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Found 2 results

  1. Pretty much unranked trash but was looking to join people who wouldnt mind taking me in and practice as a team and give me pointers on the way. I dont know any spray patterns pretty much I just try to burst fire and pull down with most automatics and im not good with pistols and dont know any grenade positions to throw from and to.
  2. So, while we have started an "official" EqD Guild on Wyrmrest Accord (Alliance) called "The Rainbooms," I realize the cost of moving characters is pretty freaking high. Especially if you're on a server you've been established on for a long time (For example, I have eleven characters on Wrymrest). So! Here's the idea. If you're Alliance and you're interested in joining together for runs through dungeons, heroics, mythics or even raids, speak up below! Add your BattleTag and we can see if we can get some events going on together! Make sure to post what you're playing and what role you're doing. If you're Horde, make sure to post as well, just post "Horde" in your name as well! (You know, if playing for the bad guys is more your thing (oh snap)) Not only that, but make sure to get dialed into Equestria Daily's official Discord Chat! We have channels here for the Pony Alliance! Example: Lyssinna#1926 - Alliance - Lyssinna - DPS - 110 Destruction Warlock - Group events, dungeons & heroics. PS, if you're going to add me, send me a PST to let me know you're a contact from here. I'm one of those crazy people who like to leave notes on my Friend list (seriously, I would go "Who the Hay Is That?" every other day if I didn't.)