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Found 1 result

  1. I'm aware that after every season, every episode, we've all had hints given to us from time to time on what to expect the next season or episode. We all have differing reactions to everything. For me it's all white noise. Noise that I can never understand. But after the leaked hints of the future of MLP, now I feel like it's an ultra serious time. Like it's the literal end of days for the show, and that people are not just saying this on a whim. Like this isn't something to take lightly AT ALL. This isn't just another addition to the show to cause needless drama. The implied atmosphere from others is that the content of the leaks will ultimately decide the fate of the franchise. With the new synopses, movie sequel, making of G5, and new character designs (all of which I only heard of and never actually seen), this dwarfs all the drama between alicorn Twi and Starlight's introduction. End question for you is: ARE THE LEAKED CONTENT CONSIDERED AS TRULY THE FINAL BULLET THAT WILL FINALLY LEAVE MY LITTLE PONY WITH A MISERABLE DEATH? Now for me, this is my answer: I will never tell for sure. You cannot seriously expect me to be clairvoyant about this. And I seriously doubt anyone else knows anyone who is actually psychic and can predict with infinite percent accuracy what is meant to be. When that time comes, you can blame me or anyone else for being wrong about what's to come. Or you can brag to the entire world how much you were right when everyone refused to listen to you. But in the end, please please PLEASE accept the fact that us humans are extremely limited in almost every way. If you or other people can't, especially you@LostSanity, then you can go on living a life of bias and bigotry and that's a lifestyle that I and anyone else will rightfully condemn.