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Found 6 results

  1. WildRoseArts

    WildRose Arts

    Hi there, thank you for checking out my thread, I'll be posting art pieces here ranging from practice doodles to finished work, if you like to, feel free t head to my DA page, for a one stop place for your viewing pleasures. I might also take requests time from time, anything in order to improve. I have big dreams, but I still have a long way to go.
  2. Creativa_Artly1198

    MLP One Offs that We Want MORE Of

    What one of characters do you want more of? I know my personals are cheese sandwich and rara. Which ponies are yours?
  3. As what the title says: "Am I the only person on this planet who liked Newbie Dash?" Newbie Dash is considered to be one of the worst episodes of Season Six. And I know that I am going to get a lot of flak for saying this but: I liked it. Sure the part where RD impersonates the Mane Six is not the best part and I kind of liked that part to a point. But not that much. I liked the ending though. But please don't hate me for liking something that everyone dislikes. Like Mei from Overwatch.
  4. Sweet Pen

    Blue Diamond(Ponified)

    Hey guys, I'm back once more on this place, and so I bring a new artwork of mine: It's Blue Diamond from Steven Universe as a pony. I didn't made her on the recent form, because I couldn't find a good reference, so yea.
  5. I've finished this drawing today, after having troubles deciding what pose should be. Eh, I tried.
  6. newworld

    About analyzing

    My First Topic I have been watching the show since 2012. As I've heard more about the fandom, I started to believe that because they are analyzing the show, I had this logic that those who nitpick the show and discover the flaws are the ones who are right and that they say that no one should watch the show because it is actually, objectively a horrible show. Whereas for me, I believe that people like me who passively enjoy the show and see it through an innocent, childlike lens are the ones in the wrong because I would be labeled as a brainless drone and that I have no free will when it comes to being in this fandom. I always believed that my own analyzing skills regarding tv shows are garbage and if that's the case, people tell me that I should not enjoy anything at all if I don't analyze it thoroughly. But I can't help it. I've always seen things, including MLP in a lighthearted manner, in isolation. I get the notion that I shouldn't enjoy any form of media because they imperfect. Am I wrong for viewing the show at all? Especially in a childlike manner?