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Found 1 result

  1. Badshot

    Roleplay suggestions

    Alright so I'm tired of not doing any roleplays and want to do something to revive this section, however I can't really get any ideas that would attract people. So I'm gonna open this thread for people to pitch ideas. Note it does not have to be pony, I know most of you would want one regardless, but I tend to favor nonpony rps... but that's just me. I will run one of course, but as well... I will run a second nonpony RP for any that want something in a different universe where you can use hands and not change the pronouns for everything to pony. So go ahead and pitch stuff and I'll consider the choices along with a few that I have some thoughts about but not entirely sure on. You can also +1 them or something if someone already said what you were going to. Do note that I tend to go Storyboard style, for more about that, check the roleplay 101 thread that is in desperate need of expansion. One step at a time though. So uh yeah, pitch away.