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Found 1 result

  1. Hello I'm going to buy a new microphone, so I can use it to record my voice for my channel. I was going to buy Samson Go Mic: I heard many positive reviews of it, being a microphone with very good quality, packed small size and relatively cheap for USB microphone, so I though it might be a good start for me, because my budget is a bit limited. But when looking for more info about it, I also found out Samson recently (around April) released a new Go Mic Connect microphone, which also look good: What I'm curious, how is the new one when compared to the good old Go Mic. Thing Is, there isn't much difference between those two in price for which i can buy it, but Go Mic Connect is very close to my budget of 80$. The question is- is Go Mic Connect worth it? Problem is I couldn't find any particular review of it done by someone from my country, or even to find comparison of those two mic in any language. And that's why I'm asking you, what do you think? Should I go for Go Mic Connect, or stick with the old Go Mic? Which is going to perform better? Or maybe just give up on both of those and buy Samson Meteor Mic right away: It's still fits in my budget, and I heard, that it's a good alternative to Blue Snowball, which for me it's bit to big and bulky to fit on my desk. So another question is, Is this one is Much better than Go Mic or Go Mic Connect? Meteor Mic I slightly cheaper than Go Mic Connect, but more expensive than normal Go Mic. So it all would depend on quality of all three of them. As I said, general use would be Youtube on my desktop PC (with possibility of using it on my laptop). IMPORTANT NOTE I gave you a price in USD, but It's after conversion from the currency used in my country. As I said- Blue Snowball is just too big and bulky for me, and I probably won't consider it.