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Found 12 results

  1. Bill_Ames

    The Pony Movie!

    Can the Pony Movie live up to our expectations? How will we measure it? (1) Animation. Watch the animation in the TV show when ponies are singing. Kind of rough has to be better than that. (2) Music. Pick you top 5 favorite songs from MLP or EQG. They have had enough time, at least 5 (it is a musical, right?) and they better at least be in that class. (3) Plot. Look at every plot so far in MLP or EQG. The darker the better. Starlight sets the bottom line for villains. (4) What do you want? Would you pay an extra $5 per ticket for, say, Sunset? xD (5) New Characters? If you have a guest voice they are not likely to be in the TV shows. The better new special characters the bigger disappointment. Ouch. (6) Picture details. Let’s say 2 hours and widescreen. Blu ray pre-orderable ASAP. (7) Something in season 7 to wet our appetite? Yes, or someone will be fired. What are your expectations? These are my minimum. Who is target demo for it? Do they even know? What do YOU want?
  2. It's FINALLY RELEASED! What do you think?
  3. The first movie. The one it all started with. Let's talk about it, everypony!
  4. Surprised that this didn't get a post already given how it's been around the internet all day. But anyway, a plethora of leaks concerning future MLP content have surfaced onto the internet including a new intro, an episode list of Season 8 along with synopses of said episodes, supposed plans to end G4 after Season 9 in 2019, supposed plans for a 2nd MLP Movie in 2020 being either a sequel to the first movie or a prequel to a G5 TV series scheduled for later that year, and supposed concept designs for said G5 series. I have opinions on this. Asking for forgiveness in advance because this is gonna be a long one... In regards to how valid I think these leaks are: The new intro is probably real depending on the validity of the episode list but considering that the episode synopses line up with the intro as well as the footage shown at Hascon this year, they're probably both real. However, I consider Season 9 being the final season a maybe, but as of now it's just a rumor until we get official confirmation from Hasbro. My thoughts of the supposed MLP Movie sequel/G5 series prequel movie are the same. I'm the most skeptical of the "G5 Concept Art" because I feel there's too much detail in them, which would make it hard to animate in 2D and I doubt Hasbro would want to invest in something that costly and time-consuming. This could just as easily be fan art passed off as a leak by an artistically talented troll, but the leaks over the last few years haven't been wrong before so there's that, and again, not 100% sure until official confirmation. In-depth Fandom Talk Below
  5. Heya I wanna collect your experiences about the one or more times you saw the movie in theatre. About mine : was past sunday, 11 am. Not much ppl, only kids with parents (I was the only bro). They looked at me like -> wtf. Had a very good time tho. What about you ? Winter Shimmer.
  6. Winter Shimmer

    Tempest Shadow

    Heya Is Tempest Shadow as insane and badass (and lovely) on the whole movie as in the clip « Open up your eyes » ? *_* Winter Shimmer
  7. Hidden

    Good Movie Suggestions

    I would like to watch a movie and can't think of anything, anything you seen that's good?
  8. Pretty simple thread really. I know that some of the different language dubs of the show are popular (I even dabbled in one some time ago) so I'm curious if there's any different language of the movie you'd like to see and why. Personally, I'd like to see a Japanese version of the movie. I watched the show in Japanese when it came out way back when and plan on eventually watching the EQG movies in Japanese as well and I'd love to do the same with the movie. The main reason being to see how Tempest would sound in Japanese. Japanese villains always have such great voices to them in curious what they'd do with her. Plus, the songs would sound pretty good in Japanese too if the show was anything to go by.
  9. Light Blade

    Cinema Promotion Stuff

    So apparently Cinema Scene is going to make some promotional goodies for movie theaters in the wake of the MLP filum. I dunno about cups, I would totally get me hooves on those figures. What do you think?
  10. So, going through the IMDB company credits page for the MLP movie, I found what could be a hint on who is involved in the production of the soundtrack. Under the "other companies" section, the soundtrack is listed as being produced and released by RCA Records. For those of you wondering what the buck they are, here are a few artists who have worked for RCA over the last few decades: * Elvis Presley * David Bowie * Lou Reed * Iggy Pop * Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship/Starship * Kelly Clarkson * Alicia Keys * Carrie Underwood * The Guess Who * Christina Aguilera * Justin Timberlake * Foo Fighters * Pitbull * Sia (outside of Australia and New Zealand) * Dave Matthews Band * Kings of Leon I can go on and on here, but you get the picture. Most recently, they released the soundtrack for DreamWorks' Trolls. Why is this a big deal? Because unlike the previous MLP soundtracks, which were released independently and later through Sony's catalog label, this soundtrack is being released through a major record label. This means that the music we've had in prior MLP works will pale in comparison to this. They are putting a lot of effort into ensuring that this movie delivers perhaps the greatest songs Daniel Ingram has ever written for MLP. That should give a lot of reasons for fans to be excited. Unfortunately, said fans will also have cause to worry, because unlike the previous soundtracks, which Hasbro owns the rights to and licenses to Sony Music, RCA (also part of Sony Music, BTW) will likely own the phonographic copyright to the soundtrack compliation, which is quite standard for soundtrack albums. That means that fans who are looking to make PMV or remixes of songs from the movie will have to refrain from doing so, because Sony is merciless in terms of copyright takedowns (we know this, given the Friendship Games music takedown fiasco). Besides that, it'll be interesting to see, if true, how this could play out. I even made a parody cover for the hypothetical soundtrack, for anyone intrested. Gonna be quite exciting if this info about RCA and the soundtrack is true.
  11. TaliaKirana

    Songs in the movie

    Seven songs in the MLP movie
  12. It wouldn't be the first time that Brazil airs a Equestria Girls movie before USA or even on the same day. What do you think?