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Found 1 result

  1. On September 2014th, Princess Twilight Sparkle traveled to the human world for the second time, in the second Equestria Girls installment: “Rainbow Rocks”. After that amazing movie ended, I could not wait for the third one. I could not wait how things would turn out with another Twilight, from the human world. But alas, my expectations were not met. I wasn’t exactly happy with the way she turned out. And when everybody embraced her after “Legend of Everfree”, I turned off my screen with feelings of a funeral attendee. With tears and just one simple question on my mind: why? That question emerged again after monitoring reaction of the suppressive majority of those who also watched that movie. With that said, I have come here to finally explain what is my major malfunction with Sci-Twi, as well as try to dispel the myth of Sci-Twi being a lot more in common with Princess Twilight than just name, appearance, and voice. I shall begin with “Friendship Games”. After seeing couple of YouTube videos uploaded in the eve of then-upcoming “Rainbow Rocks”, I jumped to a conclusion that those can spoil quite a bit of the movie. Which is why I stayed away from the “Friendship Games” ones. The only things I knew were basic premise about competition, Crystal Prep, and human world’s Twilight. Also, there was a screenshot where Sci-Twi is (as it turned out when I watched it) hiding behind the column, with a face of a person who is about to break a law. Taking that along with what was in “Rainbow Rocks” post-credits scene, I thought she would be the new villain. She would be as mean-spirited as the rest of the Shadowbolts. That she would stop in front of nothing to get to the bottom of the whole “magic stuff” about CHS. Even probably delivering some kind of ultimatum to huMane 6 that if they lose, they would tell her everything about magic (or something like that). However, with those thoughts in mind, after finally watching the movie Sci-Twi’s character ended up being…pretty underwhelming. As it turned out, she is actually an outcast in her educational establishment. She is very estranged from others, straight to the point of treating her not-yet-talking pet, Spike the Dog, as her only friend. It does sound similar to pony Twilight’s story, except the latter’s classmates were never mean to her and she always preferred studying to communicating. But she never had a fear of other ponies. Plus Spike the Dragon could keep a conversation with her. So here are first differences, aside from the origins. Okay, we can go with that. Although, when I gave it a good thought it felt like the writers took Twilight’s character and added some of Fluttershy to the equation. This is where my first problem surfaces: what was the point of giving Sci-Twi a bit of Fluttershy, if we ALREADY HAVE FLUTTERSHY? You see, when I was studying the development interviews with Lauren Faust for my research essay, I stumbled upon an article in which she stated that one of the key ideas was the creation of completely different characters that would have to learn to be friends despite their differences. “Different characters” are the keywords. And now there is a similarity between Sci-Twi and Fluttershy. Next on the list is the device that human Twilight constructed to supposedly track down any unusual activity (Scientific invention: one point to similarities with pony Twilight, I admit). It later proves to be more than just that. Sci-Twi eventually uses it to steal the equestrian magic from huMane 6 and the portal monument. Or rather, the device does that automatically and she just lets it to do so. This is where we can observe how obliviously she does that, escaping almost right away, never even trying to tell huMane 6 what just happened. I mean she could easily try to approach them and ask what is with them and that whole magic thing, since she was that curious. They all were displaying pretty friendly attitude towards her. Well, maybe except for Sunset Shimmer, who saw that Sci-Twi was tinkering with things she didn’t understand. Of course someone from huMane 6 could have tell her that if only Sci-Twi didn’t make her hasty retreat with another portion of magic. Or remember that part where Sunset scolded her for toying with stuff she does not understand. It was pretty harsh indeed, eh? Considering human Twilight’s social life in her school. Although, how exactly Sunset could have known that? The other fact against Sci-Twi is that by the point when they were doing motocross contest, her device has consumed magic for three times already. Three! And on the third one it caused some rifts opening uncontrollably. That should have given her some kind of idea that the thing should be put away for the time being until she apologizes to huMane 6 and tries to figure things out with them, since they had longer story with equestrian magic. But alas, that never happened. Next stop is her transformation into Midnight Sparkle. Which means it is time for another big question: where did that sudden personality change come from? In the first Equestria Girls movie, when Sunset put on Twilight’s crown and became a demon it was clear about her intentions of using that power to take over Equestria, because that is what she stole the crown for in the first place. And why was Sci-Twi behaving all evil? This change of her personality just came out of nowhere with no actual explanation whatsoever. She just wants to open the rifts, not giving a darn about possible consequences. And that’s it. This is as far as I can go just with “Friendship Games”. With all that knowledge I have gathered in my mind, it was quite an alarming thing to know that she transferred to CHS to be with huMane 6. This can mean only one thing: Pony Twilight is no longer needed in Equestria Girls now when she was replaced. I also want to point out that there was even a deleted scene, in which Sci-Twi instead goes back to Crystal Prep and make some friends there. You know, with that ending I would say: “You know what? This movie was all right. Yes, it had its downsides, but it was all right. Definitely could be worse.” And what could possibly be “worse”? Well…something called “Legend of Everfree”. The fourth Equestria Girls installment. Almost everybody who saw it say that it was mostly pretty good. Once I was done watching it, I honest-to-Applejack could not believe any of that was real. Some of its key choices were making little to no sense. And in the center of it all, we once again had Sci-Twi. I could swear that the movie, right from its box art, was forcing her down my throat against my will. But let’s get it all in the line. Apparently Midnight Sparkle was never gone. She remained inside Sci-Twi, just like Mr. Hyde. But why? Yes, she tried to break interdimensional balance, but there was no true purpose for doing that. And why Midnight wants to take over Sci-Twi again? To take control of all of the magic? Um…what for? I have a better question: why Sunset never got a story about conquering the demon inside of her? Because that would make much more sense, rather than Sci-Twi being torn apart about things she didn’t want to do in the first place. The whole movie this time centers an awful lot on Sci-Twi. Even Sunset, one of the most important characters of Equestria Girls, doesn’t have that much weight anymore. Almost all of her importance was taken away from her and given to Sci-Twi so she can…have her incredibly lame romance with Timber (which ultimately goes nowhere, I might add), and displaying her mental inability to deal with her inner problems. And by the end of it, we face the last thing on our list. The one that snapped my neck. SCI-TWI WITH WINGS! How even should I describe how wrong that was? “Well, when she was Midnight Sparkle, she had wi-“ So what? Sunset also had wings when she was a demon. Where are hers? “Well you see, Pony Twilight has them, so it makes se-“ NO. It makes absolutely no sense. Pony Twilight was originally a unicorn. She got her wings from Princess Celestia. Earned them, to be precise. It took 2.5 seasons (3 actually, but I used 2.5 for episode count purposes since S3 only had 13 episodes instead of 26) for her to learn about friendship, as well as accomplish some important tasks. What is Sci-Twi’s excuse to have wings? In 3-episodes time. She barely started to understand friendship and magic, and she has wings already?! And one more time I have to ask: why? Sci-Twi is a very underdeveloped character that has very little in common with Pony Twilight. As somebody, who was watching Pony Twilight since the first episode, the fact that she got this kind of replacement hurts me a lot. Especially realizing that I am almost alone on this. So now, when I have finally let out all of my steam regarding Sci-Twi, I would like to hear from you: What was the point of this replacement? Is there anything redeeming about Sci-Twi? How is she better than pony Twilight (in case you think she is)? And lastly: how can one treat her and Pony Twilight as one and the same thing? Because…I really need to know.