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Found 21 results

  1. Silver Rain

    OC Fan Club!

    Image removed.
  2. themightypurple


    meet Patchwork(or just Patch) the plushieshe was a kid's toy then it came to lifeshes based off my old homemade pony plushieher cutie mark represents a knot(or scizzors) with the heart representing her old owner's lovealso,shes quite short because of being a plushie
  3. themightypurple

    Patchwork and Whipped cream

    Patchwork is based off my old homemade pony plushie Whipped cream is anold OC of mine
  4. themightypurple

    i made a MLP OC for my mom!

    her name is Red velvet,she is Sky blue's non-blood-related mother
  5. Hi everyone! I've come bearing the gift of a chance to dust off your old MLP ocs with a friendly roleplay server! The server takes place in an alternate universe where ponyville never existed! You can find the server here! The community is friendly and welcoming. We havent been quite active since the server died off a bit after the school year started but we're looking to revive it! FAQ is there a currency system? yes! We use bits as an IC currency and Diamonds as an OOC currency What kinds of characters can we use in the rp? Most species from the show! Do you do events? We try to do events for every holiday and we might do weekly events What other stuff do you have in the server? We have a commissions system where you can take commissions for diamonds, your OC can own their own shop, go to school, be in relationships, get married, have children, own a home and more! Are hybrids allowed? Yes! Do the canon characters exist and can we use nextgens? The canon characters dont exist. You can use the design for nextgens in the rp but you cant have their parents be canon characters
  6. Hello everyone!I am selling some of my handmade plushies once I bought, they are really well cared, qualified, none is in bad condition, you can see their photos also.If you are interested in purchasing any here is the shop link; See more images here; See more images here: See more images here: Thank you so much for reading and I hope they find good homes! Take care and have a great day! <3 PS: (As in the rules prices are fixed and it can't change, the prices are the one that you see on Etsy no more or no less.)
  7. Gregory Carter

    The Great War

    So i'm starting this post so i can ask questions from the community to help me in the completion of my script. Now this is my first time doing a post here so i'm a novice, try and be patient because i will forget about stuff. I accept any and all feedback and i hope this goes well. Thank you and enjoy.
  8. blonde centaurette

    HELP! I need to know who created...

    Okay, this is probably not the typical post, but I didn't know where else to ask. You guys all know about Queen Galaxia/King Cosmos, right? These guys! I've been considering writing a comic centered around the pre-equestria era when alicorns were more prevalent for a long while now, and if I do carry it out, I eventually intend to have it voice dubbed. Obviously, I want to feature these two characters, but I don't feel right doing it without the creator's permission. So does anyone have any idea who originally created these characters and how i might get a hold of them to ask? Any info is appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Well everypony here is the 7t chapter of my newest chapter to this big project anypony who wants to hear OCs surviving equestrian wasteland with voice acting, sound effects and so on and immerse themselves into th wastelands do give it a listen. Also using some new equipment to record this one
  10. Master powerful magic, venture through dungeons, and explore the monster-filled forest of Equica! Clover is the unicorn apprentice of Grand Swirllock the Bearded. She needs to learn the 10 basic combat spells every mage must master to survive fights against the monsters of Equica. Traverse deadly dungeons to unlock more spells and extend your life energy! Beat all the dungeon bosses to prove you're tough enough to take on any dangerous quest! - Unlock 10 Different Combat Spells! - 9 Dungeons Crawling With Monsters & Treasure! - Plunder Caves For Gems & Items! - Find Cupcakes, Potions, and Power-Boosting Equipment! - A Vast & Mysterious Forest Awaits… ______________________________________________________ This here was my first true passion project. Up until this point I was making small games with the Unity engine to learn the basics of game development. Eventually I got sick of making practice games and decided to dive right in! Unicorn Training is a combination of every random idea I've had for an action RPG. You've got bullet-hell combat, a choice of multiple spells that level up Ratchet & Clank style, tons of dungeons to explore and an open world, cute little talking MLP style unicorns, and it's all wrapped up in a Zelda/Paper Mario aesthetic. Really hope people connect with this game because I'd like to try to execute the idea even better in the future as I continue to grow skill as a dev. Clover the Cloaked is a young unicorn training under her tutor, the legendary Swirllock the Bearded. He left her a series of intricately designed dungeons to test her combat skills and courage. Clover believes if she can pass this test with flying colors, Swirllock could include her on his next great adventure! The land of Equica is one full of magical creatures around every corner. Gemstones are hoarded as currency and cupcakes are a universal commodity, serving as both food and medicine. Most of Clover's entire life has been secluded to this one tiny unicorn forest in the corner of this vast world. She yearns to see what fantastic sights and adventures Equica has to offer... Screenshots: Watch the Trailer Here!
  11. Hello everypony! Through vigorous writing, My internet being shut off, A brand new full-time job and an accidental concussion. I with the help of editors and pre-readers, I have remade and improved my story. If anyone would like to read there are currently five whole chapters to indulge in also if you would leave a comment good or bad I would appreciate it thoroughly As I set out to improve my writing forward to new chapters, New mistakes, and better stories. The Legend of Lee Roy Please have a nice day, EternalPony
  12. DragonicBladex

