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Found 19 results

  1. From Sethisto, here is what we know, right now, about the My Little Pony: Make Your Mark Special: New Voice Actors for the mane cast for future specials and series: Sunny Starscout - Jenna Warren Pipp Petals - AJ Bridel Zipp Storm - Maitreyi Ramakrishnan Izzy Moonbow - Ana Sani Hitch - JJ Gerber About the special: 3D Movie Style Airs on Netflix 44 minute run time Releases on the 26th of May Developed by Gillian Berrow (Writer from Friendship is Magic!) I've submitted an entry for the special to If and when it is approved and goes up, please review it for all mistakes an omissions that I may have made! No, I haven't submitted any data yet for My Little Pony: Winter Wishday. That is still pretty far down the road and I'd rather see someone working on the show or for its PR department submit this data.
  2. My Little Pony Generation 5: Winter Wishday - Airing November 21st! by Sethisto The IMDb page is up for My Little Pony: Winter Wishday: Feel free to review the entry and suggest any additions or corrections that are needed.
  3. CBR's Jon Arvedon reports: "IDW Publishing announces a new My Little Pony series based on characters from Netflix's recently released reboot movie." The May debut dovetails nicely with the rumored premiere of the upcoming Netflix show.
  4. I am looking for the following, My Little Pony Plushies by Olyfactory. Please see photo, for plushies and name of each, plush is in the list below: 1. Allie Way POPL8084 2. Berry Punch POPL6073 3. Cherrilee POPL8077 4. Cloudchaser POPL8057 5. Filly Celestia POPL9136 6. Holly Dash POPL9105 7. Luna (old version) 8. Maud Pie POPL7048 9. Night Glider POPL8120 10. Rossela POPL8061 11. Spitfire POPL8122 12. Twilight Sparkle POPL1888 (with folded wings) 13. Firefly POPL8107 Rarity (old version) 14. Pony Bat ________________________ Please message me, with the following of which My little Pony plush, from my list that you want to sell to me with photos and price. ________________________ Post would be, to the UK. Payment: PayPal and any other help would be grate. My Facebook Messager is: aurimilky Many Thanks Ashton
  5. White_Water

    MLP Themed Minecraft Server.

    PonyGamers Equestrian Adventures is a Multiplayer server inspired by the show My Little Pony:FIM, Explore the Vast lands of Equestria on our Custom Equestria map as closely identical as we can possibly create in Minecraft. (the 2017 map of Equestria created for the movie). Explore as a pony with the Mine Little Pony mod, create magic and tech, sail ships around the vast oceans of Equestria, Meet the mane six and make memories, Roleplay as your OCs and more this server has a wide verity of things to Explore and do. (Please note the map is still under development so not all equestria towns have been added yet)
  6. Does anyone else remember this old MLP RPG game where twilight was trying to find this meteorite that landed in the evergreen forest? It was called Equastria legends or something like that. And I CAN'T FIND IT E_E. I heard that it was banned or taken down by hasbro :L. But the real reason that i want to find the game is because in ponyvile, some jazz music would play and I loved it soo much. I was young at the time so I didn't know how to convert youtube videos into mp3. Does anyone know what the song is called? Also in Button's Adventure's pilot the song plays at 2:35. edit: the game wasn't 3D, it had more of a top-down look? like the map was sideways but you'd walk up and down, but when you'd get to the evergreen forest it would look like mario RPG legend of the seven stars. Also i should've mentioned, the game starts off at night with you playing as twilight and with spike as another party member, and later you'd join with applejack to fight the monsters in the forest since they needed to reach the meteorite.
  7. i got the domain some years ago from someone, and i wanted to build a site now on this domain. it should have informations about the fandom, bronies and the series. like a starting page to the fandom. it will be in german and english for now, but can be enhanced to other languages too, if people want to translate. and i'm now thinking what i should include. i think: - a short description about the series - how the series started - where it is aired at the moment - the creative site of the fandom, like fan content, fan merch - what the mane 6 are - what are bronies? - l&t - hasbro and show staff - link-list to other brony sites (like derpibooru, eqd etc.) - values of us bronies - maybe critics and what could be made better in the fandom? i think it could be nice to have such a startpage for bronies, which explains the fandom to newcomers, a site which also could be better found by search engines and in the end helps other brony sites with the link-list. maybe some of you also have ideas what should be included in such a startpage to the fandom.
