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Found 2 results

  1. Ice bear has appeared on the EQD forums. Hello. I'm InklingBear. Some know me better off as Ice bear cause I like to roleplay much (okay yes, i'm into We Bare Bears). So, a few things about Ice bear; I am an all around musician, dabble in a lot of genres, except for rock. I've lurked on this site for about 4 years and finally noticed EQD has gotten forums. So I compose my music under three different aliases: Fractilx (2013-) - All around type music (mostly dabble in trance, and house music) Kyu♥ (2014-) - Kawaii type music (dabbles in anything that has cute sounding instruments) アイスベア (formerly うすうすベア) (2015-) - Hardcore type music (dabbles in happy hardcore, nu-style hardcore (aka gabber) and idm music) Ice bear is also one that provided some music for Dinky's Destiny (prologue). Not just this, Ice bear's also a co-member of the TrotMania series (ponified DDR), writing charts for it and sometimes making music for it as well. If you got any brony tracks you want Ice bear to check out, i can try to fit it in the game. ;3 Ice bear can also screenwrite. So this is just about all that Ice bear has to say about. Ice bear hopes for a good time here x3
  2. So I have like a HUGE amount of music, but I'm not going to post it all here. Over the course of 3 years of music compositioning, and gradually getting better overtime, I have 120+ songs in total. This post may be subject to change constantly, as it is not a finalized post. Ice bear has been so hype in the music industry since March 2014. :3 What you see below is an album archive of all the songs that I have done over the years for the fandom. Also includes album and song details. -------------------------------- 2 0 1 4 : 4MAZING STORY by fractilx (2014) 21 total tracks LINK: ---------- Cheese Sandwich's Party Bash [Hardcore] everypony's reminiscience [Downtempo] Flim-Flam Tonic [Saloon] HYPER WIND (Breezies) [Hardcore] I Can Do This [Trance House] Ice Archery [Trance] Let The Rainbow Remind You (fractilx's trance of destiny remix) [Trance] Maud Pie -sister trance- [Trance] P3R [Speed Rave] Ponyville -true destiny- [Hard Trance] Powerless Magic [Post-Hardcore] Rainbow Falls (Traders Excange Uplifting mix) [Trance] Rainbow Trance (Rainbow Falls Reinterpretation) [Trance] rottel-the-Tonic [Gabber] space pegasi (crescent and hunter) [Drum 'n Bass] stellar eclipse [Hardcore] Sweetie Dreamare [Drum 'n Bass] The Rappin' Hist'ry of the Wonderbolts (fractilx remix) [R&B] TIREK [Hardcore DnB] Trend Setter (fractilx remix) [Industrial Breaks] | original by HACKD zone of dreams -Celestial Ver.- [Ambient] _____ 4VBP (4 Various Brony Projects) by Fractilx (2013 ~ 2014) 8 total tracks LINK: ---------- aurora of snowdrop [Ambient] automne [Happy Hardcore] Canterlotの戦い [Hardcore DnB] dr. whooves and luvin' [Ambient] fallen kindness [Drum 'n Bass] GalaCon Virtual 2014 [Chiptune] Thundercloud project II [Drum 'n Bass] Your destiny awaits you.. [Ambient] | Appears on Dinky's Destiny OST _____ Apple Bloom 'n Babs EP by D2L & YURIMEAS (2013 ~ 2014) 3 total tracks LINK: ---------- Apple Bloom 'n Babs Part.1 [Downtempo] Apple Bloom 'n Babs Part.2 [Downtempo] Apple Bloom 'n Babs Part.3 [Downtempo] _____ I Gave You My All by Fractilx (2014~) 11 total tracks (as of now) LINK: ---------- Air Guardian [UK Hardcore] CeLeSTiaL (radio edit) [Hyper J-Pop] chickhaos!! [Schranz] Motivational Future [Future House] o'er the rainbow [IDM] rottel-NEON-MASH [Rotterdam] Sheening Diamond Tiara [House] SO MAGICAL (PERFECT DEPTH MIX) [Hard Trance] sparkling!! [Trance] The Energy of Love [Trancecore] We Can Do This (instrumental mix) [Hard Trance] ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2 0 1 5 : 5PECTACULAR 5EASON -first half- by Fractilx (2015 ~ 2016) 9 total tracks LINK: ---------- = [Ascii Hardcore] a cutie mark won't change you (dreaming mix) [Breakcore] | Appears on Cider Party Bumble bear "eq. battle mix" [Schranz] fly!!fly!!rainbow!!! [Happy Hardcore] J2R [Rave] miss you golden oak library -sorrow- [IDM] tantabus (nightmare mix) [Breakcore] What is life? [IDM] wings of white [Trance] _____ 5PECTACULAR 5EASON -second half- by Fractilx (2015 ~ 2016) 9 total tracks LINK: ---------- Drag 'n Posh [Electro House] Friends Are Always There For You (fractilx remix) [Happy Hardcore] | original by Daniel Ingram Inspection Fashion [Ambient/Breakcore] Marble and a Macintosh [Big Beat] On My Flank [Trap] Starlight D-termination [Hardcore DnB] thank you A.K.R. [Trance] The Magic Inside (fractilx remix) [Hands Up] | original by Daniel Ingram We'll Make Our Mark (fractilx remix) [UK Hardcore] | original by Daniel Ingram _____ A Great, Old Time (We Bare Bears Fan Music & Remix Compilation) by Fractilx, D.G. URSALA and Cii (2015) 11 total tracks (6 from me) LINK: ---------- bearstack (There For You) [Dream Pop] Free Fur All RMX [Electro House] It all started as a comic [Orchestral Pop] T.M.S (The World's Most Coolest Bears) [R&B/Twerk] VACUUM PAL (combat mode) [Techno] かわいい☆パンダ -万華鏡 mix- [Chipcore] _____ Dinky's Destiny OST by Sipher & Fractilx (2015) 7 total tracks (3 from me) LINK: ---------- Luna's Theme [Filmscore] Celestial Planes [Ambient] ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2 0 1 6 : Love Tales EP by Fractilx (2016) 5 total tracks (+2 bonus tracks) LINK: ---------- Angel's Defiancy (fw.Kyu♥) [Chiptune Techno] Little Uproar [UK Hardcore] | Appears on Ponies @ Dawn - Awakening Majority of Mares (ft. gmIX-k) [Trance House] X.O.X.O [Breakbeat/Lounge] Zen Jewels [Drumstep] _____ A bear joins the herd... by うすうすベア (2016) 7 total tracks (+1 bonus track) LINK: ---------- burstin' sun [Happy Hardcore] | Appears on King Mars: A Tribute CIDR.XXX [Gabber] | Appears on Cider Party It's Derpy Day! [Chipcore] Peeved & Profanity [Hardtek] Rainbow Dream Race [Happy Hardcore] SPIKEY WIKEY WOO (HUM & DRUM MIX) [Trancecore] _____ 6PLOREQUESTRIA (2016) 16 total tracks LINK: ---------- 11842739 [IDM] A Changeling Can Change (うすうすベア Bootleg) [Happy Hardcore] Chickenjack [French House] Chickanjack (Instrumental Mix) [French House] DRAGON POWER [Orchestral] Flurry Heart (Season 6 Remaster) [Happy Hardcore] GUYS' NIGHT RPG [Jazz Fusion] Hearth's Warming Eve Is Here Once Again (うすうすベア Remix) [Happy Hardcore] Lunar Ascension [Drum 'n Bass] Ponies of the Sea [BGM] Reshaper (ft. gmIX-k) [Jungle] Reshaper -resolve- (ft. gmIX-k) [Trancecore] SWEEP SWEEP (うすうすベア KOG G3 MIX) [Euro Rave] tsundember [Garage/House] Zephyr★Breeze (radio edit) [Trance] _____ The legend of Ice bear - EP (2016) 4 total tracks (+1 bonus track) LINK: ---------- tundramania [Trance] | Appears on A State of Sugar whiteout bond [Trance] remembering you (ft. gmIX-k) [Liquid DnB] pathcrosser [Psytrance/DnB] Appears on A State of Sugar and Horse Music Central Vol. 1 _________________________ OTHER APPEARANCES: ---------- And A Snake Tail (fractilx remix) | The Horses Want Techno (2015) Apples In Da House [House] | Balloon Party 3.5: Equine Morality - The Clean Sweep (2015) bloomin' filly [UK Hardcore] | Balloon Party 3.5: Equine Morality - The Clean Sweep (2015) Diamond Slalom [Drum 'n Bass] | Ponies @ Dawn - Snowfall (2015) luvstruck -timebond- (ft. gmIX-k) [Trance House] | King Mars: A Tribute (2016) l'amour de chiot (Affection Mix) [Happy Hardcore] | LycanDeseBeats: Beats Me 2! (2016) Mr. Whiskers (fractilx remix) [Drum 'n Bass] | original by Vylet Pony | Super Pony World Deluxe Version (2016) NIGHTWING STIMUL8R [Schranz] | Pinkamena Party 4 - Chromatic H32 (2016) Party 4U (For Pinkie Pie Remix) [Rave] | TrotMania Chrystalize (2013) polaris [House] | Horse Music Central Vol.2 Winter Edition Revengance of the Midnight Centaur [Hardcore Renaissance] | TrotMania Aeternum Obscurum: Dawnfall (2016) SAVE DAPI [Drum 'n Bass] | TrotMania Aeternum Obscurum (2015) the last whiteout [Speed Chillout] | Horse Music Central Vol. 2 Winter Edition Twilight Causes Eternal Winter [Freeform/Gabber] | Pinkamena Party - CH32RISTMAS (2016) _____ That's all of the tracks i'm listing here for now. This is not every track that I've posted here. Have fun reading this ginormous post of music XD