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Found 8 results

  1. Well everypony here is the 7t chapter of my newest chapter to this big project anypony who wants to hear OCs surviving equestrian wasteland with voice acting, sound effects and so on and immerse themselves into th wastelands do give it a listen. Also using some new equipment to record this one
  2. Hey Everypony New Leaf here, Currently Looking for somepony who wants to record a thing or two together with me, i mainly play mlp games but also do other projects like the current audio book for my spin on how my OC would fare in the Fallout Equestria Universe/Environment and sometimes love random things like singing, drawing things or any dares of sorts. As long as you get that warm fuzzy feeling of having fun watching a pony do what ever he pleases^^And yes all voices are acted by myself^^ Recently Managed to break the 50 subbie Mark and anyone wishing to tag along on this magical ride is surely welcome.No matter if you wanna lend your voice for a video part of a story or whatever we come up with^^ If words is to much to read then take a peak at my (allready sorta outdated and old) channel trailer instead. With that i thank you for reading /)
  3. I started a playthrough of the newest update. Rather than dropping videos in one long list, I figured I'd just put the playlist with the videos in here in case anyone wants to follow along!
  4. MayaMadrigal

    Looking for Fallout Equestria PnP

    Heya, made this account a bit ago in hopes that I could find a Pnp to join. I guess you could say I'm somewhat experienced since I've been in three of them before. I also have plenty of character sheets already filled out from those, I just need to reset them back to level 5 and remove their equipment. The group I used to play with used a lot, so I assume others will as well.
  5. I recently started a Let's Play of the Fallout Equestria 2D Sidescrolling game and having quite a good time with it. Figured I might as well drop a link to it here in case anyone might be interested in following along; In case you want to watch from the very start, here's the first video (Although I only recently got a new mic, so sound quality on earlier vids is worse...)
  6. The Infamous Mystery

    The Video's A Joke

    Fallout Equestria Intro Yep, a text-based game about Fallout Equestria. But don't expect it to be like Fallout Equestria, itself. Expect it to be more of my own contribution to the Fallout Equestria Fandom. The Intro is poorly edited by me, my life's a joke. But hey, it won't hurt to give it a try, right? ...right?
  7. Allyster Black EqD

    Allyster Black - EqD Artist

    Hey yall! Just stopping by to give a quick introduction and say hey. Also I am crazy late to this whole forum thing. For anyone who I have yet to introduce myself to, my name is Allyster Black. I am a professional 2D and 3D artist and current horse drawer of outside of EqD I publish my own work. Mainly pictures of characters from "Fallout Equestria" and work on personal animated projects. As a day job I work in 2D and 3D illustration. To see my art go here: Have we met? I go to conventions all around the US every year. Feel free to stop by for upcoming events! What kind of things have I drawn? Let me post some recent pieces!: A WIP of a current painting. If you have any questions feel free to send me an email at Feel free to comment, and I will try to keep this updated with new art or for when I am handling responses.
  8. Hello, my name is James Vermont and I’m making this post on behalf of Stable Tec Studios. You may be familiar with us for our audio drama series such as Confessions of a Wasteland Pony and Terminal Secrets, the latter of which I write and direct. (if you aren't familiar, let's help you get familiar! )) With the pre-production side of the last few Terminal Secrets episodes coming to a close (and the final episode set to air mid 2017), I’m looking toward what other horrors I can inflict upon innocent characters in the world of Fallout Equestria! This is what I’ve settled on, which is why I’m here today. With our art department focused primarily on the animated series, I have been recruiting members to the STS audio drama division to help with the next Stable Tec project, as well as to lend a hand to Confessions and Terminal Secrets. Right now, we are looking for artists, writers, musicians and editors to jump in and help us create more awesome content. Right, onto the new project. Coming up next year is an art heavy audio drama with some similarities to a motion comic, set four years after “The day of sunshine and rainbows” at the end of Fallout Equestria and six years before its final epilogue. And we’ve chosen to call this new series, “Harmony.” Let’s have some backstory! Back during the war a group of activists founded a town in Harmony Valley, a town made up of members from each species. This was as a form of protest. For some reason, the town was attacked by the Zebracan air navy and the nearby Pegasi, who had already closed the cloud layer, came down to help the fight regardless. Unfortunately the battle coincided with the bombs detonating and most of the airships were destroyed, littering the valley. Cut to 204 years later, 4 years after the day of sunshine and rainbows. Harmony Valley has been rebuilding with the same goal as their ancestors. Their homes built into the carcasses of the airships that litter the valley. Unfortunately trying to balance the town's multiple cultures and belief systems is a daily challenge. This only gets worse when our story starts as an Enclave Pegasus crashes into the town and remains in their care until he eventually doesn't want to return home. The enclave town he lived in essentially declares Cold War on Harmony. This is where episode 1 begins. The show is focused more on the town than on a single character, we see the town from the perspective of multiple main characters. Including Vienna, the lead character of terminal secrets episode 2, who acts as a Nick Valentine character (Image 2). We have the Pegasus who crashed into the town now trying to balance his former and new lives. The grotesque mayor (Image 1) who is a sickly, frail, crippled and disfigured hybrid of pony and Minotaur. The mayor's a bit of a country bumpkin but he tries his best and he's rather likable. Craven, the 14 year old centaur (a species we’ve been dying to use since Tirek’s arrival) girl whose entire family lost their honor, resulting in all of them being forced to take the name Craven, (this includes any new members born into the family). She's not as smart as she thinks she is. And there are a ton of other characters who will be popping in and out, including cameos from existing FoE characters or characters from Terminal Secrets and Confessions of a Wasteland Pony. Alright, that’s all I can really tell you without going into spoiler territory, but I think it’s enough. Let’s talk a moment about applications. If you are interested, please send your application in an email to or to You MUST include an example of your art, writing, music or voice work in the email. Thank you for your time, I hope to hear from you soon. James Note: The images below are not representative of our final art style, these are concept images of two characters for the purpose of design .