  8. Hi. I don't know how many of you are still plaing WOT but. I wanna present to you My Little Pony Skinpack. y Little Pony Skinpack brings 5 unique high quality “My Little Pony” skins made by Ketrab8. It features: T-34-85M Pinkie Pie skin, IS-3 Princess Luna skin, Löwe Applejack skin, Object 277 Rarity skin, E-100 Rainbow Dash skin; Idea by me Rest by Ketrab8 For now there are only few skins for some popular tanks.Probably there will be more skins if there will be an idea and time. Link: Here are screenshoots
  9. Hey Everypony New Leaf here, Currently Looking for somepony who wants to record a thing or two together with me, i mainly play mlp games but also do other projects like the current audio book for my spin on how my OC would fare in the Fallout Equestria Universe/Environment and sometimes love random things like singing, drawing things or any dares of sorts. As long as you get that warm fuzzy feeling of having fun watching a pony do what ever he pleases^^And yes all voices are acted by myself^^ Recently Managed to break the 50 subbie Mark and anyone wishing to tag along on this magical ride is surely welcome.No matter if you wanna lend your voice for a video part of a story or whatever we come up with^^ If words is to much to read then take a peak at my (allready sorta outdated and old) channel trailer instead. With that i thank you for reading /)
  10. I'm looking for someone who sings well(please send example of your work) and produces music(or at least has knowledge of singing vocals within song structure); has a clear, good quality mic; is a Christian that's willing to make a Christian MLP song; and has a nice autotune plugin to fix vocals(this is optional). I have Skype and Discord as a way of collaborating and I use FL Studio 12 as my DAW. Here's a sample of my work: Note: This is a makeshift soundcloud account just for purposes of sharing work for possible collaboration so please ignore my cover photo and any other missing details. Here's a 16 bar chord progression in G# Minor at 130 BPM for the song: I'm thinking of making a Chillout EDM song with this chord progression but I am open for options.
  11. To be honest... I didn't want to have to do this. But there seems to be little choice at this point. As I can't make a solid decision one way or the other if I stick with this fandom or throw everything out, drop everything like a rock, and probably become an anti-brony. Depending on how others respond to this will likely factor into my decision as well. In other words... check your BS at the door basically. Also... I said I would keep the bold and caps to a minimum. Which I promise I'll do my best to keep, but I make no guarantees. But I didn't say a damn thing about language. Keep this in mind as well. Either way... let my trial of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic commence. So... this little show... 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' has been going on for 7 seasons now with an 8th upcoming. Back when the show first started... I liked it believe it or not. I really did. But... things have changed. The question is... why have they changed? Well... I'll be getting into that as well. In a way. I mean... I liked this show. I'm not even joking. I did. For about 5 seasons. Then... things changed. There are pretty much 6 main issues I have with the show right now. Each one factoring into my decision to either stay or leave in their own, unique, individual way. I'll go through them one bye one. The first 3 reasons are basically the same though honestly. The so-called 'redeemed' characters. Those being, of course, Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, and Discord. But are they redeemed? Truly? To me... they aren't. In any way whatsoever. 1. First let's talk about the obvious ones. First up is Starlight Glimmer. This character was a decent and legitimate villain. De-facto dictatorship. You don't see that all that often. So I applauded it. Until the S5 finale. Her reasoning for what she did was the most ridiculous excuse I've ever heard of in my entire life honestly. She did all that because she lost a friend? Wow. Just wow. Go look the freaking friend up. Or... here's an option... make new friends dumbass. Then there was the redemption itself. Which I would call the Baron Corbin of redemptions. In other words... it was freaking dumpster fire. Unbelievably rushed, made no sense whatsoever, and just horrible in general. This dumbass practically committed a crime. Messing with the time-space continuum is, to me, worse then murder. Yet she was forgiven as if nothing happened and everyone of the characters pretends that it didn't happen and never happened. No. Just no. There should have been a punishment. