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Found 1 result

  1. ABronyAccount

    Playlists or Mixes

    Got any special, organized selections of brony music that you set aside for listening pleasure? Any lists you curated beyond the "throw it all in a folder and hit Shuffle" method? Back when I was totally and utterly broke, as in could no longer afford to gas up my car, there were a couple of people I could still gift on special occasions by making a mix disc of brony music. I took pains to select tracks that would 1) Not give away the pony-ness in the title or lyrics, 2) Not sound too amateurish individually, 3) sound coherent when played together in order, 4) fit the person for whom they were intended. For example, one of my friends has always had a thing for vampire fiction and heavy metal. So I created a 10-track concept album with the themes of immortality, evil deeds, inner struggles, and the supernatural. I arranged them into a kind of "arc" tracking the progress of a protagonist from human on his deathbed to vampirization, then through the ups and downs of being a vampire lord towards an ultimately final but fairly typical ending; renouncing undeath and embracing mortality again. In fact I have that whole playlist on Youtube. I've been able to pick out some really great pieces and make different mix CDs for several people and it's always been a rewarding experience, but I don't typically create playlists for myself. What about you guys?