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Found 8 results

  1. ArcticEight

    Retro games

    Anyone else on here that likes retro games? I thought it would be a cool thing to have a thread for it considering we already have individual categories for Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox. Do you have any favorite old games you really like playing? Maybe want to share a story about it, or maybe you like collecting stuff? Post it all here! My favorite consoles are probably SNES, N64, Playstation and Gamecube. (Not really sure if I would call GC retro but yeah, definitely not current)
  2. Ika Musume

    EarthBound Thread

    Hey! Any of you ponies interested in the game EarthBound, or the MOTHER series in general? They're my favorite games of all time and I'm played them a bunch so I'm wonderin' if any pony would wanna talk about them with me?
  3. rainbowtashie

    Opinions on let's go Pikachu/Eeevee

    Of course people are entitled to their opinion, but I think people are being way to hard on these games, Kanto isn't the only reigon, or even the best one (imo) but they are clearly designed to cater to the pokemon go players and ease them in to the core games, whilst hitting on our nostalgia strings. We have a spin off switch game which I am rather enjoying, and a confirmation of another game launching next year! Nintendo and the Pokemon company didn't have to do this! they are giving us something to play and look forward to even if it is a bit more casual, it will still be fun and the more pokemon fans the better! They could have given us nothing and said wait till next year, but they know how eager we are and they have been good to us. I personally can't wait for these games, and the pokemon go integration will be a bit more fun than just pressing A. Try to be less harsh and appreciate what we have! lets go pokefans!
  4. I would personally like: More villagers More personalities added The ability to 'roomie' or have sleepovers with villagers new furniture Much more flexibility when customising your town More ways to earn bells More minigames when playing with friends Penalties for destructive players I'm sure there's much more I want but I'm brain dead right now
  5. Yep, this news kind of came out of left field, but it appears that this news was leaked only weeks prior to E3 where they'd be announcing this new switch title called Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle. The game is potentially slated for an August/September release and is to be a Strategy-RPG game featuring the Rabbids along side with Mario and the crew. Also Ubisoft is publishing this, so take it for what you will.
  6. i making a rom hack of smb and i need sprites of derpy
  7. netro

    need a sprite artist

    i need a smb sprites of derpy for a hack
  8. benderfan

    Pokemon GO?

    Anyone here anything about Pokemon GO (news, rumors, release dates, etc., etc.)? I haven't heard anything from the sources I frequent.