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Found 26 results

  1. Animekitty47

    Song Association Game

    Hi everyone! Since the MLP Association Game seems to have a tendency for song postings, I figured I'd start a Song Association Game. Basically, first person posts a song, then the next person posts a song it reminded them of and so on. It doesn't have to be MLP related songs, of course, anything goes! Well, maybe not anything... Since this is an EQD forum, I'll start with something pony related anyway.
  2. ABronyAccount

    ABA Recommends

    As I burn through my 2010-2015 catalog of collected brony tracks, sometimes a few just jump out at me. Tracks that warrant a revisiting since their hay-day*. Usually coming from Equestria Daily's Music of the Day, or Spotlight posts, or my finds from Beats, or just things I stumbled across in a random album purchase. These tracks deserve to be highlighted for new eyes. Basically... I needed a thread where I can dump some random recommendations from whatever compilation disc I'm listening to at the moment. THIS IS THAT THREAD! Are you a bad enough pony to brave my eclectic collection, my ecllection if you will? *See what I did there?
  3. What you guys think?
  4. WhiteBolt QuillBreeze

    The music sharers!

    HEY YOU! YES YOU SIR! You like music? WUNDERBAR!!! Post a song you like down below and share it with others. Everyone discovers new music and we can share the love! I'll start... Evacuate the Dancefloor (Nightcore edit).
  5. Nukedout

    EDM Music producers

    Hey looking for music producers on the forum that want to hang out! my soundcloud demo
  6. watchinaweoftrixie<3


    Does anyone know where I can find brony dubstep music?
  7. Any MLP music producers in the forum? Send me yo soundcloud links!
  8. So, going through the IMDB company credits page for the MLP movie, I found what could be a hint on who is involved in the production of the soundtrack. Under the "other companies" section, the soundtrack is listed as being produced and released by RCA Records. For those of you wondering what the buck they are, here are a few artists who have worked for RCA over the last few decades: * Elvis Presley * David Bowie * Lou Reed * Iggy Pop * Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship/Starship * Kelly Clarkson * Alicia Keys * Carrie Underwood * The Guess Who * Christina Aguilera * Justin Timberlake * Foo Fighters * Pitbull * Sia (outside of Australia and New Zealand) * Dave Matthews Band * Kings of Leon I can go on and on here, but you get the picture. Most recently, they released the soundtrack for DreamWorks' Trolls. Why is this a big deal? Because unlike the previous MLP soundtracks, which were released independently and later through Sony's catalog label, this soundtrack is being released through a major record label. This means that the music we've had in prior MLP works will pale in comparison to this. They are putting a lot of effort into ensuring that this movie delivers perhaps the greatest songs Daniel Ingram has ever written for MLP. That should give a lot of reasons for fans to be excited. Unfortunately, said fans will also have cause to worry, because unlike the previous soundtracks, which Hasbro owns the rights to and licenses to Sony Music, RCA (also part of Sony Music, BTW) will likely own the phonographic copyright to the soundtrack compliation, which is quite standard for soundtrack albums. That means that fans who are looking to make PMV or remixes of songs from the movie will have to refrain from doing so, because Sony is merciless in terms of copyright takedowns (we know this, given the Friendship Games music takedown fiasco). Besides that, it'll be interesting to see, if true, how this could play out. I even made a parody cover for the hypothetical soundtrack, for anyone intrested. Gonna be quite exciting if this info about RCA and the soundtrack is true.
  9. Hello, everypony. After 6 years being anon and taking brony content I wanted to share something. "A Royal Problem" inspired me to write a song. This is my very first expirience with recording and mixing. I have more music ideas it will be later. So, Hello everyone again. Respectfully yours... NorthernBrony.
  10. Bakaarion

    Baka's records

    Hello ponies. I love to play and listen music. I'm not pro, of course, and have no pretension about that. But some weeks ago, a studio give my music school an occasion to record our plays. I did it with my saxophone quartet band (Baryton, Tenor, Alto x2 or x1 with a soprano + Drums), and one more time with my jazz band (Trumpet, clarinet, Sax x 2, guitar x 2, bass guitar or contrabass, and drums). That was a great experience really. Even if we played not perfectly because we didn't worked a lot (Eh, we have a job and ponies next door, and we meet once a month to practice together). Anyway, Today I received in my mailbox our first recording from our Sax quartet, and I wanted to share it, because people like to share what they love. Be indulgent please I received 3 other but it is little bit worse. I'll post here our jazz band too when I'll receive it, I guess.
  11. As we all know there where several new youtube remixes regarding the song Best Friends Until the End of Time. I want to know which one was your favorite and why? Post below #1 #2 #3 #4
  12. Masturboy84

    Best Sonata?

    Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757) wrote 555 sonatas which are now regarded as masterpieces, in case you haven't heard them all yet, You can find Scott Ross' full version of them arranged as a playlist on Youtube. My favourite is K141, sadly Pierre Hantaï's version is not available on Youtube for you to hear, so i'd post Jean Rondeau's instead. It's something. I'd like to make this a poll but there would be 555 choices which is probably much more than people interested in picking one. So i'd appreciate if you could comment what's your favourite down there.
  13. Seraphim

    My Nightcore Channel!

    I stopped doing my MLP content and switched to music which i love to do. So for any of you who are fans of the genre, here's a video i did recently and a link to my channel: Link to my channel:
  14. Heeeeelloooooooo boys and girls! Welcome to my music topic thingy where I'll post... well, my music. I'll keep this topic updated and there'll probably not have all my music - just the ones I prefer (well, almost all my tracks to be honest ahah). Have it right below! Chrysalis' Revenge VIP (feat. IbeConCept) I'll begin this topic and talk about one of the track that isn't orchestral. It is a hip-hop / big room track about Chrysalis, with rapping by IbeConCept. And french rapping by me o/ Orchestral Compilation Vol. 1 (CD realease) Here's a compilation of my first orchestral compositions; original tracks & remixes. It contains respectively: We're finally there; Legends of the Everfree; The Magic Inside (orchestral remix); Trixie Lulamoon, the Great Archmage; Ebony Bloodrose, the Banished Necromancer; Princess Tempora main theme; Castle of Time; M.A. Larson Boss Theme; Tribus Silvarum; Nightmare Night (orchestral remix); Multiverse War; War Wounds; Luna's Future (orchestral remix) Alicornae EP (CD release) This is my debut EP. These four firsts tracks are based on each Alicorns and the last one is based on all of them (except that baby). Here's the tracks names and the playlist: Magia Twilight; In Nomine Celestia; Magna Luna; Ave Cadenza; Alicornae ~FINALE~ Luna's Future (orchestral remix) This is a remix I've made of a song I really liked, sung by Aloma Steele. M.A. Larson Boss Theme Yup. I indeed did a boss theme for the great Larson. It was fun to do and he liked it ahah The Magic Inside (orchestral remix) Here's another remix of a song of the show, sung by Lena Hall. Though, there's a problem: it has been strike so... the video is blocked in Germany. Sorry for that. Multiverse War & War Wounds A song a made for the season 5 finale, plus a sequel. Some people says that it looks like "Two Steps From Hell" music but, in my opinion, I'm far from this quality. x) Timey-Wimey fancomic - Princess Tempora Main Theme & Castle of Time Here's two tracks I've made for the comic "Timey-Wimey". To be honest, it's a very good comic with great illustrations so I recommand everyone to read it! Here's the link to the first page of this comic: here Fire of Daydream (feat. Skyline) A track that has been finished a long time ago, but released way after that. This is an electro-celtico-orchestral-ish track, with wonderful guitars from Skyline at the end of it.
  15. so I recently decided I would come back and rewatch the first 2 seasons up to where I left it and I was just thinking of some old tracks I used to listen to (mlp came out in the best time of my life both for me as a person and musically which is my biggest passion in life) and I remember there being a big rap cipher by a big collection of a rappers on YouTube and I can't for the life of me find it anywhere and I can't even remember it's name the only thing I can really say about it that it came out towards the back end of season 1 and featured a whole host of people and was about......40 minutes long total luckily some of the tracks I found from that time I had saved that would be things like Alex s _party with Pinkie or 20 percent cooler by ken ashcorp (which alex s also remixed funnily enough ^^) anyway I really hope some people might be able to help me I know it's a long show but I am hopping some of the olders bronies and pegasisters are on this site that might be able to help thanks all who read anyway
  16. To the people who participate in making contributions to the fandom, what kind of stuff do you do? I personally make comics, if anyone's interested :3
  17. Lord Seraph

