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Found 7 results

  1. Depending on the Outcome (Box Office Wise), I could see a 2nd Theatrical Film coming out of this. However, if we were to be real here, I say the most realistic logical choice would be Direct to Video to release a sequel on. Now as far as a story goes, I could see a story were we "finally" could have a crossover between The Friendship is Magic Mane 6/7 and The Equestria Girls Mane 6/7, and find out the true connection between both worlds. I could also see a story were we get a "Passing of the Torch" , were the Mane 6 would have to seek out those that they believe Can carry on the Elements of Harmony from them, along with the Rainbow Power. I could also see a story were it Centers around the "Guardians of Harmony" line. And Finally, I could see a story were we get the "Return of Tirek", who by using some kind of magic along with the Generation's take on the Witches from the G1 film, helps resurrect The Storm King. And The Mane 6/7 have to come together with some new power bestowed upon them/or they have to unlock to try and stop this group of villains from destroying Equestria. But those are just my thoughts on how I feel a sequel could be released and my thoughts/ideas on what kind of story we could get out of it. But what about you, how do you think it could be released, and what kind of story do you think we could get as a result. And do you anyone agree my thoughts on the whole thing? Let me know down below. Thanks and God Bless -bwrosas
  2. Here I discuss the character development and growth of one of the most popular characters on MLP : FIM, Rarity. Comments are Welcomed
  3. This my theory on why the Writing staff has Written Twilight Sparkle the way they have after "Magical Mystery Cure". These are just my thoughts. Comments are Welcomed #MLPMovie #MLPSeason7 #TwilightSparkle
  4. With any film based on a comic book, a novel, or a live-action or animated tv show, there's going to be nitpicks from fans about certain characters not being used correctly, to the main cast being ooc, etc... With the MLP Movie, it's no different, and here I'm going to discuss 4 of them, that I touched upon in my video version of this topic. 1. The Princesses (minus Twilight) being useless again. Now let me (IMO) tell you why this happened. As a kid of the 80s, I've seen Hasbro do this before (Transformers : The Movie, G.I. Joe : The Movie, Etc..), and the reason they do this is to put focus on The "MANE" group of characters that the film needs to be focused on. For if they had all 4 Princesses out and about, pretty much any fan knows that if they combined their powers, this invasion wouldn't last very long. So they had to figure out a way to basically pull a "PRIME/DUKE" moment with Celestria, Luna, and Cadance, and did so, by having Tempest use that green orb thing to turn them into glass stone. By doing this, it puts the focus on Twilight and friends having to find a way to save the day (ala, 1986 TF MOVIE and 1987 JOE MOVIE). So for anyone that was upset by this, well hopefully I gave a good reason on why this happened. 2. Twilight acting OOC. This seems to be a topic from the film, that has many fans up in arms. Well, let me explain why Twilight was like this:. You see Twilight was already putting a lot of pressure on herself by putting together this first-ever Friendship Festival, then all of sudden this hostile takeover from The Storm King happens, her Mentor's and sister-in-law get turned to stone, and the only clue she has to save their home, is "hippos". And if that's not enough, it seems her friends weren't taking this too seriously, from trusting someone, who originally wanted to sell them into slavery to pay off a debt, to befriending pirates, by helping them get their mojo back, and then doing a Sonic Rainboom, when they shouldn't have, to finally the last straw being, that the one character that Celestria had mentioned could help, turning them down, thus causing Twilight to attempt to steal the hippogriff's transformation orb, to her friends calling her out on it, while discovering at the same time that Twilight was just using them to make Skystar "happy" so she could try and attempt the thief. So as for Twilight acting OOC, you really can't blame her. I mean even in real life, if someone is going through a lot and has a lot on their mind at the same time, and it takes one little moment or comment from someone to set them off, of course their going to lash out and say things that they don't really mean. And that's exactly what Twilight did, everything just came to a boiling point, and Pinkie calling her out for what she just did, that was the straw that broke the camel's back. But what you see afterwards (off/on screen), is both regret the blow up they had, and both sides realize that they should have worked together, not against each other. 3. The Storm King not being a good villan. As I said in the video version of this, I think when fans see this character, they see this film's equvenlet of Starscream from Transformers. Being a long-time fan of the Transformers, I saw Starscream as a usurper that wanted control of the Deceptions from Megatron, but was always foiled in the end, and the reason was because Starscream was shown as not being ready to yield such power or knowing what to do with it, once he had it. That is somewhat how some fans viewed the Storm King, Tempest promised and gave him the power he craved, but he really wasn't ready for it and like Starscream in several Transformers incarnations, it cost him his life in the end. 4. Where were the other characters, like Discord, Shining Armor, etc...?, Well since this was made around seasons 4-6, they could have been incorporated into the film. But they (the writers) wanted the main focus to be on the MANE 6 and yes even the Newer characters. Besides, as I meantiond with the Princesses above, if Discord was around, we probably wouldn't have much of a takeover would we, and who's to say he didn't suffer the same fate as the 3 Princesses (but off screen), I'm just saying. And if you must know, this is a staple of any Hasbro and Toy-based animated features, certain characters will be involved in the film, but mostly off-screen (ex. '86 TF Film, had several Autobot deaths off-screen), so just because we don't see them doing something on-screen, doesn't mean that they aren't part of the story in someway. But that's all have to say in this written version of what I said on video about Nitpicks some fans have with this film. Let me know what you all think. God Bless and Take Care
  5. Equestria Daily posted an article asking how people will the movie and addressing the ways fans plan to see the film. Comments are Welcomed
  6. bwrosas

