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Found 22 results

  1. BunnieSys

    Hey !

    Hello everybody ! I am new to this website and am happy to be here !
  2. Rapid Miles

    Hello there!

    My name's Rapid Miles (possibly subject to change later). I'm a 20 year old who currently works as a cashier at a chain called Sprouts Farmers Market. My store in particular, is pretty terrible when it comes to working for them. Regardless, I am also in college at the moment, though am on break due to summer. One of my first MLP experiences was when a random kid in my Science class in 7th grade was drawing a certain pony with wings and a rainbow colored mane and tail. Wondering why the heck he was drawing something that seemed so girly, I asked him what he was drawing (in a sarcastic way, mind you). He replied simple "Rainbow Dash, from My Little Pony." My Little Pony? Isn't that the show for little girls with those weird pony looking things with really weird color palettes? That day after school, I decided to try and find the picture he was trying to recreate, and found MLP:FiM. This was not what I had originally thought of MLP. My past experience with MLP were the older generations of the show. It may seem odd, but yes. I was one of those "haters" and "trolls" that made fun of people for liking a certain kids show. Yet despite that, I became a fan. Not necessarily of the show (since the last episode I watched was from around season 2 or 3), but of the characters, the story, the lore, and the possibilities for story telling, whether it be somewhat canon or completely made up on my own. I currently am not too active in the MLP fandom, mostly due to the many toxic and downright stupid interactions I have had with other fans of the show. However, I have decided to maybe give the fandom as a whole a second chance, hoping that those toxic interactions don't become the majority like they did before. If you want to talk, feel free to message me on here, Telegram (@rapidpone) , or Discord (Rapidd#4939). For all of those who are interested, I will also be attaching a reference sheet of my OC to this post (Art is done by Mk_Classics). Thanks for reading!
  3. StarryNet


    My name's Starry! I'm a Furry and a recent member of the Brony Community! This community does seem welcoming! Hope ya days are going great!
  4. sapphicstarlightglimmer

    new here!

    Hello! my name is Kai and I'm new to this site! I'm not new to the fandom, however, I've been a part since 2012 and I love drawing mlp fanart. My favorite pony is Twilight Sparkle (yes the pony in my URL doesn't match but I can love more than one pony) I also like anime and Voltron (2016 reboot) as well. I hope I can find many friends here and fit in!
  5. Sahil Manoj

    New here!

    Hi guys, I am new to this show and fandom I discovered my little pony a few days ago and have really liked it! Hope to make lots of new friends here! Also, I really new to this website so please tell me where the guide to the website is, I have no idea how most of this stuff works.
  6. DragonicBladex


    Just made an account hi.
  7. Hello I'm new to MLP(loving the show very much) and equestria daily as well. I first got into MLP through the fan music such as DJ Pon3(now Scraton- amazing producer) and other artists on Cider Party. The fandom and the content is amazing as well. What do you guys recommend seeing since I'm new to the whole shebang?
  8. Crystal Moon

    Hello everypony

    Greetings everypony! i am a pegasister and i have been visiting this forum many times and thought i might create an account.this is actually my first time joining something like this so i'm a bit nervous and i am new i might not be fast enough to get some things(sorry)
  9. Hi! Finnish pony fandom is getting awfully quiet so I thought I might join your more international herd here. I've been brony since my twin brother introduced me to ponies in the beginning of 2012. If I remember correct the first episode I watched was the first episode. When I saw Twilight running it was just somehow so cute that I was sold. Don't ask why I don't know myself.
  10. Awkward_Unknown15


    Hello anyone! When sometimes I've been signed up here, my name is Fakhry Hakimi. (You might also call me Fakhri or my website nickname.) I'm a high school or college student, speciality man and YouTube user from Malaysia. And I'm really glad to see you all, that's all. Greeting from me.
  11. Ruepocalypse

    Howdy Everypony

    Just posting a greeting because why not? Yup....I don't think I have anything else to say so I'll just leave it at that. So bland haha. ;o
  12. Ello while this isnt the first mlp forum iv been to I decided to join after dropping the fandom for over a year or 2. Im not sure what to say im a 22 year old guy my favorite pony is maud pie and I like gaming so hi.
  13. E-p.onyx!

