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Found 8 results

  1. Sparklefan1234

    Disney Thread

    This is a thread in which we discuss all things related to Disney's past, present and future. Rules: No hate, no off-topic posts, and no NSFW content.
  2. ranul

    Movie tickets

    How much do movie tickets cost at the theatre that you usually go to put down cost and what country . $6. Tuesday and matinees $8.00 Rest of the nights Canada
  3. what movies would you rewrite if given the chance? here are some of mine Star wars the last jedi I felt like it was rushed in a few places Thomas and the magic railroad I would've kept the scenes with PT boomer and change a few things here and there
  4. Does it make a different if My little pony voice actors appear in other shows or movies
  5. so what clich├ęs in movies do you find annoying? which character drives you mad? lets talk bout it
  6. Dr Ned

    best and worst of movies

    what are some of the worst movies you've seen and what are some of the best movies you've seen let's talk bout it
  7. does anyone remember the movie gremlins? you know this movie?
  8. Like what the title says, "What was the first Equestria Girls movie that you ever saw?" The first Equestria Girls movie that I ever watched was The Friendship Games. and here's a little story: On May 6th 2016 at around 9:00 in the morning, My dad was on a conference call for his job and I went upstairs to watch TV. It was stuck on Disney Junior for some reason. So I changed it to Discovery Family and they had a mini marathon of MLP:FiM episodes. (Mostly from Season 5.) and at around 3:30 that afternoon. The Friendship Games came on. And I immediately got sucked into the movie and I didn't want to stop watching. And I interrupted twice by my parents. One was when dinner was ready. (We had tacos that night. *Insert Sonata Dusk picture here*) and the second interruption was when my dad asked me to get a garbage bag, So I went downstairs to grab him a garbage bag and I ran back upstairs as quickly as I could so I wouldn't miss the movie. And surprisingly I loved it. I wrote a status update on my Facebook account. (Which is private for obvious reasons.) saying that I loved it and my favorite part was the final battle scene. *spoiler alert* And my favorite songs from the movie was "Unleash the Magic" and the theme song: Na na na na na, Oh! Na na Let's go!