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Found 2 results

  1. Animekitty47

    MLP Association Game

    Hi everypony! So, there's a simple game I noticed is missing from the pile in this forum. It's usually just a word association game, but since everypony seems to post images and links a lot, I thought it would make more sense to expand it from just words to images and song links or whatever. Well. maybe not whatever... Basically, first person says a word, next person says what that makes them think of. As the title suggests, this game is only for MLP related associations. I also made a anything-goes-assocation game here. Ex. Person 1: Celestia Person 2: Person 3: *links to Lullaby for a Princess* Obviously, I have to go first, so... Fluttershy!
  2. Animekitty47

    "Word" Association Game

    Hi everypony! This a twist on the usual Word Association Game, because you can post images and song links or whatever too. Also, if you do choose a word instead of a picture or a song, it doesn't have to be one word. Anything goes, doesn't have to be MLP related. Well. maybe not anything... Basically, first person says a word or posts a song or pic, next person posts what that makes them think of. For example: Ex. Person 1: Celestia Person 2: Sun Person 3: Obviously, I have to go first, so... Discord!