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Found 3 results

  1. Golden Claw

    Rawrs dragonishly

    HELLO EVERYONE! I JUST finished creating this account, and am very eager to join the fanbase here! But before I do that, a little bit about me and how I got here. (And pray you dont all species shame me for not being a pony LOL) An author and a Roleplayer I like to consider myself a very talented storyteller. Having been an avid roleplayer for a number of years I in fact eventually turned to writing. I have a wattpad, but im not famous yet, so I'm not quitting my day job! At any rate, I became interested in the MLP universe some time ago, and the result of the ensuing experimentation and character creations was this character, Goldenclaw (Or Golden Claw) the dragon. I now believe that I have enough experience RPing as a dragon in the MLP universe to not completely fail here. Why not a pony? Simple! Dragons just have so much more appeal to me (At least, in terms of me RPing as a dragon vs. Me RPing as a pony being my character. RP partners that are Ponies are ♡♡♡.), and Goldenclaw has a very unique personality and way of doing things that I simply couldnt achieve as easily with a pony character. Well, not without ir being UBER weird. I love RPing these traits in a character, and most RP partners tend to enjoy those traits as well. About Goldenclaw (Since I haven't worked on the profile yet) Luckily for you, Goldenclaw is the one character of mine who does not have some edgelord all-my-family-is-dead backstory! Goldenclaw acts like some strange combination of cat and dog. For example, if wet he will shake himself off like a dog. He can often be seen lying anywhere where there is enough sunlight to warm his scales. He sits on his haunches, and if he has an itch, he scratches with his hind leg. He'll even chase a laser pointer!!! He is also (preferably but also optionally) the first dragon ever to be accepted into the Equestrian Royal Guard, later on in his story. Finally, this dragon is only around 8 feet tall! (More or less)
  2. sapphicstarlightglimmer

    new here!

    Hello! my name is Kai and I'm new to this site! I'm not new to the fandom, however, I've been a part since 2012 and I love drawing mlp fanart. My favorite pony is Twilight Sparkle (yes the pony in my URL doesn't match but I can love more than one pony) I also like anime and Voltron (2016 reboot) as well. I hope I can find many friends here and fit in!
  3. Sahil Manoj

    New here!

    Hi guys, I am new to this show and fandom I discovered my little pony a few days ago and have really liked it! Hope to make lots of new friends here! Also, I really new to this website so please tell me where the guide to the website is, I have no idea how most of this stuff works.