    Just finished an OC.

    It's meh, spent a few days on it, think of it what you will.
  13. Well I finally made an account here so I would like to post some of my stuff here I am drawing a lots of things, because of a large interest I do commissions very often but I also try to draw some stuff for myself to keep the pace and fun of drawing. I'm not thinking about myself as a genius artist, I'm more a guy who loves drawing and is learning on his own mistakes and is inspired and motivated thanks to many AWESOME artists in this fandom. Ok it's not an introduction topic, so I'll go straight to the pictures. I'll start with something I made just an hour ago (after 2 days of work). I'll be trying to mix new stuff with my oldies so... Enjoy "Tonight at Luxor" LINK:
  14. The Infamous Mystery


    GREAT BRAND STINKS!!! Don't read it, guys, it really stinks. It should have stayed with E.T in the dumps. Even the name, itself, stinks. GREAT BRANDS!!! Oh wait, that's the link.
  15. Lady Kiriness

    Kiri's Artwork

    I'll hop onto the bandwagon and share some artwork! I hope you enjoy it. This is a sketch of Kiri, my Kirin OC. I'll share more later! In the meantime, you can check out my art blog, which is located in my profile. ^^
  16. Shadowblitz

    Create an OC!

    Hey guys! So I've seen people making OC's and I'm thinking 'why not let people share their OC's with the rest of the mlp community? So here it is, a place where you can share your OC story with Equestria Daily! Hope you enjoy!
  17. Princess Emerald Moon

    Background ponies needed

    I'm making a MLP animation to start up my new YouTube channel, I didn't want to make a bunch of random generic ponies in the background, so I'm looking for OC's to use. I will say however it is not guaranteed that I will use your OC (Depending on how many people put theirs forward ). I will be putting them in Victorian styled costumes, so if that would be an issue I'm afraid I can't use them for this animation. If you are interested reply with an image of your OC along with your name (Or youtube name) and your pony's name if you wish me to credit you if I use your OC. Thank you for any submissions
  18. ChuchipDraws

