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Found 4 results

  1. A high light reel of Equestrian Chronicles for those who want something to laugh at. If it works, maybe the campaign will be more popular.
  2. This is the 3rd episode of ZDs video on the Equestrian Chronicles gag reel. I made a separate post so things don't get too crowded on the first. Things average about 25 or more pages and I can't just rename to topic forever. Credit goes where it goes. Swift Study, the GM, who has his blog (On this site) for the story bits. ZD did the recording, and is a player in the game. Lytlelemur and WillDaBeard are players that do art for bits of the campaign, as well as there own stuff that you can check out on DiviantArt. And likely more than that, just ask, they do a lot. As before, swears tend to be replaced with whatever I thought of being funny. I might retire that, as that is getting in the way.
  3. Come take a look as this Brony gives his opinion on the next series for Star Trek.
  4. Lord Seraph

    Post Funny Stuff!

    Post anything funny here. Such as this! Pictures, jokes, articles whatever. Unless there is already a dedicated thread in this forum.