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Found 4 results

  1. Surprised that this didn't get a post already given how it's been around the internet all day. But anyway, a plethora of leaks concerning future MLP content have surfaced onto the internet including a new intro, an episode list of Season 8 along with synopses of said episodes, supposed plans to end G4 after Season 9 in 2019, supposed plans for a 2nd MLP Movie in 2020 being either a sequel to the first movie or a prequel to a G5 TV series scheduled for later that year, and supposed concept designs for said G5 series. I have opinions on this. Asking for forgiveness in advance because this is gonna be a long one... In regards to how valid I think these leaks are: The new intro is probably real depending on the validity of the episode list but considering that the episode synopses line up with the intro as well as the footage shown at Hascon this year, they're probably both real. However, I consider Season 9 being the final season a maybe, but as of now it's just a rumor until we get official confirmation from Hasbro. My thoughts of the supposed MLP Movie sequel/G5 series prequel movie are the same. I'm the most skeptical of the "G5 Concept Art" because I feel there's too much detail in them, which would make it hard to animate in 2D and I doubt Hasbro would want to invest in something that costly and time-consuming. This could just as easily be fan art passed off as a leak by an artistically talented troll, but the leaks over the last few years haven't been wrong before so there's that, and again, not 100% sure until official confirmation. In-depth Fandom Talk Below
  2. Everyone knows how Starlight is learning over and over again not to use magic on other ponies, and how she never gets it. This is one reason why people hate and love her. In this post, I will give an unbiased interpretation on the matter so that each of you can determine for yourself whether or not you like this key concept about Starlight (if you have done this, then you can still use this information to gain a better understanding of it). If you don't have time to read every little detail on the matter, then you are in luck. I have, for everyone's convenience, made a short version and long version of the content I will present (no need to thank me). Also, if you have a feeling that I'm trying to make you accept my unrevealed opinion on Starlight, get that out of your head right now – as I said before, this analysis is unbiased! The short version of my analysis: Just as the main six have their flaws, Starlight has hers. Her flaw is using magic to resolve nearly every problem (especially when those problems stress and anger her), even if it means controlling other ponies in the process. Magic has its ups and downs, and using it as a solution to every problem, particularly magic that controls or alters other ponies, can have disastrous results. Please read my 'overall conclusion', located near the end of post, to finish this short version. The extensive (long) version of my analysis: I can't deny it; the evidence is overwhelming – Starlight...has a problem. She has connected magic, anger, and problem solving – and the result is normally negative. Every time she gets angry or encounters a large problem or both, making the results even more disastrous, she uses magic to resolve the problem. Therefore, I will give an overview of Starlight's main problems and solutions that will reveal more on Starlight's flaw starting from season 5 and moving up the episodes and seasons from there. First, best seen in season 5 ep. 1 and 2 and ep. 25 and 26, Starlight encountered a problem with cutie marks – she used magic to make them all go away (except her own for the sake of using a cutie mark to get rid of cutie marks). Second, in season 6 ep. 6 ("No Second Prances"), she had a problem with making a friend with somepony (Big Mac) who didn't really talk – she used magic to make him speak excessively. As it became obvious that this is not the way to solve the problem in this situation because of AppleJack's angry and disturbing stare, Starlight said the very thing that could prevent at least some disastrous results from happening in the future, and her acknowledging this proves that she knows what is right but still proceeds and uses magic on ponies anyways further on in the series. "And I guess my first instinct shouldn't be to magically command ponies to act the way I want them too?" - Starlight. Third, in season 6 ep. 21 ("Every Little Thing She Does"), Starlight had multiple problems when she decided to further her friendships with Rainbow, Pinkie, Fluttershy, Rarity, and AJ all at the same time – she used two spells combined to attempt to solve the problems (only making them worse). Fourth, in season 7 ep. 2 ("All Bottled Up"), Starlight had a problem with Trixie's behavior – she at last tried something different and instead of using magic she bottled up her anger. This episode is crucial as to understanding what is really going on with Starlight, so I will expound. Starlight says, "Do you see this storm cloud! This has never happened before! This magical energy has to go somewhere, and if I'm not using it to fight a magical duel and bend my friends' wills to obey my every command...". Near the end of the episode, she decides not to bottle up her anger because it backfired, so no solution is provided in the end for this problem (the problem is what to do when she gets angry again); thus, her flaw will persist. I would give a negative critique of this episode at this point, but I will stay true to my word and keep this post unbiased. Fifth, in season 7 ep. 10 ("A Royal Problem"), she needed to solve a friendship problem between Celestia and Luna – she used a spell to reverse their cutie marks (the results were positive though, proving that using magic to solve problems isn't always a bad thing). Regardless of the results, it is in this episode that Starlight reveals that she didn't learn her lesson in previous episodes - after Luna's and Celestia's cutie marks are switched, Celestia says "What have you done?!" and Starlight replies (with some hesitation), "I went with my gut". But Starlight later says when Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon are fighting in her dream, "What was I thinking! I'm never going with my gut again!" And later on, after everypony wakes up and Luna and Celestia's friendship problem is solved, Celestia says to Starlight, "It was the right call, going with your gut". So, will Starlight go with her gut again and use magic to solve another problem? (Sixth) the last time we see Starlight using magic to solve one of her problems is in season 7 ep. 24 ("Uncommon Bond"). She attempts to solve the problem that her and Sunburst might not anything in common by making (wow, how