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Found 9 results

  1. themightypurple

    im back!

    im not dead! also,probably nobody here remembers or even knows me T-T feel free to tell me everything that happened in like,3 years,lmao
  2. themightypurple

    hello world!

    i used to go into these forums back when i was 7! before i even knew english! so im happy to have finally made an account here! have a dancing Sky!
  3. Hello I'm new to MLP(loving the show very much) and equestria daily as well. I first got into MLP through the fan music such as DJ Pon3(now Scraton- amazing producer) and other artists on Cider Party. The fandom and the content is amazing as well. What do you guys recommend seeing since I'm new to the whole shebang?
  4. Tiny Tangle

    Greetings Friends!

    Hello friends, I am new here and I can not wait to socialize and become friends with you all. I love animes, furries and ponies a lot. I also love writing fanfictions and drawings. I hope to meet and get to know all of you! Thanks for letting me in a wonderful community like this! <3
  5. reese_buttercup_404

    Hello everypony

    Hello everypony, you can call me reese, and I've been part of the fandom for a few years now and am just now getting involved in it more! I'll try to be on the forums here more and im always on the discord chat.
  6. I am quite a bashed, not knowing how to appropriately assert myself forward thorough in these forums. I am going to make a statement start off by show that I am indeed a Chinese person who is from a non-US country and lives in Asia. I have been watch this show since 2014 and I have enjoy it much. My favorite pony is the Rarity because she is like my the grandmother who also makes clothes and sell when she was not deceased. I also like the Pinkie Pie a lot because she makes me smile a lot from how she is. She is such a happy pony. I am pleased to be able to meet and speak to bronies from many lands and talk with them about the show I enjoy within myself. I am very pleased to make of you my friend and talk to buddy. 我很高兴认识大家!
  7. Hello to all the folks on the new forums here! I'm Chaotic, quick things include that I like watching the ponies, I like chatting about just about anything. I do enjoy role-playing, reading fan-fiction, Video games, what else... Oh! I also do fan-fiction narration and audio-books over on my YouTube: So nice to meet ye all, and hopefully this all moves to a greater future, aye?
  8. RK_Striker_JK_5


    Hello, all. Hmm, others are doing it. So, *Jumps on bandwagon* I'm RK_Striker_JK_5. You may have seen me around Space battles, Sufficient Velocity, Other Media at and other places. I've been an MLP fan since the mid-80's. My first memory is seeing the G1 episode 'revolt at Paradise Estate'. I got into friendship is Magic around the premiere and have been watching since. Ah... I'm a huge Star Trek fan. Star Wars, but mostly the Expanded Universe from before Del Rey took it over and... long story. Transformers, god yes. I don't play modern video games. All I know of, say Overwatch, is it's called Overwatch. I am not joking. I write fanfic, too. So... that's about it for now. Any questions/comments?
  9. Steel Accord

    Greetings everypony

    Greetings everypony, I saw this on EQD and thought it would be a cool site to join as it's about two things I'm very passionate about. I look forward to posting and discussing with you all.