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Found 2 results

  1. Hey Everypony New Leaf here, Currently Looking for somepony who wants to record a thing or two together with me, i mainly play mlp games but also do other projects like the current audio book for my spin on how my OC would fare in the Fallout Equestria Universe/Environment and sometimes love random things like singing, drawing things or any dares of sorts. As long as you get that warm fuzzy feeling of having fun watching a pony do what ever he pleases^^And yes all voices are acted by myself^^ Recently Managed to break the 50 subbie Mark and anyone wishing to tag along on this magical ride is surely welcome.No matter if you wanna lend your voice for a video part of a story or whatever we come up with^^ If words is to much to read then take a peak at my (allready sorta outdated and old) channel trailer instead. With that i thank you for reading /)
  2. Allyster Black EqD

    Allyster Black - EqD Artist

    Hey yall! Just stopping by to give a quick introduction and say hey. Also I am crazy late to this whole forum thing. For anyone who I have yet to introduce myself to, my name is Allyster Black. I am a professional 2D and 3D artist and current horse drawer of outside of EqD I publish my own work. Mainly pictures of characters from "Fallout Equestria" and work on personal animated projects. As a day job I work in 2D and 3D illustration. To see my art go here: Have we met? I go to conventions all around the US every year. Feel free to stop by for upcoming events! What kind of things have I drawn? Let me post some recent pieces!: A WIP of a current painting. If you have any questions feel free to send me an email at Feel free to comment, and I will try to keep this updated with new art or for when I am handling responses.