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Found 2 results

  1. Here is some ideas for characters that should be made as figures in the GoH line. Like for example: "Since they made Shining Armor, They need to make Princess Cadance." Here are some characters that they need to make: Princess Cadance (Of course.) Regular Princess Luna (Not Nightmare Moon.) Lord Tirek King Sombra The other members of the Mane Six. (Rarity and Applejack.) The Great and Powerful TRRRRIXIE!!!!! Thorax (I know that they already made a changeling in the Twilight Sparkle set, But come on. He needs to be made into a figure!) and Ember as well. For the "Fan Series", I want Hasbro to combine the Equestria Girls line with GoH to make these figures: Daydream Shimmer Midnight Sparkle The Dazzlings Gaia Everfree (Or however you spell her name) Sunset as a demon. (Just call her 'Evil' Sunset Shimmer)
  2. Just got my "Queen Chrysalis vs. Spike the Dragon" set from the current "Guardians of Harmony" toy line and thought I'd share my impressions of it, and hopefully hear from others about the rest of the line as well. I have all three of the "Fan Series" releases (Discord, NMM and Celestia), but this is only the second of the action figures I've gotten from the main release, after getting Shining Armor last month. Chrysalis has some good and bad points to her, but overall she's really quite cool. She is very much an action figure, with removable armor boots and a bug-eyed helmet based on a design that first appeared in the comics (I'll have to try the helmet onto other ponies... It seems like it will be a fun accessory). She has two dagger/swords that echo the shape of her horn. Much like the spear that came with Shining Armor, these attach to her legs via a ridged "C"-shaped clip which really only seems to fit on her taped legs near the arm-pits/biceps rather than down at her hooves where you might rather place them. However the holes in her legs give at least some option for clipping them lower, even if they're not really designed to do that. (The plastic for these swords feels more forgiving than what was used for Shining's spear, leaving me less worried about breaking the clips.) Unfortunately, she comes with an "action feature", and like most action features it ends up being kind of lame and limits her in other ways. All head-and-neck articulation has been sacrificed to provide a spring-loaded "throwing" action whereby she is supposed to launch odd green Chakram/wheel things from her horn. They have an axel that rests in the crook of her horn and as near as I can tell, you're supposed to simply pull back her head and let go. Mine will weakly toss a ring about 4 or 5 inches and then have it roll across the table. It's something of a sad trade-off for not being able to turn or lower her head at all. Her tail also appears to be spring-loaded allowing for a little flicking action when pressed down, but the packaging makes no suggestion for what, if anything, it's supposed to actually do. The sculpt on her is pretty nice, as is the paint job on mine. Oddly, her hind legs are sculpted into a specific pose that makes one significantly longer than the other, leaving it to be stretched out behind her. This further limits what the articulation can do. With the exception of the head, she has the same articulation as Shining Armor (ball joints at shoulders, hinges at front knees, basic swivels where the legs connect to the hips, and her tail turns at the base) with added ball-jointed wings. Overall, she's very cool and by far the best Chrysalis toy out there. I just would have rather had a poseable head than a sad action feature. Some quick thoughts on Spike:. He is a solid chunk of plastic with no joints... Yet he is still awesome. I really like his pose, expression and design right down to the little armored tail hiding under his cape. He looks good in a full suit of armor! All in all, while there's room for improvement in this figure, if you want a Chrysalis she certainly doesn't disappoint!