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Found 2 results

  1. So me and two friends got down to play some MLP CCG, drafting for the Absolute Discord in a 1v1v1 free for all game. We had 15 boosters of the Absolute Discord series and passed them around draft style until we each had a deck (mane characters were chosen as needed, as none of us actually got any Mane character cards). So we started and this happened... That's a 55 Power troublemaker (Each dice number represents a Power counter). I wasn't able to deal with it when it got uncovered and things very quickly got out of hand...
  2. Rules. I currently can only Ship to the USA. But only With in the State of IL is it Free S/H at this time Paypal or Donations to the GoFundMe are accepted Paypal service and goods are to be used. For ever 4 cards you buy off me I will throw in a 5th card for free There are more cards from Set 5-7 Not Listed because I had very little time to get this all done with everything going on in my life For info on the GoFund me check out For why I have a 2nd GoFundMe going well read it or you can check out my Post in Pony Free Posts