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. End of freaking story. She committed a crime and deserved a punishment. Don't believe me? Has anyone else gotten away with a dictatorship scot free and forgiven as if it never happened? The answer here should be obvious. Research dictatorships in history if you don't believe me. The common sense answer is NO. DICTATORS AREN'T FORGIVEN AS IF NOTHING HAPPENED. Another thing... I'll admit there's one thing that is consistently being proven when it comes to Starlight. Which is the fact that she has absolutely no common sense whatsoever. Another thing she had done, which no one has ever been forgiven for and acted as if it never happened, is using mind control. She did that to her so-called 'friends' and got off scot-free as if it didn't happen. Has anyone else that has used mind control gotten away with it and treated as if it never happened? Again... the answer is blatantly obvious and common sense. Starlight is on a high horse and needs to be taken down several pegs. She's OP and honestly, somewhat of a Mary-Stu if you ask me. I don't care how much the shows claims she studied magic. Twilight studied longer and, therefore, should be more powerful and had freaking Celestia as a teacher and we're just supposed to believe that Starlight self-taught her OP-ness? Yeah I don't think so. 2. Next... it's the worst of the worst if you ask me. Trixie. This character... is just... NO. JUST NO. Does this character actually have any redeeming factors? Another question with an obvious answer. Which is NO. NO SHE DOESN'T. Trixie is an ego-maniacal, self-absorbed, egotistical, holier-than-thou bitch. I'm sorry but she just is. Not only that... she takes every opportunity she has to annoy Twilight. THAT IS NOT A CHARACTER TRAIT. IT'S A CHARACTER FLAW AND A MAJOR ONE AT THAT. Has she, or Starlight for that matter, actually done anything to show that they have changed? To me... the haven't. At all. In any way whatsoever. Chrysalis doesn't really count because she captured all of the Mane 6 and Princesses (which I still don't understand how she did that) and apparently the writers choose these un-redeemed assholes instead of the 'Slice of Life' characters which should have been the characters to save them instead if you ask me. But I'll get into the writers later. But to finish Trixie off once and for all... she's an egotistical bitch who thinks she deserves everything when all she really deserves is a Superman Punch to the face. She's the Kevin Owens of this show NOT THE ROMAN REIGNS OF THE SHOW SO INCORRECT ON SO MANY LEVELS. 3. Next let's talk about Discord. There's really nothing for me to say about here though. He's not redeemed either. All this jerkass has proven is that he also takes every opportunity he has to annoy the characters whenever he gets the chance. AGAIN NOT A CHARACTER TRAIT A CHARACTER FLAW AND A MAJOR ONE. You know what Discord has proven? That he only cares about Fluttershy and that's it. He clearly could care less about anyone else other than himself. No only that, he should have been turned back to stone when he betrayed everyone when he worked for Tirek. Yet no. Once again, forgiven as if he did nothing wrong and everyone acts like it didn't happen. This asshole has lost his chance at redemption honestly. He should have been turned back to stone and really needs to be turned back to stone. But will he? Our wonderful writers at work once again... 1, 2, & 3 Addendum: You know what I think my main problem is? That these characters in question (Starlight, Trixie, and Discord) aren't actually struggling with what they've done. I mean... if these characters were actually consistently struggling and/or being haunted with what they've done... then maybe, just maybe I'd be more willing to accept it. But they aren't, haven't been, and seemingly never will be. Because this show is acting as if everything they've done never happened. Which may be the worst and most horrendous part of all this. I think that's my main issue. 4. Let's talk about the writers of the show now. They used to be good. But now? NOT ANYMORE. I don't know what happened to them but they seem to have lost use of their brains and their common sense as well. As I've been thinking about this... some of the fault most likely lies with the writers/show runners/whatever you want to call them. They seem to be getting talentless hacks who have consistently proven that either a) they're hypocrites (Fame and Misfortune) who attack their own fandom for complaining about complaining yet they continue to shove things down our throats and expect us to just like and accept them b) they didn't actually take the extra mile and do actual research on the show. As in, oh I don't know, watching all the other episodes before they actually started writing them themselves? I mean, even I go the extra mile when I write fanfiction on media and I don't even consider myself a writer. Something else that should have been flat out common sense. I even did this back when I was true fan of this show/series and wrote an insane crossover fanfiction with this and a bunch of other media (anime, video games, other cartoons, etc.) When I wasn't sure about something, I took the time to do research and look it up to make sure I knew what I was doing and what I was talking about. Yet these so-called 'writers/show runners/whatever' didn't seem to do that at all and just started writing as if they knew what they were doing when they continue to prove that they don't and are flat out hypocrites. They should have watched all the previous episodes so they had a basic idea of what the show was doing, where it was going, and what to do when they started writing. Yet they didn't, clearly haven't, and seemingly never will. It's too little to late at this point