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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I would like to ask a question about how to do a walking animation in the program of Adobe Animate CC (formerly Flash). What tools are needed, it is desirable not to make each frame separately, because the quality of this suffers. I asked this question on the sites of my country, but since on Russian-language sites do not prompt even how to rename the folder then it's useless to go there. So, so, for the animation, I took this puppet:, in it every border is a separate layer. To begin with, I tried to change the shape of the foot and add the animation of the form, it did not work out, because the form animation was not available, I have no idea in what case this function is available, and in what does not. Trying to combine different layers did not help, everything is crooked. I can make a classic animation of the movement, but when it comes to the smooth movement of the foot walk on one layer, I did not mean that the oak, I stump. I need help. The animation should be something like this:
  2. ABronyAccount

    100 Word Pony Flash Fic

    Fetlock Hardboil had been in tighter spots before, or so he told himself. Yet even the swashbuckling rustic's steely nerves jolted when he saw the well-scrubbed face of his tormentor reveal itself from the shadows. "Surprised to see me?" There was venom in the melodically delivered taunt. Both voice and visage were familiar, but twisted by a powerful hatred Fetlock had rarely come up against in all his days. They belonged to none other than the urbane dame who'd darkened his office as the client on this case. "Reckon I am... Ms. Natalie Drest." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Write a quick fic in 100 words or less! Be as dramatic/silly/tear-jerking/flippant/floppant/scary as you want. Just keep it short! Bonus points for Zecora-ting it up with some rhymes! (Points will not be tabulated and there is no prize other than our humble kudos and your own smug satisfaction). Here's an Online Wordcountinator if you need one!
  3. back then i reconstructed the dh xmas card creator, hasbro changed it to the valentine thingy, but left everything from the derpy hooves creator in it. even the files from the christmas card creator were still there. so i fixed and reconstructed it. here it is: download:!URE1ES4T!RdcslIanW6E9BIh4Kc3U7S4ZemOlsikROCrU-7ykGN4 online: P.S. feel free to share your best pictures ^^