    Video Game Music Thread

    This thread is for posting soundtracks found in video games. Remixes and covers are welcome! I'll start
  18. So I have like a HUGE amount of music, but I'm not going to post it all here. Over the course of 3 years of music compositioning, and gradually getting better overtime, I have 120+ songs in total. This post may be subject to change constantly, as it is not a finalized post. Ice bear has been so hype in the music industry since March 2014. :3 What you see below is an album archive of all the songs that I have done over the years for the fandom. Also includes album and song details. -------------------------------- 2 0 1 4 : 4MAZING STORY by fractilx (2014) 21 total tracks LINK: ---------- Cheese Sandwich's Party Bash [Hardcore] everypony's reminiscience [Downtempo] Flim-Flam Tonic [Saloon] HYPER WIND (Breezies) [Hardcore] I Can Do This [Trance House] Ice Archery [Trance] Let The Rainbow Remind You (fractilx's trance of destiny remix) [Trance] Maud Pie -sister trance- [Trance] P3R [Speed Rave] Ponyville -true destiny- [Hard Trance] Powerless Magic [Post-Hardcore] Rainbow Falls (Traders Excange Uplifting mix) [Trance] Rainbow Trance (Rainbow Falls Reinterpretation) [Trance] rottel-the-Tonic [Gabber] space pegasi (crescent and hunter) [Drum 'n Bass] stellar eclipse [Hardcore] Sweetie Dreamare [Drum 'n Bass] The Rappin' Hist'ry of the Wonderbolts (fractilx remix) [R&B] TIREK [Hardcore DnB] Trend Setter (fractilx remix) [Industrial Breaks] | original by HACKD zone of dreams -Celestial Ver.- [Ambient] _____ 4VBP (4 Various Brony Projects) by Fractilx (2013 ~ 2014) 8 total tracks LINK: ---------- aurora of snowdrop [Ambient] automne [Happy Hardcore] Canterlotの戦い [Hardcore DnB] dr. whooves and luvin' [Ambient] fallen kindness [Drum 'n Bass] GalaCon Virtual 2014 [Chiptune] Thundercloud project II [Drum 'n Bass] Your destiny awaits you.. [Ambient] | Appears on Dinky's Destiny OST _____ Apple Bloom 'n Babs EP by D2L & YURIMEAS (2013 ~ 2014) 3 total tracks LINK: ---------- Apple Bloom 'n Babs Part.1 [Downtempo] Apple Bloom 'n Babs Part.2 [Downtempo] Apple Bloom 'n Babs Part.3 [Downtempo] _____ I Gave You My All by Fractilx (2014~) 11 total tracks (as of now) LINK: ---------- Air Guardian [UK Hardcore] CeLeSTiaL (radio edit) [Hyper J-Pop] chickhaos!! [Schranz] Motivational Future [Future House] o'er the rainbow [IDM] rottel-NEON-MASH [Rotterdam] Sheening Diamond Tiara [House] SO MAGICAL (PERFECT DEPTH MIX) [Hard Trance] sparkling!! [Trance] The Energy of Love [Trancecore] We Can Do This (instrumental mix) [Hard Trance] ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2 0 1 5 : 5PECTACULAR 5EASON -first half- by Fractilx (2015 ~ 2016) 9 total tracks LINK: ---------- = [Ascii Hardcore] a cutie mark won't change you (dreaming mix) [Breakcore] | Appears on Cider Party Bumble bear "eq. battle mix" [Schranz] fly!!fly!!rainbow!!! [Happy Hardcore] J2R [Rave] miss you golden oak library -sorrow- [IDM] tantabus (nightmare mix) [Breakcore] What is life? [IDM] wings of white [Trance] _____ 5PECTACULAR 5EASON -second half- by Fractilx (2015 ~ 2016) 9 total tracks LINK: ---------- Drag 'n Posh [Electro House] Friends Are Always There For You (fractilx remix) [Happy Hardcore] | original by Daniel Ingram Inspection Fashion [Ambient/Breakcore] Marble and a Macintosh [Big Beat] On My Flank [Trap] Starlight D-termination [Hardcore DnB] thank you A.K.R. [Trance] The Magic Inside (fractilx remix) [Hands Up] | original by Daniel Ingram We'll Make Our Mark (fractilx remix) [UK Hardcore] | original by Daniel Ingram _____ A Great, Old Time (We Bare Bears Fan Music & Remix Compilation) by Fractilx, D.G. URSALA and Cii (2015) 11 total tracks (6 from me) LINK: ---------- bearstack (There For You) [Dream Pop] Free Fur All RMX [Electro House] It all started as a comic [Orchestral Pop] T.M.S (The World's Most Coolest Bears) [R&B/Twerk] VACUUM PAL (combat mode) [Techno] かわいい☆パンダ -万華鏡 mix- [Chipcore] _____ Dinky's Destiny OST by Sipher & Fractilx (2015) 7 total tracks (3 from me) LINK: ---------- Luna's Theme [Filmscore] Celestial Planes [Ambient] ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2 0 1 6 : Love Tales EP by Fractilx (2016) 5 total tracks (+2 bonus tracks) LINK: ---------- Angel's Defiancy (fw.Kyu♥) [Chiptune Techno] Little Uproar [UK Hardcore] | Appears on Ponies @ Dawn - Awakening Majority of Mares (ft. gmIX-k) [Trance House] X.O.X.O [Breakbeat/Lounge] Zen Jewels [Drumstep] _____ A bear joins the herd... by うすうすベア (2016) 7 total tracks (+1 bonus track) LINK: ---------- burstin' sun [Happy Hardcore] | Appears on King Mars: A Tribute CIDR.XXX [Gabber] | Appears on Cider Party It's Derpy Day! [Chipcore] Peeved & Profanity [Hardtek] Rainbow Dream Race [Happy Hardcore] SPIKEY WIKEY WOO (HUM & DRUM MIX) [Trancecore] _____ 6PLOREQUESTRIA (2016) 16 total tracks LINK: ---------- 11842739 [IDM] A Changeling Can Change (うすうすベア Bootleg) [Happy Hardcore] Chickenjack [French House] Chickanjack (Instrumental Mix) [French House] DRAGON POWER [Orchestral] Flurry Heart (Season 6 Remaster) [Happy Hardcore] GUYS' NIGHT RPG [Jazz Fusion] Hearth's Warming Eve Is Here Once Again (うすうすベア Remix) [Happy Hardcore] Lunar Ascension [Drum 'n Bass] Ponies of the Sea [BGM] Reshaper (ft. gmIX-k) [Jungle] Reshaper -resolve- (ft. gmIX-k) [Trancecore] SWEEP SWEEP (うすうすベア KOG G3 MIX) [Euro Rave] tsundember [Garage/House] Zephyr★Breeze (radio edit) [Trance] _____ The legend of Ice bear - EP (2016) 4 total tracks (+1 bonus track) LINK: ---------- tundramania [Trance] | Appears on A State of Sugar whiteout bond [Trance] remembering you (ft. gmIX-k) [Liquid DnB] pathcrosser [Psytrance/DnB] Appears on A State of Sugar and Horse Music Central Vol. 1 _________________________ OTHER APPEARANCES: ---------- And A Snake Tail (fractilx remix) | The Horses Want Techno (2015) Apples In Da House [House] | Balloon Party 3.5: Equine Morality - The Clean Sweep (2015) bloomin' filly [UK Hardcore] | Balloon Party 3.5: Equine Morality - The Clean Sweep (2015) Diamond Slalom [Drum 'n Bass] | Ponies @ Dawn - Snowfall (2015) luvstruck -timebond- (ft. gmIX-k) [Trance House] | King Mars: A Tribute (2016) l'amour de chiot (Affection Mix) [Happy Hardcore] | LycanDeseBeats: Beats Me 2! (2016) Mr. Whiskers (fractilx remix) [Drum 'n Bass] | original by Vylet Pony | Super Pony World Deluxe Version (2016) NIGHTWING STIMUL8R [Schranz] | Pinkamena Party 4 - Chromatic H32 (2016) Party 4U (For Pinkie Pie Remix) [Rave] | TrotMania Chrystalize (2013) polaris [House] | Horse Music Central Vol.2 Winter Edition Revengance of the Midnight Centaur [Hardcore Renaissance] | TrotMania Aeternum Obscurum: Dawnfall (2016) SAVE DAPI [Drum 'n Bass] | TrotMania Aeternum Obscurum (2015) the last whiteout [Speed Chillout] | Horse Music Central Vol. 2 Winter Edition Twilight Causes Eternal Winter [Freeform/Gabber] | Pinkamena Party - CH32RISTMAS (2016) _____ That's all of the tracks i'm listing here for now. This is not every track that I've posted here. Have fun reading this ginormous post of music XD
  19. Mostly high quality fan-made auditory entertainment about cartoon ponies, conveniently collected for your enjoyment. If anyone has other playlist ideas, I'm open to suggestions.
  20. AnimatronicPony