to do that. But still. In other words, some of the blame for the direction of this show and why it's beginning to shove things down our throats may actually lie with the current talentless hack writers/show runners/whatever. Plus... let's not forget that the current writers have basically confirmed themselves to be nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. Don't believe me? Fame and Misfortune would like a word with you, where the writers practically attacked their own freaking fandom that pretty much cause their shows popularity in the first place. Hypocritical much? Yes. Yes it is. Especially when you shove horrible, half-assed, half thought out redemptions down our throats and just expect us to like them and except them and then expect us to like said so-called 'redeemed' character. LOL. I DON'T THINK SO. The writers are at fault for all this BS as well. 5. Next... let's talk about the brony fandom itself. It was decent at first. Not so much anymore now is it? Practically every so-called 'fan' of this show/series on practically every so-called 'fan forum' I've been on has the same BS expectations from me that the talentless hack writers do. Which is, of course, expecting me to like all this BS being shoved down my throat and just accept it and like it as if it's THE GREATEST THING EVER when it clearly ISN'T and seemingly HASN'T for quite a long time now. Practically everyone wants me to like Starlight Glimmer and act like she's redeemed. NO. Practically everyone wants me to like Trixie and act like she's redeemed. GOD NO. Practically everyone wants me to like Discord and act like he's redeemed. YEAH I DON'T THINK SO. Yet what happens when I don't and I have this clearly controversial opinion that I have? Everyone nags and bitches at me. Constantly. I won't name any names but they know who they are and there are a few on this very forum that have also done this. They act as if my opinion is crap, I have no reason to have it, and I should change it immediately. As if I should 'fall in line' with everyone else? Guess what that is? Here it is again everyone!! De-facto dictatorship. Your not supposed to be the 'same' as everyone else. Your supposed to be unique. Yourself. Different. Out of line. Not 'fall in line' Apparently the brony fandom didn't get this memo. Must have been lost. Or ignored. I'm guessing ignored. I refuse to 'fall in line'. End of story. 6. Now let's talk about the rumors of Chrysalis getting a redemption in Season 8. NO. JUST NO. I'm not even going to list the reasons why. There are just too many and it would make this even longer. What is the reason for this? Because I fail to see one. At all. In any way whatsoever. Notice a pattern yet? Let me spell it out for you. I'm sick of the redemption's. Especially when they are half-thought out, half-assed, horrible dumpster fires like the ones I already mentioned have been. I'm fairly sure this one would be no different. I just can't take the redemption's anymore. I really can't. If Chrysalis is redeemed I don't think I'll even care how it's done. I'LL QUIT. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. END OF STORY. Because there is absolutely no reason to do this in any way whatsoever. This is my main concern with staying. I don't want to take the risk of having to go through yet another half-thought out, half-assed dumpster fire so-called 'redemption.' You want to know how to do a redemption? FINE. Go watch Season 2 of The Lion Guard. You see what they are doing with Makuu? Even though I don't fully consider him redeemed (at least not yet) THAT'S HOW YOU DO A REDEMPTION not the half-thought out, half-assed horrible dumbster fires the talentless hack hypocritical so-called 'writers' are doing. With that... I end my opening statements. These are my main problems with this show. Think you can convince me otherwise? Good luck. You'll need it. TL;DR: Starlight is a dumbass with absolutely no common sense whatsoever that has clearly learned nothing. Trixie is an egotistical, ego-maniacal, holier-than-though bitch who has clearly learned nothing. Discord is a jerkass who has clearly learned nothing. The so-called 'redeemed' characters aren't struggling with what they have done at all. The writers are hypocritical talentless hacks. The brony fandom is expecting me to 'fall in line' and accept and like all this BS being shoved down my throat and has becoming incredibly toxic. Chrysalis DOES NOT, SHOULD NOT, and CAN NOT be redeemed in any way whatsoever. U MAD? COME AT ME
