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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone. I literally had no idea these forums existed until just yesterday and feel kind of silly now that I do know. True, I don't hang out on EQD as much as I used to (life keeps you busy sometimes) and I only occasionally comment on anything on EQD in general, so most of you have no idea who I am. Let's just say I'm just a Brony who always wanted to do a Let's Play series on YouTube. And so I did thanks in large part to Friendship is Magic oddly enough back when the first pony mod for Final Fantasy VI was created some six years ago now. I've been a Let's Player ever since. I play full walkthroughs with detailed explanations of game mechanics, where to find the best stuff, and maybe even a bit of random trivia along the way. I play mostly RPG's with a few action/platformer games and perhaps a few other genres here and there as I improve my technology. And obviously I occasionally play mods and fan-made games for FIM too, which you otherwise might not be able to find a walkthrough for. I try to upload main Let's Plays every day at 6:00AM Pacific time, and Side Let's Plays (on the occasion I have them) every other day at 5:00PM Pacific time. So come on over to my channel if you are at all interested and watch a game or too. Hopefully you'll have some fun and maybe even learn a thing or too as well.
  2. I reached out to as many brony gamers on YouTube as I could find but I'm sure there have to be smaller ones out there that just won't show up in search. I've been sending out game links to my Pony/Pokemon project called Battle Gem Ponies and the gamers have been giving some good feedback about how the game controls and what things are confusing or funny and it's all really helping the game come along. If you explore these forums and have a YouTube channel, why not drop your name and link below? Surely I can't be the only Brony Dev who'd like to know which brony channels are up for playing pre-alpha builds. My channel can be found here: [Yotes Games on YouTube] but I only post game development stuff. Any major releases would be showcased there along with any Let's Plays or reviews I find and toss into a public playlist.
  3. Xsjado78

    Let's Plays?

    What lets plays do you watch? Do any of you make a lets play? Who are your favorite and why do you like them? I am just rambling off questions now........Roseluck is best pony!!
  4. RainbowShyReacts1


    Would anyone like to play elsword with me, If you dont have the game you can download and install for free, the character im currently using is IllusiveSoul