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Found 8 results

  1. As a amateur writer myself I am currently writing a Fan fiction, I am using Notepad which is horrible for formatting the actual product. What do other people use?, Is anyone using anything different?, Or should I stick with notepad?
  2. The question is who is your favourite pony based more on fan fiction then the show . Only characters that appear on the show are eligible for the question so no fan fiction original characters . What fan fiction did you read that made you like the pony more.
  3. Hey, everybody!I’ve been in the dark about this for a bit, but I wanted to let you know the status of Do It For Flash.With over 40 contributors and over 100 individual pieces of fanart, fanfiction, etc. I’d say this operation has been a huge success so far. With the year almost over, the time has come for me to get ready to send out the package. If everything goes according to plan, I should be ready to ship it early next week. If there’s still anyone out there who’d like to send something my way to add to the package, send it to . Your deadline will be this Sunday, December 3rd. Finally, I would like to give a HUGE thank you to every single contributor who’s allowed this to be possible. This started out as a personal passion project, and I was a little anxious about people’s reactions to this, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic. Thank you to all the fans out there who’ve given Flash even the smallest of chances to inspire you and make something artistic, something that means something to you and that you were willing to share it with other fans. You’re all simply the best. I’m sure Vincent and the rest will be proud of what you’ve done.I’ll let you know once the packages ship and when they arrive at their destination. Thank you for reading, and again, thank you for your help.
  4. RK_Striker_JK_5

    Some of my fanfictions

    I've been writing fanfic since about... 1995. My first stuff was on notebook paper. I still have it, somewhere in my house. As for my MLP stuff, I think it's all right if I toss some links up... First off, my fimfic page, RK_Striker_JK_5.. yes, I am so original when it comes to my names. :p As for stories, some of my best ones... The Elements of Harmony and Savior of Worlds. Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle manage to accidentally tunnel to another world, and encounter a figure from Equestria's history. It's G1/G4. It's also going through an extensive editing. I am very proud of it. Twilight the Terrible. Nightmare Moon wakes up, but it's not the Equestria she expected. Another sits upon the Solar Throne. This one, I'm actually the most proud of. Multiversal Harmony. This one is a fairly big collaboration between six fan-verses on fimfic. In a reality where Luna never fell, and no Bearers of the Elements of Harmony were found, the plunder vines capture the princesses. Discord breaks free, but finds chaos to be... boring. So he thinks outside the box-and the walls of reality-to free them. If you read any of them, or my other stuff, hope you enjoy them.
  5. I cannot be the only one. We all wish for our own personal episode about some Grand epic adventure or a little back story. But what about just some good old-fashioned Slice of Life episodes? I don't hear enough episode ideas about the Mane 6 meeting a Stan Lee pony who writes comic books inspired by them, or a episode about a rivalry between Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, or an episode about Rarity just trying to finish her errands but but is always stopped to help someone that not only takes up her time but also her resources and supplies which caused her to go back and buy more stuff just for it to be used up in another situation. These are the ideas that I want to hear in this thread let me know what you got for a casual Slice of Life episode of My Little Pony.
  6. Hi everypony, maybe you like audiobooks, dramatic readings and audio dramas of MLP fanfics just like me. There are many people on youtube, who create such things but after you listen to readings posted on the most famous channels it can get quite hard do find more content. So, I thought, I could put together a list of youtubers I ‘ve discovered so far, share it and save others the trouble of searching the endless space of youtube. The other reason I post this is I would like to ask you, if you could share any dramatic reader channels I missed. No clop please. · Scribbler Production · TheLostNarrator · Magpiepony · Thornquill Audiofics · Astro-brony · Chaotic · Crafty Reads · Creepypastasalad · DRWolf001 · Emogak · Forest Rain · Goomba Guy Videos · GutiuSerenade · Jonty Jig · Keyframe Production · Luvlessi · Nimbus Production · Solar Pony · ShadowofCygnus · Silver Pony Players · The Brony Chronicler · Wuten (yes, yes, I said no clop, but the Noodle pony did also The Last Son of Dublin, which is one of my favourite dramatic readings) · Visualpony thenarrator · Deftfunk · Neighrator Pony · Iliya Leonov AKA Morgan Freepony · BogyleBronies
  7. What are your favorite short stories, one-shots and like? Any suggestions?
  8. Hello to all the folks on the new forums here! I'm Chaotic, quick things include that I like watching the ponies, I like chatting about just about anything. I do enjoy role-playing, reading fan-fiction, Video games, what else... Oh! I also do fan-fiction narration and audio-books over on my YouTube: So nice to meet ye all, and hopefully this all moves to a greater future, aye?