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Found 1 result

  1. This is a thread I want to use to update music that myself and my partner, Denz Xavier have done, either together or on our own/with others. Denz is the musical mastermind of our duo. He's the one with the talent and know how, he does all the mixing and tracks from scratch, so any questions on the music itself should go to him. Me? I'm just a voice and mostly do covers of songs as I have zero exp in song writing. I've never worked on anything original. Denz writes his own songs, but sings most of his. We have yet to do an actual duet. Denz' music style varies through rock, alt rock and a hint of industrial at times, he also does the occasional acoustic track. Because of his preferred genre, it makes it very difficult to get widely noticed in this fandom, but I hope posting in here, which EQD seems to have a more active music section than other forums, will get some new audience in for him. I hate seeing him so down because no one is listening to his stuff when he's so good at it (I'll be making a rant post on the topic soon). OUR CHANNELS! Denz Xavier - Youtube - Bandcamp - Soundcloud StormBlaze - Youtube - Soundcloud Here's some of our stuff for you to listen to. Enjoy and please subscribe!