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Found 12 results

  1. howdy a while ago i watched a very old (one of the first in fact) mlp fan series on youtube but i think the creators took down the episodes recently it was called sleepover at fluttershy's or something similair. in it the cast (which was all male due to this being made before good mlp impersonates were available) play games while staying in character with the mane six and later the cmc they eventually transition into reading and reacting to the harry potter fan fic called my immortal while still remaining in character. they also did a 1 episode abridged series for season 1 before they took down sleep over at fluttershys and also tried to do a sequel named sleepover at pinkies. i was wandering if anybody remembers this and can point me towards either there origanal group channel or the individual channel's of the members who doubled as both the writers and the voice actors especially the guy who played twilight .
  2. Hi there! I'm Talespinner Twirl. I've been in the fandom since 2010, but it's only lately that I've really had some great fic ideas. I decided I'd go ahead and join up on EQD as well as FIMfiction so I could meet other fic writers. I'm especially interested in finding out where MLP-focused writing contests/challenges are being held, because I'd like to start networking and get more motivation for writing in general! Very excited to make new friends, writers or not.
  3. Hello Bronies and Pegasisters, I can finally present to you the English version of my first fan fiction. Its about Twilight and Spike getting stuck in the alternative Time line of Nightmare Moons Celestia. Sadly the pictures aren't still ready and i don't know how long it will take to finish them. But i hope you like it anyway and maybe leave me some constructive critique and i wish you a good time reading.  Claud Melchior
  4. Hi all, Many years ago, around the start of 2012, I read a fanfiction about Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. I can’t find the story anymore so I’m hoping someone knows the name or author of the fanfic. (Is this the right place to post this?) It has been a very long time since I read this story, so I can’t remember a lot of details of the story. The story starts off with Rainbow Dash practicing stunts while Fluttershy is watching. A mysterious portal teleported both Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy away. They appeared above an ocean with no clue as to where they have been transported to. The picked a direction and started to hop from cloud to cloud, hoping to find land. During their travel they met some sea creatures (not sure what kind) and Fluttershy was able to communicate with them and asked them if they could find some seaweed for them to eat. After eating, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy continued looking for land. After hopping from cloud to cloud for a while they started to run out of clouds. They had to continue flying. Fluttershy got tired after flying for a while so Rainbow Dash had to carry her. At last Rainbow Dash saw land after carrying Fluttershy for hours. They landed on an island with a forest. Their only option was to head into the forest to find civilization. In the forest they were attacked by some creatures and Fluttershy had to use the stare to scare them off. Moving further inlands, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy enter the dragon kingdom. Because of some altercations with a not so friendly dragon, Rainbow Dash got a wound on her head. Fluttershy had taken a look and it wasn’t too bad. She told Rainbow Dash to keep the wound clean. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy met the king of the dragons and at first, were not allowed to leave. Rainbow Dash argued that forcing them to stay might be bad for the relationship between the dragon kingdom and Equestria so they were eventually allowed to leave. The dragons gave them a map to find their way back to Ponyville. On their way back, they rested in a cave where Rainbow Dash suddenly fainted. The headwound she had, had gotten infected. Fluttershy cleaned the wound and after resting a while in the cave they continued their journey back home. That’s about as much as I remember of this fanfic. I hope someone recognizes it or can point me in the right direction to find the story.
  5. Brony250

    First One-Shot!

    I just posted my first one-shot on FIMFiction! if you haven't yet please give it a look and let me know what you think - My Wings Will Keep You Safe
  6. Such as someone she loves is killed. and she tries to avenge their death
  7. Well hello everypony! How are you boys and girls doing today?! I wanted to create this short topic to promote one of my best friend's work: she made this amazing cover art for my first fanfic ever, titled "Silent Love". She's currently following a charadesign career, and created her Facebook page, "Killjoy Draws", two years ago, go check her out! I'll most likely post other cover arts, since I have the plots of two other stories, and will ask her to make the covers! If you appreciate her art, tell me and I'll let her know! Bisous, Saga.
  8. Hello World! How are you today?! Fresh member of Equestria Daily, I decided to make a bit of self-promotion 'cause hey, that's what this part of the forum is kinda there for. Let me introduce myself: French guy writing in english on FIMfiction, one story currently in progress. Loves bagels. Now for the interesting part (because honestly, how gives a sh*t about me? Just kidding everybody loves me): Are you looking for a Equestria girls fanfic that has romance, drama, comedy, colorful characters, mute Vinyl, and most importantly, Octascratch?! Allow me to present "Silent Love" !! Six chapters by the time I write these lines, new entry every four or five days, done without any help or proofreading (but that's because I like to hurt myself). This is my very first story, and the very first time I've ever written something seriously (not just in English!) I'm of course interested by any form of constructive criticism! Comment! Share! Make me those sweet sweet views! If you need any more specifications about the story, feel free to ask me! Love & Tolerate, Bisous, Saga.
  9. The Infamous Mystery


    GREAT BRAND STINKS!!! Don't read it, guys, it really stinks. It should have stayed with E.T in the dumps. Even the name, itself, stinks. GREAT BRANDS!!! Oh wait, that's the link.
  10. Imagine your Fluttershy and your lost deep within the Everfree Forrest how do you get out? Would you use woodland friends, or have to calm an angry monster? Write a story and post it below!!! Don't forget that its Fluttershy appreciation day soon I know I'm excited for it. She is a fave for a lot of ponies alike and I know that I cant wait until the 28 to see all the fan art that you guys have posted. So mark it on your calendars. E-p.onyx!
  11. Seraphim

    Prism Force

    The Prism Force is a legendary magic that is told in stories from generation to generation, a magic powerful enough to banish all darkness and restore the balance to harmony. The ritual to gain this power is simple: A pony born purely of light must awaken the first state to acquire the next, and this is how things must be done: The pure pony must be present and stand in the center and sync theirs with the other five's passive and active magic. Once done, the last step is to have the elements fuse with the pony and awaken the final form called Rainbow Power Prism Force. Now for demonstration i will use a scene from the anime i love most as an example of how Lightning Flicker gains her first state, but keep in mind that nopony died like you see in the anime, only tries to take her anger out on her friends which results in the explosion of magical energy being released. After that is when the first battle starts, both Tainted Mist and Lightning Flicker going at it, of course, Lightning has the advantage due to the awakened state, it's still not enough to make a dent in Tainted's power, only manages to make her angry. So that's when the second state comes into play and the fate of equestria will be decided.
  12. I've decided to my hand on trying my own episodic script for My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. I already started a teaser that you get at the beginning of every episode and I'd like to get feedback on it and see how it looks. If it's good I might continue on it. If not however then I'll scrap the idea and try again sometime in the future. Here is the link to the GDoc if anyone wants to view it: Sparkle Bloom