  12. So I've just made a new account on the site to protect my actual identity here, because I'm about to drop some huge info on what's shaping out to be a very promising Fighting is Magic build. While I was originally on the team for this build, from what my sources say, the plans have changed drastically. Originally, the build intended to feature Discord, King Sombra, and a cinematic story mode with unlockable secret fighters. This is apparently no longer the case. Before getting into the meat and bones of everything, I'd just like to say that although my sources are reliable, take some of this information with a grain of salt. For the sake of my sources' protection as well, I'll be keeping them anonymous. First off: the title of the game. Though it isn't shown in the images below, I've been told that the final name of the build may end up being "Crashie Edition," though it's likely to change in the future. Now then, onto the first two images: As you can see here, these two images show off the new designs for the Main Menu and Character select, but even the CSS shows that the build is in BETA. Meaning it very well could change. Obvious from the characters listed on-screen, 4 more characters join the roster of FiM in this build: Scooter, Zalgojack (I'll get to these two in a second), Big Macintosh, and Trixie Lulamoon. Trixie is said to be a modified version of the character Dex made for a Tribute Edition mod, whereas apparently Big Macintosh is made from recycled assets from the cancelled MEGA build, accompanied by new animations and abilities. This build essentially finishes him Now as for Scooter and Zalgojack, I can already hear you groaning and typing up your "NO OCS IN FiM!!!!1!1111!!!" rants. There's promise to this one for a reason! Both characters have entirely new movesets, and are getting original animations! They're not just recolors anymore from what I've been told, but the new animations are VERY Work-In-Progress, as the new animator has very little experience in this field. All four of these characters do come from the unfinished "Supremium" build (hence the WIP name "Crashie Edition.") This build is said to play unlike any other Fighting is Magic build that's ever come out, and not just in the way the characters play. Apparently some mechanic changes are taking place that make the game feel entirely different. The only one I can give information on is the change in how Launchers work: the input has been changed from Down+Forward + C, to Down + D. I'm not sure if this will change, as a couple of my sources said the lead dev reported the change as being "uncomfortable" to use. Apart from that, I can report that Applejack's Lass-O-Rama special move is being reworked as well, the only input I am able to give however is that it is less difficult to perform. This next change, I actually have a visual for. Rarity's Missile Gem is now getting an aerial variation. Though I'm not sure if this is an aerial command, or this is a new variation that comes from the air that is executed on the ground, it certainly changes up her playstyle a bit. I've also been told by a couple sources that she's receiving plenty of changes to her neutral game to nullify some of her normals and make them more "fair." This last bit of information I do not have visuals for, but I'm confident that some of this is true and will be showing up in the build when it is complete. -Starlight Glimmer, Gilda the Griffon, a new character named "Rotor," and Spitfire are planned to be added as playable characters. (I assume Rotor is another clone-esque character, or an OC.) -Assist Fighters are planned to be added, some of which I was told are Shining Armor, Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Spike, A character named "Combustion," Derpy Hooves, and Tempest Shadow from the MLP Movie. (Combustion seems to be another case like Rotor, and I was told that they also resemble Pinkie Pie.) -Twilight's "Supernova" Level 3 attack has been moved to a Level 2, to make way for her "Fulfill My Destiny" super where she transforms into an Alicorn and performs a stance-change of sorts where she can fly around the stage and shoot powerful projectiles for a small amount of time. (10-20 seconds.) This super will not only require all 3 bars of super, but all 3 units of her magic. -Rainbow Dash is receiving a new Level 2 super that doubles her flight time and speed, gives her a double jump and second air dash, and allows her to perform "The Rainbow Dash" ability for free for 8 seconds. -Big Mac is the first character to receive an alternate costume in the form of Cousin Orchard Blossom from Season 5 Episode 17: "Brotherhooves Social." -Trixie is rumored to be the only other character with an alternate costume, that being with her cape and hat on/off (it looks like the cape and hat being off is her default appearance.) -Fluttershy is now the only character to have a single unit of magic, and may only have one animal out at a time. -Scooter is getting a visual redesign from the new animator to differentiate her from Pinkie even further. The same may happen for Zalgojack. -Chrysalis will be added as the "final boss" of the game, and an armored Changeling will make an appearance as a miniboss character in the solo mode, but not as a playable fighter. -The lead developer of MEGA is an adviser for the build. -"Crashie Edition" and the MEGA devteam are planning a crossover to include a fighter named "Jackie" to CE, and to include Scooter to their new project entitled BATOTHBEA. -CE is planned to release in April of 2018. I should say that I was told that the build itself was designed to compete with Tribute Edition and Aurora specifically, just as MEGA was intended to, which is why the amount of new information is ridiculously overwhelming. Take some of these with a grain of salt, as i'm aware that some of them sound very outlandish, almost impossible even. In the meantime, I would like to get some opinions on this information. Do you think any of it is true, or do you want it to be?
