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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings fellow friends! It’s my first time in a forum like this. So I'll try to give my best to be a great member of this community! But before I’m going to share my dreams and thoughts with you guys, I want to properly introduce myself. The name’s Alex. Coming from Switzerland and currently 19 years old. (Incredible sorry for my English here. I hope it won’t bother you that much.) I’m still in education as an IT specialist. currently I’m working for a small ERP company as a pupil until summer next year. In my free time I’ve been playing games ever since I was a child, especially games from Nintendo like Zelda, Super Mario and mostly Pokémon. I dare to say that games made me the person, who I am now. Game design is a big deal for me. Since 2012 I played with the thought about making a game on my own. But what exactly has that to do with My Little Pony? In 2014, my family suffered a terrible lost. To overcome those hard times, I started to watch My Little Pony and since then I’ve been interested in the great world of the colored mini Horses. Although I like the fandom, until today, I never was an active community Person. My Little Pony influenced my life almost completely, like some of you can imagine. My dedication for My Little Pony was so high, I wanted to create a game where the world of Friendship is Magic would be the focus in it. I want to create a game where its story has a big remix of everything I’ve played and experienced in my life in it too. That is when I started the Project “Chronicles of Harmony”. The Game, I’m working on, would happen to be the first one in its series. So I want to learn as much as possible from the experience that may come. I heard, as a game Designer it’s important to listen to feedbacks from customers and testers. That is why I wanted an "interface" with the fandom (you) and me making the game. So I can listen to your critics and wishes, wich could enhance the game! With this post I wanted to shout out my existence before I give more Information on “Chronicles of Harmony”. Let me gather all my plans, so that you can finally see, what I work on. I’ll post then a big entry in the "Game-Dev-or-what-its-called-again-Sektion". Thanks for reading it through. That means a lot to me. Best regards Alex Post Scriptum: For those, who are wondering: My current favorite Pony is Luna. I know it’s obvious because of my Username but don’t judge me. I have my reasons. ^^