come we never saw Twilight make a spell before she became a princess?) and then casting a spell that brings her and Sunburst back to past and makes them really young again, for the purpose of doing the one thing that Starlight thinks they have in common. It doesn't produce any positive or negative results though (apart from making Starlight sad), but it still confirms that Starlight still uses magic to solve her problems. "Starlight does have a tendency to overdo" -Twilight. Notice the present tense; Starlight still has her flaw by the end of season 7. Overall Conclusion (crucial to both short and long versions of my analysis): It is only a matter of time before Starlight encounters another problem that she is tempted to resolve with magic. Using magic to as a solution to problems is not bad, it is when you, by using magic, control or manipulate other ponies to resolve the problem that is wrong (among other things, such as enslaving a village to rid Equestria of cutie marks). Like I said before, it looks like Starlight either ignores this lesson or fails to learn from it. This, my friends, is Starlight's flaw. She has to learn this lesson over and over again. Starlight will have to continue to work on this flaw of hers until she breaks through, like Fluttershy and her flaw of not being assertive. Just like Fluttershy coming to point where she can make assertions easily and be kind simultaneously (season 7 ep. 5 "Fluttershy Leans In"), Starlight will come to a point where she can determine whether or not she should use magic to solve a certain problem, and the correct spell she should use if that's the case. Remember, it took Fluttershy along time to do this, and Applejack even longer (to learn that there is such thing as being too honest). Application: I hope you can now come to a personal conclusion (if you haven't already) on whether or not you like Starlight's flaw, which contributes to your opinion on whether or not you like Starlight herself. Remember, she has other flaws as well, but this a major one. If you want to know my opinion on Starlight's flaw or Starlight herself, just pm me. Important note: Just like Starlight, I have flaws as well. If there is something in my analysis that isn't right or doesn't fit in, pm me about it so I can see if it needs to change or comment it down below.
  3. Even though this is mostly season 6 material, it is important right now as the return of Queen Chrysalis is still potential in future seasons. Note that I refer to the ancient dark stone as a stone – not Chrysalis's throne, since her throne is just that. Another fact to note: other than the MLP TV show, I have not used or am aware of any other source of the following information; if you know of someone who has additional information, please contact me. Also, if you see an error in the information and ideas I have presented, or if you can expand and build on my ideas, then please comment away to your heart's content. Warning: season 6 finale spoilers!!! (I had to say that just in case, I hate being a spoiler) I begin with a quote: "Nothing other than changeling magic works here. Chrysalis's throne is carved from an ancient dark stone that soaks up outside magic the same way changelings soak up love" - Thorax (MLP season 6, episode 26). This statement provokes various ideas, questions, answers, and theories about this "ancient dark stone". 1. - Somehow, either the stone's power doesn't affect changeling magic, or Chrysalis altered it to produce that result. My Theory: I think that changeling magic is either naturally immune or naturally in sync with the dark stone's power, and that no alteration of the stone or its power was necessary. 2. - Does this ancient dark stone have some remains that were left after it was carved that still counters magic, and are there more of these dark stones located somewhere? My Theory: I think that the remainder of the stone if any was rendered powerless, since it is obvious that once the dark stone was destroyed at the end of episode 26 it lost its ability to absorb magic. However, I think there are more of these ancient dark stones somewhere out there (because Thorax says, "Chrysalis's throne is carved from an ancient dark stone", not the ancient dark stone), and that Chrysalis may know where they are and intends to use them for her benefit as she returns for her ultimate revenge. 3. - Does the stone itself contain this counter-magic power, or did Chrysalis alter or infuse it to produce the anti-magic results? My Theory: I think the power in the stone is natural, and that the only thing Chrysalis altered was the shape of it (and that this did not affect its power in any way). 4. - Does this stone grow more powerful as it soaks up more and more magic, just like the changelings (or at least Chrysalis) become stronger as they soak up more and more love? My Theory: This is based on the above statement made by Thorax (" ancient dark stone that soaks up outside magic the same way changelings soak up love"). Therefore, I think that the stone's power grows as it absorbs more and more magic. Conclusion: with these ideas, questions, answers, and theories, one can come up with a general idea of the nature of this ancient dark stone, but they cannot be 100% certain of it – as of now. I have not fully explored and analyzed all potential ideas and theories that can come from this, but I will stick with the four I have come up with for the time being. I am hoping to see the return of these dark stones along with Chrysalis or any other villain in future seasons. Edit: I found a valuable statement regarding stones - "Rocks take different properties when interacting with magic. With the right stone you can rule all of Equestria if you wanted too." - Maud (season 7 episode 4 " Rock Solid Friendship"). However, it is not clear as to whether or not Maud was kidding, and she does do stand-up; although, I don't see why Maud would joke on a matter that could be very serious. That is my interpretation though, but the end of the statement was true (whether Maud was joking or not) and is exactly what happened in the season 6 finale - Chrysalis was for a moment ruling all of Equestria and no magic ,other than changeling magic, could stop her as long as her throne remained intact.
  4. PixelGrip94

    Hiatus Plans

    Season 7 has come and gone and now comes the dreaded hiatus. Just curious if anyone has any particular plans for surviving the hiatus this time. Any other shows you plan on watching, any games you'll use to pass the time, etc. Personally. I've got nothing specific planned. Then again, I'm currently dealing with school and work at the moment so I didn't have much time for other stuff as it was. Whatever free time I do have I'll probably end up catching up on the games that I've had for the last couple of months.