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Found 1 result

  1. MoltenKitten

    Forumer Boss Battles

    How To Play: One player is the Boss and everyone else has to try to defeat them by using their imagination to come up with attacks. Attack cycle will begin once stats have been posted and will end when I make a post saying "attack cycle end". Players start with 500 health and the first boss with 1,000. Every time a boss is defeated the last player to deal damage becomes the next boss and players gain 100 health while the boss gains 500 (up to a max of 10,000). Every 5th boss will be a special boss with the player who becomes that boss getting to decide what makes them special (I will discuss it with them in a dm). If the Boss fails to give an attack within 24 hours of the start of the attack cycle they will suffer 500 damage and lose their chance to attack. Rules: 1)I will decide if your attacks hit and how much damage they do 2)attacks made after I end the attack cycle will not be counted 3)overpowered attacks can be used but will take a few turns for them to reach the target 4)If I think your attack is extra creative you might get a debuff bonus or bonus damage 5)An attack cycle starts after I post attack results unless I say otherwise Example of a good attack: I swing my sword at the boss Example of a bad attack: I fire a super laser that hits and instantly kills the boss Current Stats: Boss Number 4 Boss: Lord Nanfoodle Health: 1,389/2,500 Buffs: none Debuffs: none Heroes: KiiKrindar Health: 800/800 DedSec Pony Health: 485/800 Debuff: "Blinded" has a low chance of hitting the target Revanche Health: 800/800 Jederick Heatlh: 800/800 Azalea Floria Health: 800/800 Havocbyte Health: 800/800 ZeBronyCaptain Health: 0/800 Debuff: "Ko'd" must be revived by another hero Frecinette Health: 800/800 RogueCookie Health: 800/800 Allies 1/5: KiiKrindar Clone Health: 300/300 Info: Gathers scrap unless instructed to do otherwise Scrap: 7 Buildings 0/10 (10 scrap required to build / 5 to upgrade):