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Found 1 result

  1. SugarSweet

    My favorite things about E3

    HEY EVERYPONY!!! So, Microsoft had their conference, and it was awesome. These are my favorite things from their conference as well as one other thing. Please no hate from PC players. No one cares. 1. Project Scorpio! This one was the best. Finally, the Xbox will be the most powerful console out there. Here's the trailer: 2. Xbox One S I'm excited for this one. I'm gonna try and buy this one hopefully. Just a smaller version of the Xbox One with 4K video output. Trailer: 3. Play Anywhere Program Basically, you buy on Xbox One, you get it on Windows 10 too. Also works the other way around. Trailer: 4. The next update to Xbox One Just a lot of new features coming to Xbox One that are really neat. Preview: 5. Xbox Design Lab Design your own controller. Includes Bluetooth for easy PC use. Trailer: Other: Battlefield 1 Gameplay Trailer/Livestream Battlefield best game ever Trailer: Livestream/EA Play footage: Good E3 for Xbox players. I'm not sure for Sony or PC people. I only watched the EA and Microsoft conference.