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Found 2 results

  1. Four months before I became a Pegasister. (I started watching MLP in July 2014.) I was into the Disney movie Frozen like most people. (Around the time when it was released on Blu-Ray.) I would listen to the song "Let It Go" on repeat until I got tired of it. Then I discovered a YouTube channel called "Bin's Toy Bin" and on that day my life changed. I was also into the video game Portal at the time. What were you into before you became a Brony/Pegasister?
  2. My current project in terms of my MLPFIM artworks is loose ponification of human history; using history as source of inspiration and following it at least broadly but taking creative liberty. I have drawn images more directly related to MLPFIM, but, at least for now, this thread will focus more on that concept. Content and context may change overtime, but this is what I have done to date. Suggestions and especially constructive criticism welcome (desired). Maps Species Pony: Indo-Europeans. Mostly sedentary. Alicorn: Originally from Mount Olympus. Compared to other pony sub-species, Alicorns are far more powerful and their lifespan is said to be at least one hundred times longer. However, they are very few in numbers. They are largely credited for bringing ponies into civilization. Crystal: Alpine peoples. The Crystal ponies are the first pony sub-species to be ruled by Alicorns, thus developing a civilized society earlier than the others. Earth: Mostly Slavs. Pegasus: Mostly Celtic and Germanic. Unicorn: Mostly Latins. Buffalo: Most of North Americans. Gathering and migration. Changeling: Mongols and Manchus. Organized into numerous rivaling nomadic tribes before the rise of Chrysalis. They would periodically conduct raids against more sedentary populations. Dragon: Varied. Nomadic. They tend to stay in volcanic areas and are known to migrate across the planet. There has yet to be witness of a natural death of a dragon. Horse: Arabs and Maghrebis. Nomadic and sedentary depending on geographical location. Griffon: Caucasian, Finno-Ugric and Turkic. Nomadic and sedentary depending on geographical location. Yaks: Tibetan. Zebra: Roughly south and east African. Gathering and migration. 4000BCE: Rise of the Alicorns The origin of the Alicorn civilization is largely unknown, but it is believed that it existed for several tens or even hundreds of thousands of years. For much of that time, Alicorns were an isolated population living on Mount Olympus. But by about 8000BCE (Before Crystal Era), there was a shared sentiment among Alicorns that it was their divine mission to bring civilization to the world. While Alicorns developed high culture, advanced technology and pursued scientific knowledge, the rest of the world, at best, began the switch to agriculture. Overtime, the Alicorns began the formation of numerous countries administered by themselves. The hope was that, while they would initially be separated and develop independently, all countries would eventually fully integrate into Alicorn culture and merge into one united Alicorn empire. Where they would form countries depended on the level of cooperation of the native population; some welcomed the Alicorns while others violently resisted. While Alicorns were superior compared to other species in many ways, their greatest fundamental weakness was their population as they were vastly outnumbered by other species. As their lifespan was incredibly long, the rate of reproduction was very low. As well, while reproduction can be done successfully with other pony sub-species, the birth of Alicorns with only one Alicorn parent is an extremely rare phenomena. So they had no choice but to adopt a humanist policy in their rule; despite the advancement of their civilization, a widespread hostile opposition towards them could mean a real threat of extinction. Force was used only when it was considered absolutely necessary. 1500BCE: Height of Alicornia By 1500BCE, the various Alicorn countries united into one empire. This period is considered to be the golden age of the empire as it was a time of prosperity, stability, and enlightenment of the population. For millennia, the population has been incredibly impressed by the Alicorn overlords to the point where they were considered to be gods or godlike creatures. Whatever the case, it has become common practice for them to build places of worship, offerings and worship dedicated to them. Along with the advanced state of the original Alicorn civilization, it now has sufficient resources and manpower to expand rapidly. Because of this, the Alicorns no longer adopted a humanist policy in most cases. Peoples that refused to submit to the empire were instead enslaved. Some decided to pledge allegiance while others chose to resist the Alicorn expansion. On the border of all sides of the empire were rich sources of slaves which greatly benefited the Alicornians, but they were also the most unstable regions; significant military presence would be permanently stationed in those regions (shown in light grey on map). The behavior of the empire was made aware to those just beyond the reach of the empire's influence. While they were unable to make any effective offensive moves, they were at least capable of effectively resisting any potential invasion. 1100BCE: Alicorn Sterilization By 1100BCE, the great Alicorn empire completely fragmented. At around 1200BCE, an unexpected surge in instability occurred within the empire. A crucial factor to this was food shortage. There has been a prolongued increase in global temperatures which resulted in crops failing. When food reserves emptied, nothing could have kept order in the empire. This wasn't restricted to the former loyal subjects. With the military abandoning loyalty, the slaves fought for their independence. and were aided by tribes beyond the reach of the empire. Though the Alicorns were seen as divine beings, this wasn't the case anymore; they were now largely considered to be false gods. Whether from decisive targeting or from chaos, nearly everything was destroyed. As a result, there were very little traces left from the era of the Alicorns; vast amounts of knowledge and technologies would either not be recovered for millennia or were permanently lost in history. Though various rivaling factions emerged within the empire, it was clear that the common enemy were the Alicorns; they all persecuted them. Though the Alicorns strongly resisted, they ultimately lost the war. Leaders were assassinated and Mount Olympus was locked down. Though not all Alicorns were executed, it is widely believed that all male Alicorns were completely killed off; if that is the case then the Alicorns as a specie will never again emerge as great powers. From then on, a dark age began and the peoples would have to develop without the aid of an Alicorn elite. Ironically, despite the widespread opposition to the Alicorns, the newly formed states would eventually make claims of being the legitimate successor of Alicornia. Artworks Glimmer Lived... 26 August 2016 Impératrice Nightmare Star 25 August 2016 Birth of the Khatun cover 08 August 2016 President Luna 13 July 2016 OC 12 June 2016 Luna the Great (Experiment) 19 May 2016 Lunar Revolution cover 05 May 2016 Chrysalis's First Hatchling 04 February 2016 Arriving Crowd 04 February 2016 Bitter Relations 31 December 2015 Luna in Siberia 05 September 2015 General Secretary Nightmare Moon 31 August 2015 Luna the Great 24 July 2015 Future Twilight 10 July 2015 Untitled 06 June 2015 The Moon Calls 02 June 2015 Luna Dressing 31 May 2015 Tsaritsa Luna arriving to the Lunar Palace 18 May 2015 Tsaritsa Luna 10 Jan 2015