    Alex S and his Non Pony stuff

    Seriously this song is what made me subscribe to Alex S since it's so freaking catchy and amazing. This sort of has a 2009 vibe into it
  21. Welcome!! Hello everyone! I'm Aurelleah, and I make music and do art. Here's a collection of my discography to enjoy! I got into the music making scene pretty late but did my best to make a splash!! Check out my Page on Facebook for regular updates! Check out my SoundCloud! Check me out on youtube! Midnight Lament (Feat. Decibelle and ButterflyIdentity) [Aria] This song captures the moment Luna is returned to Celestia, the first night they spend together again in their castle in Canterlot. Luna expresses her crushing guilt, and Celestia reciprocates the feeling but soothes her sister, advising her she's not going to let her past cloud their future. This is a song 6 months in the making, and is our magnum opus up to this point. (as in, it's the best musical piece we've put together) Luna's Future - Epic Orchestral By far the most popular Luna's Future remix on Youtube Rainbow Factory - Orchestral Dubstep Imho, very underrated remix of this song. Epic orchestral dubstep with redone lyrics and a grimy drop Under Our Spell - Hybrid Moombahcore/Heavy Dance Crazy moombahcore remix of this song :> Chromatica - Melodic Electrostep This on was inspired of Rainbow Dash in the last episode pair, being badass and whatnot, have a fastpaced EDM song here: Harmony - Symphony Orchestral Suite Over a hundred hours of hard work over many months have culminated in the ultimate orchestral tribute to the mane six yet. Take a journey as you venture through the stories told by the harmonies, let yourself be enveloped in a world not your own, live in another's mind, and let the story be told. Presenting harmony, as it has never been told before. Featuring six separate journeys through imagination, and one large finale uniting aspects from all into one. The only question left unanswered after all, is not where you're going, it's not where you've been, but which journey you took that resonated the most with you. So, what say you? Which movement or part was your favorite, and why? Any reasons for choosing? Let me know in the comments Discovery (Twilight Sparkle): 0:00 Regality (Rarity): 0:34 Optimism (Pinkie Pie): 1:10 Adventure (Rainbow Dash) 1:48 Serenity (Fluttershy): 2:17 Safe Haven (Applejack): 3:28 Grand Finale: Harmony: 4:12 --- This project took over 100 hours, and it's been something I've been chiseling away at for months. I learned so much as a musician from this, and it brings me so much joy to hear it finally completed. This is by far my greatest achievement in music, and quite possibly the greatest achievement in my life. Firelight - Happy House A song about having a good time :3 The Magic Inside - Orchestral Pop Read the description on YT for more info :3 Warm Winds - Orchestral Originally wasnt gonna put this up but I did and seth seems spotlight happy for my stuff. Nothing to say about it, just enjoy :3 My Wings Aria - Aria Word on whether or not the defenders managed to stave off the invasion and win the fight failed to reach the Crystal Empire in later days, and after many days passed, those who managed to survive began to fear the worst. Cadence, who was now tasked as the ruler of the Crystal Empire and Canterlot in the place of the alicorns that stayed to defend. As she does her very best to keep up the spirits of those waiting on their loved ones' return, she felt increasingly weighed down by the same fear she was trying to protect against, although she refused to give up hope. Fusion - Orchestral Dubstep I've always loved symphonic-style music - Symphonic rock/metal is one of my favorite genres. Naturally I was curious if I could work out a song that could combine my new interest in electronic music with orchestra, and well here we are! Inspired by the 100th episode, I present Fusion. A fusion of Orchestral and Melodic Dubstep. I wonder if Vinyl Scratch and Octavia would approve? I'd hope so! Forever - BBBFF Remix, Melodic Dubstep All aboard the Delorean, we're going back to 2012 with this thing. That era was a pretty good time for the community, not only with the explosive growth of said community but also with the show's development. The show also had some of its best musical numbers around that time, and that's when Wooden Toaster made a lot of his most popular songs. This song combines those elements from both of these things: Vocal slices from BBBFF, and a reproduction of some of Toasty's signature massive patches... along with my orchestration, design, engineering and Orange Beat's mixing and mastering. Hope you guys enjoy! This track took two months to make, and is my first melodic dubstep piece. Elemental [Oh My!] - Industrial Electrostep Oh my!! Nothing