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Found 3 results

  1. THIS WEEKS WINNER: N/A So I am very sorry to announce that Sona-Sundays will be permanently moved to my Patreon account, where only $5 and up Patrons will be allowed to participate. Life has hit me in the face and knocked out a few teeth in the process; so I hope you will support me on Patreon and help me get back on my feet. Thank you all for your submissions and I will be happy to see you on Patreon. My Parteon is Here:
  2. Ebon Scar

    Drawing in pencil!

    So...Apparently regular practice is important, no matter how good you draw or what you draw. So what's better than practice, have fun and (maybe) do others a fun free comission? Anyways, if you want me to draw your characters in pencil I'd be happy to~ Note: I currently have no color pencils, so finished things might look...bland. >~>"
  3. Yup, free art, probably mostly sketches, but I may get more complex with requests if I am so moved. Two rules: 1 - Ponysonas/OCs that are based on show pony species only. Pegisi, Unicorns, Earth Ponies, and Alicorns. 2 - Full body reference images required. That's it! Give me things to draw, tell me about your OC, the more I know about them the more fun I can have with the drawings. Also, please let me know if you're ok with me drawing my ponies interacting with yours in purely platonic ways, that allows for me to explore even more! -Topknot