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Found 9 results

  1. i got the domain some years ago from someone, and i wanted to build a site now on this domain. it should have informations about the fandom, bronies and the series. like a starting page to the fandom. it will be in german and english for now, but can be enhanced to other languages too, if people want to translate. and i'm now thinking what i should include. i think: - a short description about the series - how the series started - where it is aired at the moment - the creative site of the fandom, like fan content, fan merch - what the mane 6 are - what are bronies? - l&t - hasbro and show staff - link-list to other brony sites (like derpibooru, eqd etc.) - values of us bronies - maybe critics and what could be made better in the fandom? i think it could be nice to have such a startpage for bronies, which explains the fandom to newcomers, a site which also could be better found by search engines and in the end helps other brony sites with the link-list. maybe some of you also have ideas what should be included in such a startpage to the fandom.
  2. I have an idea for a big project I'd love to pull together down the road; without going into too much detail (or, really, any detail, lol), it will require voice actors, accurate ones. I want to close my eyes and have trouble telling the difference from the show's voices. I'd love everypony's opinion: who in the voice-acting portion of the community provides the best, most convincing impressions of Celestia, Luna, Chrysalis, and Thorax?
  3. With the recent arrest of one of the animators for a show, i was wondering if those sickos had a place in fandoms. In my thoughts, they don't, they really don't have a place anyone but in prison. In the furry fandom we're hella against harmful people (toxics, creeps, abusers, scammers, etc.) What are you're thoughts?
  4. To be honest... I didn't want to have to do this. But there seems to be little choice at this point. As I can't make a solid decision one way or the other if I stick with this fandom or throw everything out, drop everything like a rock, and probably become an anti-brony. Depending on how others respond to this will likely factor into my decision as well. In other words... check your BS at the door basically. Also... I said I would keep the bold and caps to a minimum. Which I promise I'll do my best to keep, but I make no guarantees. But I didn't say a damn thing about language. Keep this in mind as well. Either way... let my trial of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic commence. So... this little show... 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' has been going on for 7 seasons now with an 8th upcoming. Back when the show first started... I liked it believe it or not. I really did. But... things have changed. The question is... why have they changed? Well... I'll be getting into that as well. In a way. I mean... I liked this show. I'm not even joking. I did. For about 5 seasons. Then... things changed. There are pretty much 6 main issues I have with the show right now. Each one factoring into my decision to either stay or leave in their own, unique, individual way. I'll go through them one bye one. The first 3 reasons are basically the same though honestly. The so-called 'redeemed' characters. Those being, of course, Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, and Discord. But are they redeemed? Truly? To me... they aren't. In any way whatsoever. 1. First let's talk about the obvious ones. First up is Starlight Glimmer. This character was a decent and legitimate villain. De-facto dictatorship. You don't see that all that often. So I applauded it. Until the S5 finale. Her reasoning for what she did was the most ridiculous excuse I've ever heard of in my entire life honestly. She did all that because she lost a friend? Wow. Just wow. Go look the freaking friend up. Or... here's an option... make new friends dumbass. Then there was the redemption itself. Which I would call the Baron Corbin of redemptions. In other words... it was freaking dumpster fire. Unbelievably rushed, made no sense whatsoever, and just horrible in general. This dumbass practically committed a crime. Messing with the time-space continuum is, to me, worse then murder. Yet she was forgiven as if nothing happened and everyone of the characters pretends that it didn't happen and never happened. No. Just no. There should have been a punishment. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. End of freaking story. She committed a crime and deserved a punishment. Don't believe me? Has anyone else gotten away with a dictatorship scot free and forgiven as if it never happened? The answer here should be obvious. Research dictatorships in history if you don't believe me. The common sense answer is NO. DICTATORS AREN'T FORGIVEN AS IF NOTHING HAPPENED. Another thing... I'll admit there's one thing that is consistently being proven when it comes to Starlight. Which is the fact that she has absolutely no common sense whatsoever. Another thing she had done, which no one has ever been forgiven for and acted as if it never happened, is using mind control. She did that to her so-called 'friends' and got off scot-free as if it didn't happen. Has anyone else that has used mind control gotten away with it and treated as if it never happened? Again... the answer is blatantly obvious and common sense. Starlight is on a high horse and needs to be taken down several pegs. She's OP and honestly, somewhat of a Mary-Stu if you ask me. I don't care how much the shows claims she studied magic. Twilight studied longer and, therefore, should be more powerful and had freaking Celestia as a teacher and we're just supposed to believe that Starlight self-taught her OP-ness? Yeah I don't think so. 2. Next... it's the worst of the worst if you ask me. Trixie. This character... is just... NO. JUST NO. Does this character actually have any redeeming factors? Another question with an obvious answer. Which is NO. NO SHE DOESN'T. Trixie is an ego-maniacal, self-absorbed, egotistical, holier-than-thou bitch. I'm sorry but she just is. Not only that... she takes every opportunity she has to annoy Twilight. THAT IS NOT A CHARACTER TRAIT. IT'S A CHARACTER FLAW AND A MAJOR ONE AT THAT. Has she, or Starlight for that matter, actually done anything to show that they have changed? To me... the haven't. At all. In any way whatsoever. Chrysalis doesn't really count because she captured all of the Mane 6 and Princesses (which I still don't understand how she did that) and apparently the writers choose these un-redeemed assholes instead of the 'Slice of Life' characters which should have been the characters to save them instead if you ask me. But I'll get into the writers later. But to finish Trixie off once and for all... she's an egotistical bitch who thinks she deserves everything when all she really deserves is a Superman Punch to the face. She's the Kevin Owens of this show NOT THE ROMAN REIGNS OF THE SHOW SO INCORRECT ON SO MANY LEVELS. 3. Next let's talk about Discord. There's really nothing for me to say about here though. He's not redeemed either. All this jerkass has proven is that he also takes every opportunity he has to annoy the characters whenever he gets the chance. AGAIN NOT A CHARACTER TRAIT A CHARACTER FLAW AND A MAJOR ONE. You know what Discord has proven? That he only cares about Fluttershy and that's it. He clearly could care less about anyone else other than himself. No only that, he should have been turned back to stone when he betrayed everyone when he worked for Tirek. Yet no. Once again, forgiven as if he did nothing wrong and everyone acts like it didn't happen. This asshole has lost his chance at redemption honestly. He should have been turned back to stone and really needs to be turned back to stone. But will he? Our wonderful writers at work once again... 1, 2, & 3 Addendum: You know what I think my main problem is? That these characters in question (Starlight, Trixie, and Discord) aren't actually struggling with what they've done. I mean... if these characters were actually consistently struggling and/or being haunted with what they've done... then maybe, just maybe I'd be more willing to accept it. But they aren't, haven't been, and seemingly never will be. Because this show is acting as if everything they've done never happened. Which may be the worst and most horrendous part of all this. I think that's my main issue. 4. Let's talk about the writers of the show now. They used to be good. But now? NOT ANYMORE. I don't know what happened to them but they seem to have lost use of their brains and their common sense as well. As I've been thinking about this... some of the fault most likely lies with the writers/show runners/whatever you want to call them. They seem to be getting talentless hacks who have consistently proven that either a) they're hypocrites (Fame and Misfortune) who attack their own fandom for complaining about complaining yet they continue to shove things down our throats and expect us to just like and accept them b) they didn't actually take the extra mile and do actual research on the show. As in, oh I don't know, watching all the other episodes before they actually started writing them themselves? I mean, even I go the extra mile when I write fanfiction on media and I don't even consider myself a writer. Something else that should have been flat out common sense. I even did this back when I was true fan of this show/series and wrote an insane crossover fanfiction with this and a bunch of other media (anime, video games, other cartoons, etc.) When I wasn't sure about something, I took the time to do research and look it up to make sure I knew what I was doing and what I was talking about. Yet these so-called 'writers/show runners/whatever' didn't seem to do that at all and just started writing as if they knew what they were doing when they continue to prove that they don't and are flat out hypocrites. They should have watched all the previous episodes so they had a basic idea of what the show was doing, where it was going, and what to do when they started writing. Yet they didn't, clearly haven't, and seemingly never will. It's too little to late at this point to do that. But still. In other words, some of the blame for the direction of this show and why it's beginning to shove things down our throats may