    Deviantart ARPG Hey guys! You're probably wondering why I am making a topic for a group I created! I am hoping to get some fellow MLP fans and lovers to join this group! It's a group based on art and roleplay (You don't even have to be a digital artist or a great one!) All I ask if that you take the time to look at the group. It just started, so things will be rough and not too active but that's why I'm here. I would love to add people to the group so we can build a community!
  19. Hello People, this is my first Fan-fiction ever, there are some goals that I have for you guys that are brave enough to read this wall of text Is the perspective OK, I tried of a Third person feel but in the perspective of Twilight Did you feel I did all the characters justice? is the Chapter too long or too short? Did you find a part that was funny? is there anything I could improve on? ill number the paragraphs so if any of you find a mistake just tell me the number of the paragraph and quote the mistake, ill take questions and will answer them eventually. so here is the giant wall of text, of justice My Little Pony and the Legend of Lee Roy, Chapter one, Legend 1. "A long time ago there once lived a legend, A mighty stallion with strength too rival all. His Name was Lee Roy" Spike sits in the dim room with only a candle to read from he was infixated with the pages of this dusty old book. Twilight walks in and sees a opportunity, with a small giggle she sneaks into the room. Spike continues to read aloud, "Lee Roy The Sky Watcher, The Earth Shaker, the~" suddenly Twilight pops out of nowhere "BOO!"she yells, Spike with a yelp was so startled that he jumped, and clings to the near by bookshelf. "oh, Twilight what are you doing there!?" his voice still raw with surprise. Twilight looked up at Spike half surprised how he got up so high. She helps Spike down with her magic trying hard not to snicker too loud, can't wake up Starlight, she did get him good this time. "I sent you to get these books hours ago." she nods to a large pile of books "So, I came to see what you where doing." Spike started shifting embarrassingly, "Ah I was, but I found this!" Spike excitedly pointed to the book. Which ended up on the floor. He runs over and gives the book to Twilight, with her magic Twilight expects the book "Hmm Legend of Arion." her face Scrunches in confusion. "When did I get this book, I never seen this one here before?" "Celestia got it for you!, Well one of many." staring at a very large pile of books, well huge pile. They spent all day putting them away, and they didn't even dent the enormous pile. He sighs at the thought. "That's Weird?" Twilight skimming through the book in the candle light, "Why's that" Spike looking over her shoulder. Twilight closes the book with a thump. "Well there Legends, Spike, you know stories that are often a fabrication of what really happened there, sort of like myths." Twilight sets the book open on the table. "Stories of them are told over and over, so this Lee Roy person may have done something like these pages say, but they can get exaggerated, or are out right impossible." Twilight flips through the book skimming again until she sees something that clearly proves her point. "Aha! it said that Lee Roy is immune to magic, that's just impossible, who even names there colt Lee Roy?" Spike Nods "I see what your getting at Twilight." he yawns loudly, "Come on Spike lets head to bed we got a big day ahead of us." 2. It was a bright shimmering day it was still very early, but the birds are chirping. The bright sun rising to kiss the morning dew. If it wasn't for all the quaking that is. This would be a great morning, if that wasn't happening, it started suddenly, and grew over time. It's making this whole celebration a total hassle. I mean its the one thousandth anniversary for Celestia, and Luna's rein, and I want everything perfect. We can't even put up decorations. Calming down the other ponies is becoming a chore maybe its because I'm just as worried. I don't want this getting out of hoof. Twilight was too deep in thought to see Spike talking to her. Spike having to pull her mane slightly to get her attention. "Twilight!" Twilight finally noticing Spike gives him a look of concern. "I'm sorry Spike I'm worried these are the first quakes Equestira has seen in years" Spike with a large grin waves way Twilight's words "Nah Twilight were fine look we are even done putting up the decorations for the Town Hall, Everything will be fi~." Just then the Quake happens, and its big, making them both lose balance. Quickly regaining her composure Twilight's worst fears are realized. As decorations, and roof tiles fell all around as ponies run for cover. Within the commotion and panic two ponies and a filly try to take cover from the falling debris under the platforms used to put up decorations. With a sudden crack the platform started to fall. With no time to lose Twilight shot out a bright bolt of magic to keep the platform aloft. "Run!" Spike Screams to the others "Get to cover!", the ponies under the platform waste no time in running away. Twilight lets the platform drop breaking under its own weight, and crumbling to what seems to be a million