  13. So, going through the IMDB company credits page for the MLP movie, I found what could be a hint on who is involved in the production of the soundtrack. Under the "other companies" section, the soundtrack is listed as being produced and released by RCA Records. For those of you wondering what the buck they are, here are a few artists who have worked for RCA over the last few decades: * Elvis Presley * David Bowie * Lou Reed * Iggy Pop * Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship/Starship * Kelly Clarkson * Alicia Keys * Carrie Underwood * The Guess Who * Christina Aguilera * Justin Timberlake * Foo Fighters * Pitbull * Sia (outside of Australia and New Zealand) * Dave Matthews Band * Kings of Leon I can go on and on here, but you get the picture. Most recently, they released the soundtrack for DreamWorks' Trolls. Why is this a big deal? Because unlike the previous MLP soundtracks, which were released independently and later through Sony's catalog label, this soundtrack is being released through a major record label. This means that the music we've had in prior MLP works will pale in comparison to this. They are putting a lot of effort into ensuring that this movie delivers perhaps the greatest songs Daniel Ingram has ever written for MLP. That should give a lot of reasons for fans to be excited. Unfortunately, said fans will also have cause to worry, because unlike the previous soundtracks, which Hasbro owns the rights to and licenses to Sony Music, RCA (also part of Sony Music, BTW) will likely own the phonographic copyright to the soundtrack compliation, which is quite standard for soundtrack albums. That means that fans who are looking to make PMV or remixes of songs from the movie will have to refrain from doing so, because Sony is merciless in terms of copyright takedowns (we know this, given the Friendship Games music takedown fiasco). Besides that, it'll be interesting to see, if true, how this could play out. I even made a parody cover for the hypothetical soundtrack, for anyone intrested. Gonna be quite exciting if this info about RCA and the soundtrack is true.
  14. King Sombra Returns

    King Sombra's Return?!?!

    Ok, so after watching the Sixth season finale, and re-watching the third season pener. I have come up with a idea....What if Queen Chrysalis finds some way to bring Sombra back? Ok let me explain. If you watch closely on the Season three opener, You can see in the remains of King Sombra's shattered remains....His horn is there....Not is shattered pieces, but a full Horn no damage. We see in the Season Six finale that Queen Chrysalis's throne is powered by a 'deep magic', Such as Sombra's 'Dark Magic', that all beside for the power used does not work. Think about Twilight, Before she opened the 'Starcase' , You see that using by only using 'Dark Magic' was she able to open it. Back to my point. In the IDW comics, a figure named Radient Hope revived Sombra. After that Lightning Dust, Flim&Flam, Iron Will, Sombra,& Chrysalis team up, creating chaos in the Crystal Empire. What if that happened....Chrysalis, Sombra, and other ally's teaming up... Now I know this is a kid show...but still!! This is an idea that I would love to see considered, and or talked about it. Please join in on this conversation! Have a great Day/Night! But that's just a theory!.....A King Sombra theory!!!
  15. Hello World! I'm a new user but a huge fan of the classic G1 original series. Does anyone have any links to more about the classic 1984 series? It is where it all began and is currently Kabillion TV On Demand which I can watch all the episodes but I'm looking for more from the G1 series. More images, more fan art, etc. If you are interested in the original series like I am you can check out if your cable provider has Kabillion TV On Demand. Such a classic retro show! Thanks again!
