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Found 3 results

  1. Otaku-sempai

    G'day everypony!

    Hi there! I'm Andrew, a.k.a. Otaku-sempai, and I'm a brony. I came into the fandom because of my wife Tayna, who has been an MLP fan since childhood--long before Friendship is Magic. She even helped organize a local pony-moot that was held a few years back when we were living closer to Rochester, NY than to Buffalo. I watched FiM and liked the detail that when into the mythology of the show, the charm of the characters, and the relative sophistication of the writing compared to many other children's shows. Of course, I never checked out Equestria Daily until after the series finale (which probably helps to explain why the forums are so quiet). My avatar is Phantom H. Fetlock, a pony character I've made for Tails of Equestria (though we've yet to play the game). Tayna did run a "Savage Ponies" game a while back, using the Savage Worlds rpg, but I wasn't part of that game. Pony Name: Phantom H. Fetlock Player Name: Andrew L. Pony Type: Unicorn Level: 1 Element of Harmony: Loyalty Cutie Mark: Pony skull & crossbones Body: D4; Mind: D6; Charm: D6; Stamina: 10 Talents: Swashbuckle (D6), Telekinesis (D6) Quirk: Blunt Equipment: Barding (light), Clothes (elegant), Food (simple meal), Kit (scroll), Ponybalm (5 uses), Rope, Saddlebags, Sword (sabre w/basket hilt), Telescope. Phantom Harcourt Fetlock was raised in a proud tradition of chivalry and service to the Crown, and to value freedom. The Fetlocks have long protected the coasts of Equestria as sailors and privateers. However, Phantom H. Fetlock sees an opportunity to make use of the captured airships of the Storm King to form a Royal Aerial Navy. Note: Fetlock's sabre is a family heirloom; its hilt is decorated with his family's crest.
  2. We all love MLP: FiM. We all love ponies. But some of us cannot deny that some of the episodes might not be as good as the others for one reason or another. If you have a soul to pour about this, then go ahead. Just be sure to not turn it into a pile of nonsensical primal hatred. Also, don't forget the explanation of your point
  3. H e l l o, e v e r y p o n y ! Do you like songs from you-know-which show and you-know-which movies? Like some more? Like some less? Well I have just conjured for us this cute little topic to talk about them! Go ahead, don't be shy, and say what do you think of any song that you heard in Friendship is Magic and/or Equestria Girls! But make sure to maintain your politeness, okay?