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Found 7 results

  1. Hey! A new forum! I'll get things started with a YouTube video from Dr. Wolf of the brony analysis community:
  2. briefly had an image up from the upcoming My Little Ponies/Transformers crossover 2015 MLP Specials G4 Brushables toy line. It has since been taken down, but not before my spouse was able to grab an image of Bumblebee and Optimus Prime as Ponies: As we can see, it uses the G4 Ponies designs and seems likely to be linked to the upcoming comic-book crossover from IDW in a bit of cross-promotion. I have no other information about this at this time. The Amazon uk site where the image come from now shows the Ghostbusters Ponies.
  3. The title says it. Is there a pony item that you want so badly to have in your collection, but probably cannot due to reasons like: - Very Rare - No Longer Produced - Too Expensive - Not Yet Available Don't be shy and tell! But remember to stay polite and beautiful
  4. Ponies made me collecting things that connect me with them. I've got a great bunch of pony things. I know some of you have that kind of collection as well. So I have made up this thread so anypony, who would like to show off his/her collection of pony in the most polite and possibly-detailed pictured fashion could do so! Just remember: be polite to one another P.S: You are free to show the merch that you got from DA, Etsy, Cons as well.
  5. Light Blade

    Cinema Promotion Stuff

    So apparently Cinema Scene is going to make some promotional goodies for movie theaters in the wake of the MLP filum. I dunno about cups, I would totally get me hooves on those figures. What do you think?
  6. Light Blade

    Collector's Items

    What does it take for a merch element to become a collector's item?
  7. Light Blade

    Merch Section

    So the section is called "Official Merch". Does that mean that that custom stuff (got from Etsy or DeviantArt artists) is to be kept away from the section? I am asking because I was thinking of creating a "post you collection" thread.