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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! I'm a newbie here! I mean, I'm not new to searching through the site and looking around (haven't done so in a few years though), but I finally made an account! My name's Neo, otherwise, you all can call me by my OC name, Calamity. I don't mind! I'd prefer if you used they/them when not using either of those, however! I'm a digital artist! I'm not as active anywhere else as I am on Toyhouse or Instagram, but I'll try my best to be active here, as this is pretty much the only MLP site that's still alive it seems.. I'm also currently working on a draft for a Webtoon soon!! I really hope to make lots of friends here. I haven't been in the fandom since.. I wanna say season 6 or 7?
  2. Awkward_Unknown15


    Hello anyone! When sometimes I've been signed up here, my name is Fakhry Hakimi. (You might also call me Fakhri or my website nickname.) I'm a high school or college student, speciality man and YouTube user from Malaysia. And I'm really glad to see you all, that's all. Greeting from me.
  3. Hi there. First time beeing here. Um... funny story. A friend of mine talked to me at our prom, he was dead drunk. He knew that I am really into anime and so he figured I may or may not have seen mlp. HHe started talking wwith me about it but used therms I did not udnerstand and he never said that he was actually talking about mlp. I guess cuz it was emberassing for him. at the end of this very weird conversation were I did not understand a thhing but claimed to do cuz I thought he was just drunk and is talking bs he told me the name of this website. Only after looking it up I understood that he was talking about mlp. So.. here comes my question. He asked me wether I was a M or L type.. or something along these lines. I dunno if it were those letters but sicne then I am really curious what he meant with it. He does not talk about it anymore, I guess it was to emberassing for him to find out that I had no clue what the fuck he was talking about. Anyway thanks for the help and I guess I will stick around and see if I can get into this mlp thingy~ uhm.. brohoof?