actually lie with the current talentless hack writers/show runners/whatever. Plus... let's not forget that the current writers have basically confirmed themselves to be nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. Don't believe me? Fame and Misfortune would like a word with you, where the writers practically attacked their own freaking fandom that pretty much cause their shows popularity in the first place. Hypocritical much? Yes. Yes it is. Especially when you shove horrible, half-assed, half thought out redemptions down our throats and just expect us to like them and except them and then expect us to like said so-called 'redeemed' character. LOL. I DON'T THINK SO. The writers are at fault for all this BS as well. 5. Next... let's talk about the brony fandom itself. It was decent at first. Not so much anymore now is it? Practically every so-called 'fan' of this show/series on practically every so-called 'fan forum' I've been on has the same BS expectations from me that the talentless hack writers do. Which is, of course, expecting me to like all this BS being shoved down my throat and just accept it and like it as if it's THE GREATEST THING EVER when it clearly ISN'T and seemingly HASN'T for quite a long time now. Practically everyone wants me to like Starlight Glimmer and act like she's redeemed. NO. Practically everyone wants me to like Trixie and act like she's redeemed. GOD NO. Practically everyone wants me to like Discord and act like he's redeemed. YEAH I DON'T THINK SO. Yet what happens when I don't and I have this clearly controversial opinion that I have? Everyone nags and bitches at me. Constantly. I won't name any names but they know who they are and there are a few on this very forum that have also done this. They act as if my opinion is crap, I have no reason to have it, and I should change it immediately. As if I should 'fall in line' with everyone else? Guess what that is? Here it is again everyone!! De-facto dictatorship. Your not supposed to be the 'same' as everyone else. Your supposed to be unique. Yourself. Different. Out of line. Not 'fall in line' Apparently the brony fandom didn't get this memo. Must have been lost. Or ignored. I'm guessing ignored. I refuse to 'fall in line'. End of story. 6. Now let's talk about the rumors of Chrysalis getting a redemption in Season 8. NO. JUST NO. I'm not even going to list the reasons why. There are just too many and it would make this even longer. What is the reason for this? Because I fail to see one. At all. In any way whatsoever. Notice a pattern yet? Let me spell it out for you. I'm sick of the redemption's. Especially when they are half-thought out, half-assed, horrible dumpster fires like the ones I already mentioned have been. I'm fairly sure this one would be no different. I just can't take the redemption's anymore. I really can't. If Chrysalis is redeemed I don't think I'll even care how it's done. I'LL QUIT. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. END OF STORY. Because there is absolutely no reason to do this in any way whatsoever. This is my main concern with staying. I don't want to take the risk of having to go through yet another half-thought out, half-assed dumpster fire so-called 'redemption.' You want to know how to do a redemption? FINE. Go watch Season 2 of The Lion Guard. You see what they are doing with Makuu? Even though I don't fully consider him redeemed (at least not yet) THAT'S HOW YOU DO A REDEMPTION not the half-thought out, half-assed horrible dumbster fires the talentless hack hypocritical so-called 'writers' are doing. With that... I end my opening statements. These are my main problems with this show. Think you can convince me otherwise? Good luck. You'll need it. TL;DR: Starlight is a dumbass with absolutely no common sense whatsoever that has clearly learned nothing. Trixie is an egotistical, ego-maniacal, holier-than-though bitch who has clearly learned nothing. Discord is a jerkass who has clearly learned nothing. The so-called 'redeemed' characters aren't struggling with what they have done at all. The writers are hypocritical talentless hacks. The brony fandom is expecting me to 'fall in line' and accept and like all this BS being shoved down my throat and has becoming incredibly toxic. Chrysalis DOES NOT, SHOULD NOT, and CAN NOT be redeemed in any way whatsoever. U MAD? COME AT ME
  5. Hi my name is Red Steel as many of you i am a fan of my little pony and i love the G4 show; i started watching it with my niece while i was babysitting her and i already heard about the brony culture just didn't pay much attention to it (not confuse with hate or disdain only that i knew existed and that was it). I began to see the show from the start on netflix beacuse my niece loves to have marathons of her favorite cartoons and luckily that day she wanted to see MLP then we saw it from the very first episode and i realize what many of you probably realized in that first episode !!!THIS IS AMAZING AND INCREDIBLY FUNNY AND (inner rainbow dash) AWESOME¡¡¡ after that i couldn't stop watching it; i caught up with at the time was half of season 5 and i keep up with the show since then, but here is my problem i live in mexico and there are bronies here