quite like the most adorable character in existence to make industrial-esque dubstep more enjoyable. Enjoy the facemelting wubs!! Siege of Canterlot - Epic Orchestral It is a few years after the events at the Canterlot Wedding, and Chrysalis has been wasting no time in regrouping her armies and growing in power. As the numbers of her minions grow, there is only one thing holding them back from attacking: That is, lack of sustenance. Being creatures that feed off love is problematic when there is no love nearby to feed on.... ...That is, until Chrysalis learns how to convert other emotions, such as fear, into a form of energy they can consume to sustain themselves. Armed with this newfound knowledge, Chrysalis finally gives the order to begin advancing towards the great city. They begin the siege, destroying the entire lands around the city, ever feeding, ever growing off the fear induced in their victims. That is, until they finally see the city on the horizon. Defense of the Citadel - Epic Orchestral Word of the siege had reached Canterlot mere days before the coming attack. Every able bodied person was expected to assist in the defense and preparing for the siege. The young, the infirm, and the female population were evacuated through the Crystal Caverns deep beneath the Citadel. Above ground, preparations are made in earnest: A new Arcano-Technology had been developed to help in the defense of the city should an army attack again, in the form of a city-wide shield generator. The defenders had complete faith in the generators, that they would be able to channel their magics into them, and they would keep them safe ...However, they hadn't accounted for the changelings' abilities to feed off fear in addition to love, meaning that the shield would not be enough to withstand the force of the swarm. Lunaria - Emotionally Charged Orchestral Luna, the younger sister to Celestia and master of the night, nearly destroyed the world after allowing her jealousy to corrupt her. After she is finally returned to her normal frame of mind, you can imagine how terrible she would feel about what she had tried to do. This is the story of Luna, and her journey to overcome her guilt and to learn to be calm within once more. Nightmare - Symphonic Luna struggled with feelings of jealousy and inadequacy on a daily basis. Her hard work went unappreciated, and the envy she felt eventually become so strong that it began to affect her deep within. It caused changes in her being, and begun the dark transformation that left her a monster. A nightmare hellbent on destroying the world she desired to please so badly. Celestium - Symphonic As Nightmare confronts Celestia, Celestia must make the most difficult decision. To hesitate would mean certain destruction of the world, to act means to tranquilize her sister's soul in stasis for time untold. Either way, she is about to lose something most precious. Benevolence - Bright Orchestral Fluttershy is a very unique character. She is the definition of benevolence: Always wanting the best for people, kind hearted, upright, optimistic, caring, gentle, the list goes on. To top this off, she's also very elegant, and her elegance and happy, kind nature has inspired this string piece. Regality - Orchestral This piece is inspired of the regality Rarity has. Elegant, loyal, matronly, stylish and a perfectionist, yet still bright and trying to see the best in people. More Coming Soon There are many more tales to tell in this world of Equestria, so you can guarantee there will be more to come, Keep checking back!
  22. What better way to promote obscure musicians than make an obscure Youtube channel that promotes them! I was just browsing Youtube when I found this nice channel that deserves a little attention: Cider Party is a Youtube channel that promotes pony electronic music from the lesser known artists in the fandom. The songs are sorted by subgenre in playlists and there are download links in each description. There's ~150 songs all hand picked for anyone looking to freshen up their electronic pony music library. They've even released their own collaboration ep on Bandcamp and all the music and art assets look quality for the attention it's been given. Something good that's already established and only needs more people to use it. Sounds familiar....
  23. Previews available for the Christmas album. I've got a guess for who Pop Fly (the mystery char on the album) is, after listening to the preview. The album is mostly Mane 6. AJ has Granny Smith and Apple Bloom join her. Spike gets a song. Pop Fly gets a song. And the preview reveals Pop Fly is a colt, so not Lena Hall's character. I think Pop Fly is Fluttershy's little brother. (Considering he's singing "Last Year I Got Coal for Christmas," sounds like he's kind of a brat.)