pieces. Just in ear shot more screams whipping around to see part of a house sliding off about to crush a group of panicking ponies, desperate for cover. No magic could reach them in time, she yells out to warn them only to see a sudden dash of color "Rainbow!" Rainbow decked out in full Wonderbolt uniform, gives a salute, and points the other ponies to safety. She hollers over "Applejack is coming shortly!" then dashes off to help the others. With no time to spare Applejack rides in with a large wagon filled with a bunch of brave relatives hopping out Applejack faces the brave ponies. "Alright everypony we need everypony safe and out of danger, got it!?!" Along with a loud cheer of agreement. As they all rush out to find, and help as many as they can. In the mean time Twilight does her own searching with Spike close beside her. It wasn't long as a sudden crack breaks through the air, and a home starts to crumble. To keep the home from collapsing, Twilight props it up with a beam from one of the broken platforms . "Spike!" Spike seems to know exactly what to do as he runs over to direct the ponies inside out of danger, before the the beam finally gives way. Then just as suddenly as it came the quake stops. Everything was eerily quiet. Everyone comes out of hiding the air still filled with Wonderbolts zipping by, "Twilight!", Twilight off to her side see's a galloping frantic looking Pinkie pie gasping for air before she blurts "Twilight!, we need you!, it's horrible!, they're trapped!" She is clearly in a panic, but Twilight wastes no time "Take me to them." As they run off to the outskirts of Ponyville. 3. It was bad, Very bad, the whole home was a crumbled pile only held up by single huge beam and Starlight's magic. Just in eye shot in what looked like there living room, three foals, and by Celestia they were scared. The quake may have stopped, but by the moaning from the large beam it may not have time. The home was surrounded by ponies desperate to help. Rainbow is in the thick of it, lifting everything she can. Applejack is doing the same, Rarity and Fluttershy where doing there best calming down the Mother, and Starlight trying to hold the whole structure with her magic looking very tired, she may have been doing this for some time. The Mother was frantic, upon seeing Twilight, and Pinkie pie she rushes over. "Please help my babies!, they have been in there a long time!, Please Princess Twilight!, Save them!" The Mother then fell to her knees in tears. It's hard to see her like this so, she pulls up her chin and with her calmest voice "I'll get them out of there unharmed, I promise." Hearing this seemed to calm her down, she wipes her tears. "I need you to stay with Fluttershy, Pinkie, and Spike , We will get them out." Spike then takes the hoof of the mother, and moves her away. "Rarity, I need your help to lift this beam." Rarity trying hard to keep her mane in some semblance of what it is normally, quits on the task at hoof to give Twilight a nod. "Will do Twilight, ready when you are." Starlight on the other hoof was not looking so good, very tired. "Twilight! glad to see you here the~." She pauses for a second catching her breath. "~I was here for so long, I don't know if I can do this any longer." Twilight gives her a quick look of concern, but quickly yells over to Rainbow and Applejack. "Rainbow! Applejack! we are going to move this beam I'll need your help!" They give a nod, and rush over to the beam having to clear debris away from the beam. Between the four of them, and what Rainbow, and Applejack has already done, it was done with ease. A long moan echos as Starlight's magic begins to wain "Hurry! I c-cant, hold it, much longer!" We can't wait any longer this has to happen now. Twilight commands, "Everypony get ready to lift the beam!" with hooves, and magic at the ready Twilight gives the command "NOW!" horrible moans erupt from the beam as the girls struggle to lift it. They try with all there might but it was just not enough, seeing an opportunity other ponies join in and with there help the beam started to slowly lift. "Just a little more." Rainbow blurts. The beam moans in disapproval as it is lifted higher, and higher before finally there was just enough room for three teary eyed foals to escape, galloping passed the legs of the others and toward to the embrace of a loving mother. Suddenly, Starlight's magic breaks, and the whole thing came tumbling down. Dust, and debris went everywhere not only creating a large crash, but a huge dust cloud. A worried Twilight calls out into the cloud "Applejack! Rainbow!", both came out coughing along with the others, there unharmed. "Yeah!" cheered Rainbow along with the other party's. "YEEHAA" hollers Applejack throwing her hat in the air in celebration. Rarity lets out a long sigh of relief, and sits. "Glad that's over." Twilight takes a moment to calm down, she needs to think about this situation. "Princess Twilight!", one of the foals yell grabbing the attention of everypony there "That lady!", Whipping around once again to see Starlight completely unconscious. 