    I just don't get it

    It seems the closer we get to the movie, the more it seems fans are coming out and saying they're not sure if they should see the movie in theaters. Why? What, because they don't want to be around little kids, that they feel will kick the seats and ruin the enjoyment of the film with their noise. Why, because they feel adult movie goers or the ticket seller may give them a strange look for going to see the MLP Movie. Why, because they're afraid the friends/co-workers/collages may see them going into the cinema room that the movie's playing in. Those, along with any other excuse, shouldn't be a reason not to want to see the movie in theaters. If you want to see it, you should go see it and not worry what others have to say or what kind of looks you may get. It's your choice to see it in theaters, not no one else's. And with the excuse of not having transportation (which I will not argue that others may not have access too) shouldn't be an excuse either, look I'm going to go and see it on opening day at it's first showing at the Turlock Regal Cinema at 11:15am, and how am I doing that, but using the SRT. Bus transportation to do so. It may get me there an hour earlier, but it will be worth it. So if I can find a way to go see it earlier, so should you and anyone else that may be worried about seeing it in theaters. I mean if you want to avoid that kind of environment (kids, etc.) go to an early showing, sure there may still be kids, but not as many as to what will be after school or during prime-time hours. Look, there is absolutely no reason not to see this film. True story, I saw "Josie and the Pussycats" in theaters during an early showing, and no one at the ticket booth, or the concessions said anything to me about it, and it wasn't even that busy or crowded, when I went, and I enjoyed the movie for what it was. So there shouldn't be a reason for anyone here, not to want to go and see the film in theaters, remember you have early ShowTime options to choose from if you want to avoid any kids or anyone else seeing you. And if you want a good example of how do to this, thecinemasnob went and saw "Barbie Star Light Adventure" in theaters at an early showing on 6/30/16 and other then one little girl giving them a look, no one really said anything to them, (check out their review on YouTube to learn more) So if they can could do something like that without worry, then no one should be worried about seeing the MLP Movie. Remember it's not rated "PG" for nothing, Hasbro/DHX Media/Allspark and the creative team knew what they were doing, when they created this film. So again, don't worry about what others say or think, if you want to go and see it in the theaters, that's your right. Don't let anyone make the decision for you. PS. another thing to remember, (even through I grew up during this period), this isn't the 1986 movie. This was given time to be built upon with 6-7 seasons worth of story to work off of, not two prime-time specials before it. And then just to have it serve as a theatrical pilot for the series that came after. This version had time to build and establish itself beyond anyone's expectations. So again don't worry about what others say, and don't make up an excuse not to want to see it in theaters. If you want to see it, then go see it, and If someone like me can find transportation to the Regal Cinemas that are showing it in my area, then you and anyone else can find a way via transportation too. So go, and enjoy yourself! That's all I have to say for now. God Bless and Take Care -bwrosas
  7. In this video I can explain why SpikexRarity are still possible to happen, by using some similar pairing from the past. Comments are Welcomed