  16. There comes a time when entertainment transcends itself and evolves into a different beast with its own instincts for us to tame. From puppeteering to animation, from stereoscopes to modern film masterpieces. Humanity's thirst to create, experience and enjoy the surreal has brought us far into the bones of what makes us tick. And with every piece of technology, we go from basic materials like paper and cardboard for board games, to the highly sophisticated device we call our gaming stations. In 1972, Atari's Allan Alcorn was tasked with creating a game based on "Virtual Tennis" he had played at college as a warm-up exercise to show his skills. Allan took it one step further and changed how the game was played by adding the ability to bounce the ball at angles, instead of just straight ahead. When the game was done, it was called "Pong" and it was the world's first game console. The world's first version of Pong Oh how joyous the transition, as mortals attempted to reach into another world, changing how the false environment reacts to our input in a final act of challenging the notion of god. What stops our own reality from being merely a game by higher beings with superevolved intellects and understanding of the universe? To realize that the numbers we input into a computer translates into actions, emotions, rules, etc of another "world", we can all agree how terrifying it must be to ponder the theory of whether humanity is the same. Made up of a sequence of inconsequential numbers. That our actions hold no meaning other than those perceived by our own ignorant minds. A famous painting of Zhuangzi dreaming he was a butterfly. Zhuangzi is an ancient Chinese text from 476-221 BC written by Zhuang Zhou as a foundational text on Daoism. In one of his stories "Zhuangzi Dreams of Being a Butterfly", the story goes: "Once, Zhuang Zhou dreamed he was a butterfly, a butterfly flitting and fluttering about, happy with himself and doing as he pleased. He didn't know that he was Zhuang Zhou. Suddenly he woke up and there he was, solid and unmistakable Zhuang Zhou. But he didn't know if he was Zhuang Zhou who had dreamt he was a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming that he was Zhuang Zhou. Between Zhuang Zhou and the butterfly there must be some distinction! This is called the Transformation of Things." This is the fundamental issues brought up in Simulated Reality Theories. How would mankind be able to tell if they were within a simulated reality, or in Zhuangzi's case a dream, if we do not even have the rules to follow when distinguishing them? Humanity's greatest struggle is always of the consciousness, whether or not the human mind learns of the actual universe and its principles or rather the universe creating principles simply to humor us. It is foolish not to wonder about the impact we have when technology advances further and further. When games itself become capable of creating life in a separate yet similar world, we realize that there is another final frontier. The earth, sea and space are all physical frontiers for mankind to explore and discover. However, programming and gaming has created another campaign we must take. Is it possible to find out about our reality from learning more about false ones? What distinguishes Battlefront above from reality? If we were in the game, would we even be able to tell the difference? Let's say we agree that humanity is in this supposed simulated reality and we are all being monitored by otherworldly beings who surpass us in intellect. Where would this being even come from? Aliens? Demons? Parallel dimensions? Actually, the answer could be ourselves. Technological Singularity is a theory that suggests that because of the ability for technology to compute at a higher rate, we may accidentally invent artificial Superintelligence that surpasses even mankind's most gifted being. This will trigger a technological growth due to the superintelligence wishing to improve itself, thus, making itself the most powerful device in the universe. Humans would be toys to these superior creatures. In Science Fiction author Vernor Vinge words: "Within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly after, the human era will be ended." Of course, Vernor's theory of superintelligence being achieved in 30 years was not proven true, however, his words still stand. If humanity ever reaches that level of technology, humans will find themselves back in the food chain. The big bang created us, we created technology and technology will create other things. Each generation of intelligent beings trumping the last. And as we've seen with automated cash registers and self-driving cars, stumbling upon superintelligence might not be as farfetched as it seems. We might be on the cusp of the end of the human era, not through the death of our reality, but the replacement of it with a simulated experience. Maybe not the death of our bodies, but the death of consequence as we wander through the universe of a game that means absolutely nothing. So I propose we make a pony game based on Star Wars Battlefront. Luna could be the Empire and Celestia could be the Rebels. That sorta deal.
  17. Komaeda Nagito

    A EqG Spin Off Movie

    Canterlot High Ponies. There should be like a spin off movie where the ponies get human features like the humans get pony parts. So like the ponies get human arms and legs, but pony bodies and faces.
  18. I have started a group to expose EqD for the lying scum they are. They have been touting this "Sethisto" person as a real individual when in fact, the "Sethisto" you see at conventions is nothing more than an actor paid by Calpain to take the blame when things are tough. Proof: 1) No one can make that many spelling mistakes and not realize it. This is obviously a ploy by Calpain to make Sethisto look like the dumb leader who can't be bothered. Calpain has tried his best to make it seem as if Seth is an entity of his own by giving him a personality. 2) No one can actually like Trixie without projectile vomiting. Time and time again I have heard of individuals going to the hospital for saying Trixie is best pony and meaning it, yet, Sethisto has no signs of any symptoms when he does so at conventions. He is clearly reading from a script written by Calpain just to push even further the fact that Sethisto might be "eccentric" or "totally real". 3) Look at this man Big bucks was paid to have this sad soul don this outfit in public. Calpain has scoured funds across every couch he has as well as every couch his relatives have to procure enough to make the actor above humiliate himself for our viewing pleasure. You can see the pain in his eyes. Need I say more? I need more evidence men. Make sure you give it solid backing so we can force EqD into revealing the truth.