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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everypony! Several months ago, my love of G4 started me down a path of collecting the old gen stuff (G1-3.5). I pretty much just indiscriminately bought any figures I saw, mostly from rummage sales, thrift stores, etc. and I'm wanting now to pare down my collection to what I've deemed essential. That having been said, here is first a list of the ponies I would like to add to my collection (12 in all): Gen 1 - Blue Belle (Collector Ponies) - Applejack (not picky here if I get a Year 2 or Year 3) - Posey (Year 3) - Sparkler (Year 3) - Surprise (Year 3) - Majesty - Fizzy - Shady Gen 3 - Rarity (not picky, but preferably not the 3D symbol) - Twilight Twinkle (not picky) - Fluttershy (not picky) - Rainbow Dash (not picky) Here is a list of ponies that I am willing to trade (54 in all). All are in roughly the same gently used condition. More detailed descriptions and photos will be provided upon request, because this is a ton of ponies. Gen 1 Baby Blossom Baby Cotton Candy Baby Firefly Baby Glory Baby Gusty Baby Moondancer Baby Shady Baby Stockings The Holiday Pony (Mail Order Exclusive) Blossom (25th Anniversary Re-release) Cherries Jubilee Confetti Dancing Butterflies (Twice as Fancy) Flower Bouquet (Merry-Go-Round) Flutterbye Flutterpony Honeysuckle (no wings) Flutterpony Lilly (no wings) Glory x2 Gusty Lemon Drop Mainsail Medley Moondancer Parasol Peachy Pinwheel Romper (tail spinning feature broken) Skydancer Sunbeam Sunlight Sweet Stuff Tootsie Windy Gen 2 Sundance Gen 3 Butterscotch Darling Dahlia Daybreak Forsythia Hidden Treasure Minty (IV?) Mittens Pinkie Pie McDonald's Happy Meal Rainbow Dash Royal Beauty Scootaloo McDonald's Happy Meal Star Swirl Summer Bloom Sunny Daze Sweet Sparkle Twinkle Twirl Gen 3.5 Cheerlie Pinkie Pie x3 McDonald's Happy Meal Rainbow Dash Sweetie Belle
  2. Masturboy84

    Show your collection off!

    My collection spans from 1982 to present time, here i will show you my pre-G4 specimens. Some of them may be dusty but i don't dare washing them for fear of accidentally erasing their cutie marks. These are the oldest: Now Applejack and Firefly: An early version of Rarity: I love this one whose eyes resemble gemstones: I love that little one. Don't you think it's cute too? This one has a doll-like eye mechanism and a more elaborate cutie mark: Now, we're entering the nineties: Here comes G3: And the famous and beloved G3.5: Sweetie Belle, my dears!