4. Twilight sits with the others in the throne room staring at the map. Thankfully whatever this place is made of it may shake, but its impervious to quakes, but its hard having this many guests in one place. This was the only place other than Cloudsdale that I can think of that is safe, this place is big, but housing every pony in ponyville? Let's just say its a little cramped. Including me, there are five of us here we are just waiting on Rainbow to report back, and whatever Pinkies doing."While we wait, did you guys get everything done?" Twilight was clearly stressed. Applejack rose walking to Twilight putting a hoof on her shoulder "Its ok Twilight, I made sure that all the ponies are safe, every pony is accounted for." Fluddershy quietly flies over giving Twilight a reassuring smile. "I made sure to bring all the animals too, their safe." Rarity wandered over as well giving Applejack a pat to move aside. "I made sure that everypony here is comfortable, I even had Spike write that letter for Celestia no need to worry, darling." Like on cue Spike who was just sitting reading a book trying to pass the time got that ever familiar gurgle before burping up a letter luckily saving the book in the process, as it falls on the floor. With a sigh of relief he picks up the letter. Twilight runs over to investigate, "What does it say Spike, are the Princesses coming?" as she anxiously shifts on her hoofs as she waits on Spikes response." Hmm, Celestia and Luna are on there way! But, Gryphonstone is very far, so it will take them a little while before they get here, she also apologizes for not being here." Twilight was relieved and sits down once again. Just then the throne doors open grabbing everypony's attention revealing a familiar pink flank. 5. Rarity was the first to speak up "Pinkie what are you doing?" Pinkie continues to walk backwards head shifting side to side like she was being followed before she finally turns around. "Pinkie what's that on your head?" Apple Jack said with an eyebrow raised. "Its tinfoil Applejack, but never mind that, I finally know whats going on." Spike begins to chew on this claws nervously "W-What is it? Is it your Pinkie sense?", "No Spike I didn't sense anything that's half of the problem, but, It. Is. Far. Worse." Twilight gives Pinkie a curious look "What is it Pinkie?", "I know why I didn't sense anything, why Celestia and Luna chose today to go to Gryphonstone on there own day of celebration, Why I didn't help much with the collapsed house, why Fluddershy is barely ever mentioned so far!" she then runs over and stands on her chair. "EVEN, why Starlight fainted!" she proclaims. Everypony was to confused to say anything. Pinkie Pie looks around some more, and around her shoulder "Its because we are in a poorly written fan-fiction!, it all makes sense everything that has happened is convenient for the plot." Twilight face hoofs, but could not help but smile at the ridiculousness. "Pinkie your sense wasn't explainable in the first place come to think of it I haven't seen it much at all, Celestia chose today to go to Gryphonstone because, she was inviting them over for the celebration, and Luna loves to travel. You helped a lot in that calamity no one was ready for a quake that big that fast, and you know how Fluddershy is." Fluddershy nods, "I might not be able to lift beams, but I do know how to calm down just about anypony, and corralling the animals." She smiles proudly. Pinkie looked bewitherd for a second, "Huh, I guess your right." she throws the tinfoil hat to the side. 6. Twilight's mind wanders "Does anypony know how Starlight's doing?" Rarity and Pinkie give each other sad looks, Rarity clears her throat, "We don't know Twilight, she used her magic for hours the doctors say that she may just need rest but, want to be certain." This was not something Twilight wanted to hear, she was proud, but her heart breaks knowing she may be hurt. Twilight could not help but tear up but, before they could fall she felt a warm embrace. Spike looks up at Twilight and her heart couldn't help but melt, the others used this as a window to do the same now surrounded by her friends she could not help but feel better. "Thanks guys I needed that." Spike just gives a nod of a job well done, and goes back to reading his book. It was not long before a very tired Rainbow Dash comes through the nearby window, "Rainbow!" every one seemed to cheer in unison. Rainbow flops on her back on a nearby chair and lets out a large, loud, sigh she stretches as she squelches, "Hey, Everypony," Twilight gives Rainbow her full attention, "Rainbow what did you learn? where did you go?" Rainbow sits up and points to the map, "Canterlot ,and Apple Loosa, even Doge City have been getting hit by quakes as well." 7. Rarity gasps "Canterlot! oh may!" Rainbow puts on a reassuring face, "Don't worry there being protected by the the Guard even the Wonderbolts." Applejack chimes in "What about Apple Loosa?" Rainbow continues, "Doge City and Apple Loosa have evacuated to Cloudsdale, but that's the weird part, No other places have been hit not Manehatten, or the Crystal Empire just these places.", "Whoa, how is that even possible?" Pinkie proclaimed. "I don't know Pinkie but, I think I have our answer.", "Why's that Twilight?" "Well Pinkie.." she pauses to think of a explanation, "Quakes