I donĀ“t know. And by the way it's nothing really hardcore or extreme, just the usual naked chicks and some action. I wouldn't call myself an addict, actually i probably watch less porn than most people, or less porny material, but whether or not should I do it remains a question unsolved for me. This is not a call for advice, but the expression of a desire to start a conversation. I'm against censorship but that doesn't mean that the content we watch is free from being judged as good or bad, so if any of you can provide me a novel argument I would appreciate.