but they aren't as vocal as american or european bronies are but at least they show it proudly how big fans they are; not that i am not, i wear my brony shirt proudly, but they have vlogs, reaction videos and to my shame they can buy merchandise, i have a very tight budget to live on my own and i can't afford many things and toys, i still buy comics but not as many as i'd like, the only toy i have is my PINKIE PIE plushie but because my niece gave it to me and she is my favorite pony and sometimes because of this lack of paraphernalia i shouldn't consider myself a brony or even a regular fan, as a writer i've made some short stories for my nieces and little cousins, including their OC's or just stories with their favorite ponies and i can quote every line of every episode and sing the songs(horribly but none the less sing them) and "Equestria Girls" movies, i still feel that with everyone i see online, youtube, cosplaying, making music or their incredible art; should i even consider myself a brony? i leave it to your opinion everypony
  6. As said, do they really deserve to be sacked? As in really (times infinity), truly fired on the spot? All because of stupid trivialities you hate? Not showing a character the way you see it? Not giving them screentime they deserve? Because they themselves or that you hate the character/s? Because they have a hard time with characterization? That you want this character to truly die? Because the story of the episode didn't turn out the way you expected? That they couldn't match god-tier writing that I'm not so aware of? That they couldn't make characters use common sense and do things that would instantly resolve conflicts? Is this what you want to happen to them: Make them lose their jobs, their credibility, and their self-efficacy at it? Huh? Is that what you want? To make them suffer and have difficulty spending years or decades trying to find a new niche in life? Humiliate them? Laugh and spit at their faces? Make them cry? Throw mud and rocks and objects at them till they bleed? Kick them while they're down? Because it seems to me that you want it to be that way. What every brony wants to happen.
  7. Some questions about said title: Is Season 6 objectively the worst in the show, as well as all of TV? Has every episode in Season 6,all the way back to season 1 been trash in disguise of a jewel? Is MLP really going to hell/losing quality? Or has it already done that when the first second of the show even first aired on a TV screen? I like every episode thus far, but even though I opinions are not directed at me, I feel attacked. Am I wrong in liking, to be clear, The Crystalling, Gift of the Maud Pie, On Your Marks, Gauntlet of Fire, No Second Prances, Newbie Dash, Hearth's Warming Tale, Saddle Row Review, AJ's Day Off? I haven't watched the others in the later episodes now because all I'll get are accusations that "I'm deluded and insane and stupid and short sighted and not critical to like these episodes for these reasons." From the comments of Equestria Daily and MLPForums, is everyone right in saying MLP is going to hell and I am wrong in thinking that it's not? I have very low esteem and everyone wants me to stay down because me sticking up for myself is only going to get myself into more hurt and trouble and that's all there ever will be. All the pessimism has gotten to me and now I'm convinced that this show has done the complete opposite of its original intention. I am so angry at the world, I want to cry every night even though I don't at all and I feel like doing horrible things to everyone, especially the fans, the voice actresses, the old and new writers, the staff, Lauren Faust, Bonnie Zacherle and everyone else whom I thought I liked. I've come to believe that no friendship exists at all and that I've been lying to myself. I've become convinced that friendship is not magic. I have nothing but sadness, anger and hate in my heart and I am blaming everyone else as the reason. Friendship never was, never is, and never will be magic. From previous topic: After all these barrages of extreme spitting on the episodes in the first half of Season 6, it's left me traumatized because of all the negativity and i haven't watched the other episodes yet because I'm still too scared to even see that the rest will just be hate and flak again and I'm too helpless to do anything about it. I don't want your answers to be based on opinions. No matter the case or circumstances, all you ever say is based on subjectivity and I can't accept that at all. I want only one answer. I demand absolute, undeniable, irrefutable truth. Nothing else.
  8. Was curious, how often does everyone here actually watch the show live? Whether directly on TV or a live stream of the broadcast, doesn't need to be new content, as long as it is being broadcast that moment. Me personally, I try to tune in for every new episode but I have a very strict work schedule, and I've actually been working 11am every Saturday for the last 14 months or so.
  9. Lord Seraph

    Artists you miss

    Just like this thread on Derpi forums (SFW Thread btw) Know any artists out there you missed, who either aren't producing art anymore, disappeared, banned, etc?