are like if you, drop a coin in a fountion they move out from a point in the center." Rarity chimes in "So, if the quakes are hitting these places then that means..." Rainbow Gasps, "There!, the Ruins! it has to be coming from around there!", "That's right! all we need to do is go there, and I can use my magic to repair earth there, then this whole thing will come to an end!" A now reinvigorated Rainbow excitedly flips, "Sounds like a pla~." Just then, another quake hits, shaking the castle. Distant pony screams and yells could be heard through out the castle as the quake continues for several seconds before stopping. "An not a second to soon." 8. "Twilight what are we doing again?" Twilight rolls her eyes "Spike weren't you listening?" Twilight looks back at him and she feels him squirm embarrassingly, Twilight sighs "Rainbow and Fluddershy flew on ahead to look for a fault or some kind of fissure" Spike looked confused "Huh?" Applejack looks to Spike "its like a crack, Spike" Pinkie snickers "crack." Pinkie and Spike laugh hysterically. As Spike calms down he wipes a tear, Twilight rolls her eyes and smiles "if Fluddershy or Rainbow find the crack" Pinkie and Spike snicker again trying hard not to laugh."I can repair it, that's why we are going to the ruins Spike" the Everfree forest seemed untouched from the quakes that been happening just a few sticks here and there. Twilight couldn't help but feel anxious again she hoped the castle was alright, she felt a pat on her shoulder a quick look to see Applejack. 9. "Don't worry Twilight, everything will be fine, we can fix the castle right up" she gives a reassuring smile. just then Spike gasps loudly "There back!" and as he said Rainbow and Fluddershy fly on down. "Rainbow, Fluddershy!" Twilight runs over to great them hoping for good news "What did you find, anything?" Rainbow and Fluddershy look at each other with a sad expression. Seeing the exchange took some wind out of Twilight's sails, Rainbow nudges Fluddershy "oh, um im sorry Twilight we didn't see anything" Rainbow jumps in "We looked at every place we could think of, we didn't find one crack" she kicks a stone tossing it a few inches. Twilight looks at the ground "it has to be here I am sure of it, lets keep searching" she concentrates horn glows with a sudden magic and a beam of light comes forth to shine on the ground reveling the earth beneath. Spike with wide eyes looks at Twilight with a sort of awe "haven't seen you use that before" Twilight smiles proudly "come on girls lets find that crack" as she charges forward with renewed vigor with her friends close behind. 10. They searched for what seemed like forever so they decided to take a quick brake at a small clearing near the castle of the two sisters, Twilight took a small bite of her lunch she brought with her as Spike snored quietly next to her she couldn't help but get lost in thought, maybe they some how got the wrong area? Did she and her friends make a mistake? I know what too look for, I read up on the subject prior. Why aren't I seeing any of the signs? It has to be here it has to be near the ruins. She stared off to the castle in the distance she wondered how much of there hard work was gone by these quakes. Her thought was then greeted by a large boom Spike jumped awake "What is tha~" just then a quake hit rocking the earth beneath them and making the trees shake violently just as it came it was gone. "Everypony OK!" Twilight yells whipping around, Applejack was the first to get up "Were ok Twilight, more importantly what was that" Rainbow butts in "it Came from the castle!" Rarity dusts herself off "oh my, what is happening up there?" Twilight looks to the castle once again "I don't know but we got to check it out, Lets go" Twilight uses her magic to put spike on her back and walks off with the party following close behind. Fluddershy hugs her tale and starts to shake "B-b-but~" She was cut off from Pinkie gently pushing her forward "Come on Fluddershy we need to get the plot moving, the Arthur is already overwhelmed with having so many characters he just wants us to move to the next scene". 11. The Castle did not look as bad as Twilight feared inside the castle was another story entirely. All of are hard work, gone. Twilight was devastated looking at all the debris and fallen decorations she wondered to a pillar that had fallen now a crumbled mess. before she could say anything, feel anything that ever familiar hoof on her shoulder, Applejack she new she was there for her, everyone was there for her. she looked around only to see the others doing exactly what she was doing wondering around looking sad, what was I thinking? We all helped clean up the castle we all have history here, this was the place we all became friends after all. "Twilight?" the small voice of Spike met her ears how long has he been this quiet she forgot he was even there "Twilight, you ok?" Twilight uses her magic to put the dragon to the floor "Yes, Spike I am now" she gives him a big hug before turning to the others "Come on Girls! lets find us a crack!" "Hey! I found something!" everypony turns to see Pinkie waving at the end of the room just right of the thrones. Curious everpony there