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Found 9 results

  1. MidnightFire1222

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone I'm MidnightFire1222, but most people just call me Midnight. I've been on this site a couple times but never made a forum account here until today, though I use the same username on a different mlp forum. So, about me. I'm 26 years old and live with my parents and younger brother, and have three hound dogs. I work as a server for a dining hall at a private school, with school ending in about two weeks, as of posting this, give or take a few days. Some of my hobbies include playing video games and reading, but what I most like to do is draw. I'm mostly self-taught and not too well-known, but I have done a few commissions in the past. Here's a link to my deviantart gallery if anyone's interested: That's about all there is about me off the top of my head. If you wanna ask me anything else, I don't mind.
  2. Hello! My name is Kathy and as you can see, I'm a new member here. I got into MLP fairly recently actually, about a few weeks or a month ago. I was watching some videos of it and it interested me, so I decided to watch it, and after I started I just kept binge watching it. So yeah I'm definitely into the show now and decided why not join the community? I've never really used a forum before so I'm sorry if I make a mistake or do something stupid ;;. But I hope to have fun here interacting with people who share my love for this show. ( ´ ▽ ` )
  3. Hello! I am Sugar and I'm new to the fandom and this website. I began to watch My little pony FIM 3 weeks ago and watched all 7 seasons in german and than in english and I loved it! I nearly cant wait for the 8. season next month... My favorite pony is Applejack or Rainbow, i cant really decide. Any other things i can write donw here? I guess not. But as i said im new to this fandom please teach me if i do something "wrong" thanks.
  4. Greeting then, my fellow victims equines..and others. Created the account, bet never had the time to use it, but today, as the free food Love is shared & spread across the world, I can't just sit in my little hole all day! The fandom... in a way I joined...hmmm about 2 years ago(holy crap!) and thanks to EQD event NATG i made my own character and even more. As for what I do most off my days?Well I just complain and moan about the state of the world, but hey, If you enjoy such a thing: here is some of my work: So in the end, a big hello to you all, especially to my own kin who DECIDED NOT to become some ugly hippies!
  5. Sahil Manoj

    New here!

    Hi guys, I am new to this show and fandom I discovered my little pony a few days ago and have really liked it! Hope to make lots of new friends here! Also, I really new to this website so please tell me where the guide to the website is, I have no idea how most of this stuff works.
  6. Greetings Everyone! I have been on Equestria Daily for quite awhile now, and I just recently discovered these forums. If you want to know a lot about me, consider going to my bio (the "about me" section located in my profile), but be warned, its a working progress on a very "high level" scale (simply put, it will take a lot of editing to correct any errors, lack of information, too much information, and any misuse of vocabulary). Apart from that, I intend to post miscellaneous stuff here in the future, but I'm in college so I might not be able to do it very often. Anyways, Nice to be a part of this community of people who most likely share the same or similar interests and thoughts as me.
  7. Nuke87654

    Hello everyone

    Hello folks. I'm Nuke87654 and I've decided to migrate here to these forums and give it a try. A bit about me is that I like to consider myself a reviewer on stuff that interests me. I try to be as fair as I can in my reviews and such I do allow folks to challenge my views and see if they have the stronger argument. My favorite pony is Twilight Sparkle as I do adore the bookworm pony but I do love the vast majority of characters in the series in all media, comics and EQG included. I hope to be able to make many new friends and such here in this place.
  8. I AM 12 AND WHAT IS THIS!!!!11!!1! Not really, just messing with ya! Anyway, my point is that i've never used a forum before for anything let alone for discussing ponies. So if anyone would like to hang around and tell me how to do this shit (ground rules, dos, don'ts, etc.) then please feel free to stay for a while and tell me, it'd be greatly appreciated! If you just want to stay and drop a hi or a welcome then that'd be appreciated as well! Thanks! See you soon!
  9. Hey, i am a brony form Norway and i love all aspects of the fandom and spesial bat pony's and fallout eqestria. I also studie engineering and play pc games in my spare time. So that me if you want to talk to pm me, i love to talk