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Found 2 results

  1. Anyone up for an ironically shit draw thread? Bonus points if it's of Skyrazer.
  2. Malphy's Meme Emporium

    Our Lord and Savior, Stomedy

    I COME TO SPREAD THE WORD OF OUR BLESSED MESSIAH THE HOLY MALTESER HIMSELF THE STOMEDY fucks sake why am i doing this Anyways, lads and ladwomen the God himself has spoken of our salvation through his holy drill and totally faked bleach, shall we achieve eternal life under his presence how is this person an actual human being He has come to claim us as his children, to turn us into his likeness and imbue us with the same shiny forehead that blesses us to this very day a child of his memeness, probably suffers more than what satan promises you in the lake of fucking fire So, repent ye sinners, or face the wrath of the living God His bleach cleanses the spirit His cardboard scares the evildoers His maltesers feed the soul His subscribers are utter cancer And im pretty sure im going to hell for this Amen the father the adopted and neglected son that one demonic spirit that haunts you every fucking night