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Found 11 results

  1. themightypurple

    im back!

    im not dead! also,probably nobody here remembers or even knows me T-T feel free to tell me everything that happened in like,3 years,lmao
  2. Silver Rain

    OC Fan Club!

    Image removed.
  3. Hello everyone!I am selling some of my handmade plushies once I bought, they are really well cared, qualified, none is in bad condition, you can see their photos also.If you are interested in purchasing any here is the shop link; See more images here; See more images here: See more images here: Thank you so much for reading and I hope they find good homes! Take care and have a great day! <3 PS: (As in the rules prices are fixed and it can't change, the prices are the one that you see on Etsy no more or no less.)
  4. Gregory Carter

    The Great War

    So i'm starting this post so i can ask questions from the community to help me in the completion of my script. Now this is my first time doing a post here so i'm a novice, try and be patient because i will forget about stuff. I accept any and all feedback and i hope this goes well. Thank you and enjoy.
  5. Well I finally made an account here so I would like to post some of my stuff here I am drawing a lots of things, because of a large interest I do commissions very often but I also try to draw some stuff for myself to keep the pace and fun of drawing. I'm not thinking about myself as a genius artist, I'm more a guy who loves drawing and is learning on his own mistakes and is inspired and motivated thanks to many AWESOME artists in this fandom. Ok it's not an introduction topic, so I'll go straight to the pictures. I'll start with something I made just an hour ago (after 2 days of work). I'll be trying to mix new stuff with my oldies so... Enjoy "Tonight at Luxor" LINK:
  6. Lady Kiriness

    Kiri's Artwork

    I'll hop onto the bandwagon and share some artwork! I hope you enjoy it. This is a sketch of Kiri, my Kirin OC. I'll share more later! In the meantime, you can check out my art blog, which is located in my profile. ^^
  7. Shadowblitz

    Create an OC!

    Hey guys! So I've seen people making OC's and I'm thinking 'why not let people share their OC's with the rest of the mlp community? So here it is, a place where you can share your OC story with Equestria Daily! Hope you enjoy!
  8. Princess Emerald Moon

    Background ponies needed

    I'm making a MLP animation to start up my new YouTube channel, I didn't want to make a bunch of random generic ponies in the background, so I'm looking for OC's to use. I will say however it is not guaranteed that I will use your OC (Depending on how many people put theirs forward ). I will be putting them in Victorian styled costumes, so if that would be an issue I'm afraid I can't use them for this animation. If you are interested reply with an image of your OC along with your name (Or youtube name) and your pony's name if you wish me to credit you if I use your OC. Thank you for any submissions
  9. ChuchipDraws

    Deviantart ARPG Hey guys! You're probably wondering why I am making a topic for a group I created! I am hoping to get some fellow MLP fans and lovers to join this group! It's a group based on art and roleplay (You don't even have to be a digital artist or a great one!) All I ask if that you take the time to look at the group. It just started, so things will be rough and not too active but that's why I'm here. I would love to add people to the group so we can build a community!
  10. Anypony (Or anyone) want to help with developing a sprited videogame? Long story short, I'm developing a sidescrolling that features high speed action and combat. Features planned include exploration, and adventure across a meshed dimension. It's all done in a pixelated fashion. (For examples please go to my devaintart page. Who are you looking for? Currently I'm looking for. . . Pixel artists Animators Musicians Coders ----- Contact Details ---- If you would like to assist with this project or would like more details please contact me at If you would like to help support this project with funding go to this Patreon ( ---- OC's ---- I'm sorry to say but I'm no longer accepting new OC's to go in the game, if you would like your OC to be a playable character in the game you'll need to support my Patreon. (I understand this is a bit of a sales gimmick but the team doesn't pay for itself and I already have to many commissions.)