trots, flies over to where Pinkie was standing she Points down reveling a dark staircase leading down. Rarity gasps "oh may, where on earth did this come from?" Pinkie shrugs "I don't know" Twilight peers into the dark staircase "the quakes must have opened this up." Applejack steps forward "does anypony know where this leads?" the others stare at each other only confirms that, no one knows. Rainbow trots forward and begins to walk down she looks back "Well lets find out, it has to lead somewhere if its nothing we can just come back" Twilight nods and concentrates and a small light erupts from her horn as she slowly walks down the dark passage Fluddershy whimpers as the others follow having a moment of hesitation before catching up with the others. the passage was dark, debris litered the floor and vines where everywhere and I mean everywhere on the ceiling, the walls, you couldn't walk two paces without walking on some the passage went down then went straight it was not long before you could see a light in the end of the passage and the light of her horn was no longer needed. Twilight and the others kept walking until they come to other staircase that lead up to an opened door way covered in these vines as they entered the door they all seemed to gasp in unison, a large courtyard completely overgrown, bushes filled with flowers, fallen pillars, large trees and filled to the brim with these green vines that seemed to cover everything in the center of everything was this large statue of a pony in armor braying magnificently, Rainbow sighs "dead end, sorry everypony" "Its ok Rainbow, this place is wonderful" Twilight meant that this place was beautiful Spike peers around with glee "this place is awesome!" Applejack nudges Twilight's shoulder "looks like somepony like this place" she points over to Fluddershy and Pinkie smelling the nearby flowers. Wait wheres Rarity? better yet wheres Spike? it did not take long for Twilight to peer toward the statue Rarity Eyeing it with a frown and Spike eyeing Rarity more then anything else. Twilight trots over and upon seeing Twilight "Twilight do like at this statue I never seen anything like it" Twilight looks closely at the statue and well shes right it looks so real whoever made this was amazing. No detail was over looked from the bolts and hinges of the helm to the straps to the breastplate even the shine of the metal, unfortunately the statue was in dire disrepair deep cracks ran head to toe of the life like statue. "it looks amazing Rarity" Rarity nods "to bad it was in such disrepair, I could have taken it home." Twilight pauses she has this odd feeling she was forgetting something, the anomaly! She quickly concentrates and that familiar light shimmers on the ground once again she scans the ground and almost immediately found something "Ah ha! I found it, the thing that we where looking for!" the others cheer and come to look. Rainbow flips "yeah! it wasn't a dead end after all!" Twilight frowns "that's weird" Spike looks up at Twilight "Whats wrong?" Twilight takes a deep breath "well Spi~" at that moment a loud boom shot through the air the earth shook beneath them as the sound of loud cracking all eyes shot to the statue as the cracks deepen and splinter "Everypony! get to me NOW!" Twilight yells with all her might as they ran all ran to Twilight as she forces a magic bubble to surround her friends just before the sounds of shattering stone and a huge roar erupts out of no where covering the area with thick dust. They all stared where the statue once stood in twilight's bubble as the dust in the air started to clear there where the statue stood was a large pony in covered head to toe in heavy armor. The bubble dispelled leaving the ponies in silence, the heavy armored pony seemed not to know where they where even there. The pony just kind of stood there stretching and began to look around slightly. Who was this pony? Why was he a statue? Why was he here? so many questions raced in Twilight's head she just needed to stop freaking out and calm down, Rainbow had other ideas "H-hey!" the pony stops what he was doing and whips his gaze to them, the others glare at Rainbow "he clearly started this, hes totally a bad guy" she whispers "Let me handle this" Twilight straightens up and clears her throat. The pony just glares at them not moving, Twilight starts to move forward "Hello my~" "Duratus!" the armored pony commanded his voice booming and echoing though out the courtyard, “Quis es!?” the pony commanded again kneeling low like he was about to go full sprint, or even fight. "that's it!" Rainbow yells without warning as she bolts past the others flying straight to the armored behemoth just as suddenly the pony leap up almost impossibly high catching a surprised Rainbow midair, twisting her around and launching her to the opposite direction. The pony lands with a loud bang before reaching back and whipping forward a bola ensnaring Rainbow before landing in front the others "Rainbow!" Twilight screams turning to see if she was ok "TWILIGHT!" Spike screams Twilight hears the loud clang of armor before whipping around to see the armored pony so close before a hoof launches forward before she felt a sharp pain explode from her horn the sudden jolt made her crumble and squirm away she looks at her attacker to see a sudden bolt of magic not her own smacks into the helm of the pony with a loud clang the helmet rockets away leaving the pony revealed. 