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Found 1 result

  1. So there was someone I once knew back during the original days of Pony Fortress 2, I will not disclose their name (they aren't even a member on this forum), but they were one of the first friends I made on Steam, and we ended up playing a lot of games together back in the day and we were pretty good friends, if not one of my few best friends at the time. We had been friends together for several years, but over that span of time, their attitude towards me had started to slowly wain with me, especially when they started having a relationship with someone else who was also on that forum at the time. Now I bring this up because I never did anything to intervene their relationship in anyway, but I could tell my friend was extremely judgemental towards me when I would talk to their partner and play games with them when my friend wasn't around. Eventually come around the time PF2 was closing down, I ended up doing something extremely trivial to them and to them it was the last straw that broke the camel's back. After that they removed me from every form of communication, blocked me from Steam, and absolutely 100% refused to talk to me about the issue and their sudden change in attitude. This was 3 years ago. At first this hit me really hard, I fell into a pretty depressive mood and had both a mix feeling of anger and depression. I had to actually seek therapy to resolve this. For the most part, I had gotten over it promptly after seeking consoling. But a few days ago, their name showed up in a game I was playing and without warning I was overcome with so much rage and anger that I hadn't felt before and tried seeking the person down in this game and make them feel the anger I had. I was unsuccessful in doing so as the person kept running away and avoiding me. The following day, I woke up feeling sick and miserable once all the rage was gone. To this day they still refuse to talk to me and from what I've heard, they have behaved similarly to other people as well on Steam and has basically hermit'd themselves from most people on Steam except for the person they were having the relationship with (which the partner has told me they were now dating this "friend" out of pity at this point). So in the end, I'm reaching out to you guys for advice on how to cope with overcoming an issue like this. How do I move on from this? I thought I had gotten over it, but after seeing them in the game I was playing, I just had so much rage. I don't want a repeat of this, and so I'm hoping you guys can help me out with this. Thanks.