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Found 2 results

  1. (Crosspost from another forum) So here is a wallet that is quite awesome and quite old. Of all my time looking I never seen it show up in Google. I always hoped more would surface soI could keep it fresh looking, alas 5 years on, nothing. What I enjoy most is the blue is actually a fuzzy plush material that feels and looks unique for a wallet. Do any of you remember seeing this anywhere out in the cyberwebs?
  2. ShimmerSparkles

    The Brushable Thread!

    The very thing that keeps MLP alive, the brushable ponies! Yes, the thing that started it all, the very first piece of MLP merch available, and the one that's kind of underrated in the brony community. Yes, they may not be 100% show accurate, but that's the fun part! You have endless possibilities with these things! They're cute, and lots of fun to collect, and this is what keeps the show afloat! So, who's your favorite brushable? What was your first one? What's your most recent one! Also, photos of your brushables doing things are encouraged! Take pictures of them, maybe even them doing something weird