12. The pony stumbles back covering his face, a hoof touched twilight's shoulder she turns to see Rarity accompanied with a very worried Spike "Come on get up, Twilight!" Rarity was frantic but helped Twilight up and away from her attacker her hoof instinctively went to her horn she couldn't help a sigh of relief as it was still intact even if it still stung. Rarity gave Twilight a wary, frantic look "Are you alright, darling!?" "I am fine Rarity" her horn hurt but she didn't care at that moment she needed to know how her friends are doing. gently pushed them away and peered over so see Fluddershy frantically trying to untie the bola and Rainbow squirming to get out, she then saw something that sent chills down to her very soul, the stallion he had fur of brown and a mane of a darker brown from here you could see his strong jaw and his stony features, but those eyes, those eyes of coals that stared at you, no though you, as he locked on unblinking Twilight could feel her legs give way, his face showed no emotion but that made it all the more terrifying. "Spike, protect Twilight!" he nodded as Rarity joined the rest of her friends as they lined up to face this foe. The pony was silent his terrifying gaze never leaving Twilight, then the pony started to walk, slowly each armored step clanging loudly. Rarity had enough waiting her horn glows as she sends a bolt of magic at the attacker, the pony didn't move nor did he speed up. his hoof shot up blocking the bolt of magic he continues to walk forward, Rarity shot another then another, the pony blocks both with utter ease. Rarity's cheeks get red her eyes narrow her horn glows brightly she rears back letting lose a huge bolt of magic, the pony did not react. the bolt of magic hit him the impact sending large dust clouds to form around him. Applejack give Rarity an look of surprise “Whoa” Rarity shrugs “Ugh guys?” Pinkie putting a hoof on Applejack's shoulder and pointing up. The armored pony roars as he smashes the ground in front of them making the ground and surrounding trees to shake violently, Applejack recovered quickly and charged forward turning to buck her attacker, the armored pony met her strike head on hitting him square in the jaw without pause the armored pony grabs her leg and launches her behind him, Not before taking the rope that was tied upon applejack's waist quickly laying down as Pinkie sails above him landing on Applejack standing back up to block two bolts of magic from Rarity. The armored pony with he rope in his jaws whips the lasso forward ensnaring a surprised Rarity before yanking it back carrying Rarity into the air. She shrikes loudly as she soars in the air the rope intertwining it self around a tree branch, the armored pony then takes the end of the rope and smashes it into the ground keeping Rarity aloft.“Yeah!” Rainbow cries she must have just gotten free the armored pony never missed a beat however as he whips forth another bola ensnaring her once again “OH COME ON!” Rainbow cries as she struggles, Fluddershy frantically move to help Rainbow dash untie herself once again. The loud clanging of the armored pony coming ever closer the pony finally adverts his gaze to Fluddershy who is instantly frozen in fear tears swell up in her eyes as she cowards away from the terrifying figure as he passes. 13. when the Ponies soul piercing gaze leaves Twilight for the first time Twilight could finally think, a spell, she needed to help her friends she knew just the one. She concentrates her horn glowed and then, Sparks. What? She tries again, Sparks. Whats going on!? The clanging from the pony comes ever nearer, Come on! Sparks. Barrier?, Sparks. She needs to run, she needs to get away “Spike Lets g~!” As she turns a small tree lands in front of the door she looks back the armored pony's gaze shocks her to her very soul closer then ever. She could fly! She needs to get help, Twilight grabs Spike and takes off the armored pony leaps in the air once more and she smashes into him they smash back to the ground Twilight squirms backward until she hits the tree. Spike valiantly charges forward only to be swatted aside to a nearby bush. The armored pony walked up to Twilight squirming trying to get away the pony smashed his hooves on the tree the armored pony towered above her “ Tu sub aresto!” Twilight could not help it as hot tears started to fall, suddenly the armored pony's gaze changed just something about it and then just as suddenly “Look at me.” it was rough but clear as day Twilight did not know now to react “what?” she adverted her gaze to her friends “Don't look at them, look at me.” Twilight reluctantly obeyed. The armored pony stared into her eyes for what seemed to like forever and just and suddenly as he spoke he flopped back with a clang he sat and looked at all of her friends behind him. As he turned back its like hes a completely different pony “I made a horrible mistake haven't I?”
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