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Found 4 results

  1. Dashing Lightflare

    do u hate or like the word we say

    so i say a word and then u say : like or hate. then u say an word too, then an other says like or hate. and so we go. me first! kitten
  2. Dashing Lightflare

    counting and 10 is boom!

    so you all count look: i: 1 other: 2 another: 3 until 10 and who haves 10 says boom! and who said boom may not count anymore for 1 hour. (do not be sad about that 1 hour thing, you may count again when your 1 hour is over.) If u reply and your 1 hour ins't over, that doens't make any u know. just do not count, but a reply U MAY DO!!!
  3. Dashing Lightflare

    the fashion game

    so welcome to the fashion game! so it goes: give the user above/under you some new clothes with a photo or with text, u could just say these clothes for the one who replies next. Does not matter if it is an boy or an girl, if it are clothes. i do not have any user above me so i do it with myself. i give myself these clothes: or if it needs with text u say: i give (user), a yellow skirt with a purple top. And so u do. And u may create your very own clothing, or u only give pants, or t-shirts, it does not really matter. u even could give a hairstyle. (my favourite clothing is that made from rarity). Just enjoy the game does not really matter when it is like an other game as long as you have fun!
  4. look so i say something that could happen and then you say what you are going to so this problem could be fixed. then you need to say an thing that happened and then other reacts on that. and so you always go. me first: a bomb did explode and your doggie is dead. what are ya going to do?