    Hi I'm E-p.onyx!

    Hi I'm E-p.onyx! an I am a long time fan but New to fourms some may have seen some of my posts already sorry I didn't introduce myself.
  14. So i came on the forums a week ago and didnt know what to do with the problems you guys were having thank goodness things are starting to work again ! anyways on to ponies ! my favorite pony is twilight and rarity there kinda neck and neck right now....i guess you could say that...i ship it <.< lol i became a brony after season 4 when season 5 was about to air , when i was watching peoples reaction videos i came across smile HD....*shivers*i was just....why ? then i kept searching more on pony stuff like the old youtube poops....hint:what a story mark lol then later on i finally decided to watch the show and immediately i was hooked ! ^^
  15. Peaceful Chaos

    Hi howdy hey!

    Howdy! Hi! Hey! How y'all doin'? I'm new here, as if that weren't already obvious, and I'm not precisely sure if I'll be posting anything on this site anytime soon... But hopefully I will power through my laziness and do something I've been hoping to start for a while! Would anybody here lend a ha-HOOF! I was going to say hoof, (Horse puns are a holy scripture) and give me some pointers? Or just say something completely irrelevant that is somehow still interesting? Now uh, I don't rightly expect many of y'all to see this, so I'll just leave this here I suppose.
  16. Control Stick

    Hello Everypony!

    Hello everypony its chrystal firestar im just a average guy who likes to watch the show and play games mostly on my ps4 since i sold my xbox becouse i hardly ever messed with that thing i might consider getting the one s this Christmas but anyways i was about to sign up on mlp forums but this one seems more organized and much cleaner i am much like twilight being organized probably becouse of my ocd lol also am i supposed to get a confirmation email soon or something ? : /
  17. GarnetsGrin

    New Artist

    Hi! I'm Garnet c: I've been in love with Mlp for years but I haven't really known about this site until yesterday. So I hope to make some friends and have some fun here! I have been drawing for 5 years but I haven't really dipped into the nonhuman side of drawing, so I'd be glad to get feedback on my attempts! Nice to meet you all c:
  18. Dusk Claw

    Hello all

    Hello my name is Myhtic Night I'm new here to the Forums and I hope my time here is great.
  19. I AM 12 AND WHAT IS THIS!!!!11!!1! Not really, just messing with ya! Anyway, my point is that i've never used a forum before for anything let alone for discussing ponies. So if anyone would like to hang around and tell me how to do this shit (ground rules, dos, don'ts, etc.) then please feel free to stay for a while and tell me, it'd be greatly appreciated! If you just want to stay and drop a hi or a welcome then that'd be appreciated as well! Thanks! See you soon!
  20. Sterling Fusion

    I'm from YouTube :P

    Hello everypony! I came here from YouTube. I don't really do much else other that cover brony music at the moment, so yeah... If you're interested, you should go check out my channel
  21. Prospekt


    Hello everypony! I'm Prospekt and I literally just found out that Equestria Daily has a forum so I couldn't resist joining You might know me from other pony fansites because I tend to use the same username there... I already recognize a few of the usernames here even though I've never even lurked before. Anyways, here's a little bit about myself: I'm an 18 year old brony from the United States who just started college about a week ago. I became a brony about 2 years ago but I really didn't interact with the community much until this year. My favorite pony is Twilight because our personalities are so similar. My favorite episode is A Canterlot Wedding. I love to read, write, spend time in the outdoors, watch a show about colorful talking ponies, and just be a nerd.
  22. Rosey.Pone


    Hello? XD If anyone knows me from Instagram (@rosey.bab) you may ignore this. Anyway, I am sorta knew and wondering if there are any tips you could give me on these.. forums. Lol. Anyway bai.